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We are all brand new with WordPress 4.6

The latest and greatest WordPress is yours to blog about (and with) here at Pellissippi State Blogs. Nicknamed “Pepper”, this update brings some improvements to the editor as well as native fonts and some other changes under the hood. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!!

And happy NEW WordPress – we are all upgraded to version 4.4 4.4.1 and everything is ready for a new semester. We look forward to all the posts that are just waiting to get out of our bloggers!

[Last update January 13, 2016]

Security and Maintenance Updates – Now running WP 4.2.4

For those of you bloggers who follow such things, we updated our WordPress install to the latest version and also have all of our themes and plugins updated as well.

This latest update is a security and maintenance update so there are no interface changes to worry with at this time!

WordPress 4.2.2

Our blogging platform was upgraded yesterday to 4.2.2. The version 4.2 is named “Powell” after jazz piano player Bud Powell. It introduces a few new features including adding emoticons to your posts, easier embeds from more content like Tumblr, additional character support for many languages and a few behind the scenes additions for our friendly WordPress administrators.

Upgrade for Summer

Just in time for the summer, we have a spiffy new version of WordPress for us all – Say hello to WordPress 3.9.1.

Not a lot has changed in the interface so I think most bloggers will just dive right in with no problems!

Have a great summer 2014!

Upgrade for WordPress

We will be moving   upgraded to WordPress 3.8 over the winter break.

This version has a facelift in the interface so be prepared for a bold, new look behind the scenes.


Welcome Back!

We have the Pellissippi State blogs site all updated and ready for Fall 2013. Happy Blogging!

Have a great break!

We hope all of our Pellissippi State bloggers had a great Fall 2012 semester. Enjoy the break and we will see you back in 2013 with an upgraded and fresh WordPress installation!!

Well, we were at 3.3.x too long – now running 3.4.1

And, by the end of today, all themes and plugins will also be nice and shiny and new for the Fall 2012 semester.

Now at WordPress 3.3.2

As usual, during the break, we like to update everything on our little corner of the blogosphere. This week was no different.

Security fixes were the order of the day so you will not see any changes in your blog look/feel but we are now running WP 3.3.2 and all our themes and plugins are up-to-date.