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Facebook… A brief Overview.

December 3rd 2012 in CSIT1510

This is a brief overview of Facebook, and the API that they use. Maybe this will come in handy for anyone stuck like I was. Facebook: A brief Overview The Facebook wiki i. Facebook history i.      launched the Facebook Platform on May 24, 2007 ii.      framework for software developers to create applications that interact […]

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Lost in a Dark Woods… Week 9

October 28th 2012

Hello, Hey guys im back again. I am so lost on inheritance. I haven’t been able to complete my project this week. This is the second time I haven’t been able to do so. I’m scared the I’m falling rapidly behind. I have a grasp on the concept, it’s basically piggybacking from class to class. […]

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Old McDonald had a… Finch? Week 8

October 21st 2012

Hello once again!!, Hey guys its amos here with yet another thrilling blog. This week was classes… and im not talking about colledge courses either. *ba dum bah!* Anyways, unfortunetly there were complications with the assingment, so an end result of this weeks work is not yet ready. But I’ve been playing around with it, […]

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It’s been way to long… Week 6

October 7th 2012

HELLO Everyone!! It has been way to long since my last blog. An on top of that I’m cuttin this one pretty close to the wire! This week we focused on learning arrays… Eww… BUT don’t dispair my dear friends, all is not lost. If you havent noticed yet, every week I seem to be […]

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Think Positive… Week 4

September 23rd 2012

HELLO ONCE AGAIN!!! I’m back with yet… YOU GUESSED IT!!! Another weekly blog! yes yes, I know this one is running very close to the deadline, it’s been a long week for me, and I’m just now getting back on my feet. I’ve overslept, gotten sick, and been buried in more homework that just keeps […]

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Getting my bearings… Week 3

September 12th 2012

Hello once again, This week in Java we have begun to officially learn loops, and switch statements! As I said before, in last week’s blog, loops used to make me nervous cautious. However, I’ve found that yet again the flowchart comes to save the day. Now more then ever do I feel the importance of mapping […]

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Variables, Assingments, and Robots… Week 2

September 9th 2012

Getting my feet drenched… Week 2, While being cut short by that long labor day weekend, has deffinetly been a “dive right in experience”!! I feel likke im in freshman algebra all over again with all these variables and operation statements. Thankfully all of that mathmatizing has been coming back to me, good to know highschool […]

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And so it Begins… Week1

August 28th 2012

Learning Java is the first step down the road of being a pro-grade programmer.Which is something that I desire with the entirety of my being. I may make it sound like it gets me all da’ bitches, and that im only in it for the dough, but in truth… I just love computers and anything to do […]

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A Brief Introduction:

August 28th 2012

My name is Amos. This is my third year here at Pellissippie. I took my first year to figure out that my passion lay in Programming.  I was born in Sevierville, TN but grew up in a little unincorporated township named Seymour. From a young age, I knew I was good at problem solving, because I […]

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