Mobile Technology Usability: How to Add Voice for iPad apps

There are several ways to add voice to apps to allow text items to be read aloud.

Speak Screen and Speak Selection

What’s the difference? Speak selection works in apps that allow you to edit or highlight the text. Tap a bit of the text until the magnifying bubble is available. Select All can select all of the text, or the pins can be used to enlarge the area and select only the text that will be read.

Speak Screen requires the use of a different set of gestures. To have the screen read out loud, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to the bottom. A toolbar will appear that offers the options of slowing or speeding up the speech, stopping, forwarding and rewinding.

These options can assist individuals such as those who have difficulty with reading print or who have low vision.

VoiceOver is a true screen reader that will read out everything on an iOS device. It is gesture-based and changes the way that the user interacts with the iOS device. This allows an individual with who cannot see the screen to use the device.
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Apps that work with VoiceOver and third party apps that support VoiceOver
American Foundation for the Blind Free Apps

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