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Attending the Cal-State Northridge Conference (CSUN) is always a great experience. Even after 30 years in the assistive technology field, I am amazed and excited about the options that are being developed and the tools available for use by my students as well as in creating accessible content.  The conference is attended by people from many countries and also by individuals with visual impairments and blindness.  The vendor hall included 120 vendors, which allowed for hands-on trials of different products and personal discussions with vendors, some who were from other countries looking for distributors of their products.   Not only is the vendor hall busy, people are coming and going, using various technology, canes or service dogs for navigation within the conference hotel.  If someone needed assistance getting to places, not only were there volunteers from the conference, but an atmosphere of working together to get to sessions and to dialogue on a common purpose of accessibility.  Pretty cool.  And Stevie Wonder usually makes an appearance in the vendor hall- I heard he was in the hotel but didn’t see him this time.

Creating accessible math content was discussed in many sessions. Here are the highlights.

Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center continues to work on developing tools.


About Alice Wershing

I joined the Disability Services office at the Hardin Valley Campus as the Technology Specialist in November, 2013. I have an Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) credential from the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America, a Master’s degree in Severe Disabilities, and a license to teach grades K-8 and Special Education. I worked for the East Tennessee Technology Access Center (ETTAC) for 19 years as the Educational Technology Coordinator.

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