About Alice Wershing

I joined the Disability Services office at the Hardin Valley Campus as the Technology Specialist in November, 2013. I have an Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) credential from the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America, a Master’s degree in Severe Disabilities, and a license to teach grades K-8 and Special Education. I worked for the East Tennessee Technology Access Center (ETTAC) for 19 years as the Educational Technology Coordinator.

The Current State of Affairs

The recent situation at the University of California-Berkeley regarding its online content that is inaccessible has sparked much discussion. As posted on the Georgia Tech Web Accessibility Group list, Janet Sylvia, Web Accessibility Group (WAG) Leader at AMAC,  states, “this is not a settlement agreement.”   Inside Higher Ed posted a response from the University stating […]

More from the Cal State Northridge Assistive Technology Conference: Accessible Documents and Materials

There were so many innovative and exciting things at CSUN.  Here are the highlights on creating accessible documents and instructional materials. Benetech’s continued work through the DIAGRAM Center was highlighted again during sessions on testing reading systems and the issue of textbook accessibility. Benetech’s work on a certification process of accessibility of books under a […]

Accessibility News: Accessible Math

Attending the Cal-State Northridge Conference (CSUN) is always a great experience. Even after 30 years in the assistive technology field, I am amazed and excited about the options that are being developed and the tools available for use by my students as well as in creating accessible content.  The conference is attended by people from […]

The Possibilities of New Tools: Cielo24, SiteImprove, Onix Document Conversion Services and Equidox

Technology continues to grow and change providing new tools that can hopefully offer new and better ways to efficiently complete the tasks before us.  Of course, with every new tool, comes the need for learning how to use the tool first before it can fulfill whatever promise was made to make our lives easier.  Is […]

POET, the Image Sample Book and the Art of Describing Images

Describing images is an art form. Most people know that images need alternate text (alt txt) to describe what is displayed.  There are many layers  to be included. First, the summary “alt text” provides information for a screen reader user to know about the image, and to determine if the image is important.  Trying to […]

Moving Forward to Full Accessibility: Getting Closer, Getting Easier

When the assistive technology field was first getting started, the tools available to create access to the same materials used by everyone were limited or nonexistent. Some individuals with disabilities were able to use the available computer hardware or software in those early days with little additional supports or added equipment.  Then there were others, […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: May 19, 2016

The inspiration for this day came from a blog post by Joe Devon back in 2011.  He challenged developers to become more aware of assistive technology tools and methods for checking content for accessibility.  He also proposed setting aside a Global Accessibility Awareness Day, to raise awareness and know-how on making web sites available.  On […]

WCAG is not just for the Web… Content for all Learners

If you don’t design websites, then there’s no need to pay attention to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), right? It says Web in the title, and I’m not a web designer, so how do they apply if I am not? Let’s take “Web” out of the title and just talk about Content Accessibility. Better […]