Meeting Minutes- August 13, 2014

Mary Bledsoe opened the meeting.


Heather Schroeder, Common Book Overview

Fred Breiner, Safety updates

Video from New Student Orientation

Heather reported on this year’s Common Book and the upcoming speaker presentation from Mark Bowden, author of “Black Hawk Down”. Tickets will be on sale soon. The book was chosen as a set of essays because it is easier to cover in sections as opposed to a novel.  She highlighted several essays of interest. Other events are being planned such as films. The Common Book assists new students in their freshman year to have a common book to discuss across their courses. Ed Francisco is the co-chair.

Fred addressed the incident that occurred on campus on June 19 and provided a timeline of events of that day. Questions were answered regarding current information on the status of the investigation. Discussion followed regarding the safety of people at the front counter, offered options of a glass partition, panic buttons, and the need to look at work spaces to be sure no one is alone.   If you wish to have a panic button for your office, contact Fred. He also reported on the results of Security Consultants who came to campus in June.   AED defibrillators have been purchased for all campus locations. Signage has been added regarding no guns on campus. A full time dispatcher is now on duty during the evenings.   Street names will be added to campus, discussion followed on keeping Hardin Valley Road address.  Each building on campus will also have an address on it.

Fred also addressed what was learned from the lock down. He stated that it was not a lock down, and questions were asked as to what would warrant a lock down. Security Consultants will be back for training and policy writing. The concern of a lock down is that it can turn into a hostage situation.

Mary presented on the mandate for college campuses to promote safe campus environments from the DC Mandate. One activity is training on preventing campus sexual violence. The tag for the campaign is “See Something, Say Something”. Staff and faculty need to know the definition, how to report it and the process involved. It is important to refer individuals to counseling or to the Employee Assistance Program for support.   Mary also gave information about the history of Title IX and the Campus Save programs. So many cases are still not addressed or reported. The video is also on YouTube. More information will be coming on how to talk to students.   TBR is currently working on new definitions and a process. Mary also outlined BIT training related to threat assessment and tools to assess, who the members of the team are, and the instrument used to analyze behaviors and situations.

The next meeting will be September 17, led by Judy Gosch and Rachel Cragle.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 AM.

Recorder: Alice Wershing

Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2014

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Debi Bolton, Susan Breeding,  Holly Burkett, Carolyn Carson, J. Dean Copple, Rachael Cragle, Spencer Joy, Fonda Vickery, & Lois Williams

Thank you, Brandon, for the donuts.


Minutes were prepared last time by Mary Bledsoe.   Thank you, Mary for covering in my absence.

Carolyn Carson approved the minutes and Dean Copple seconded them.

Treasurer Report

There is still $50 to $75 left in the budget.

Retirement Speaker

Thank you to Debi Bolton for all her work in arranging for Connie Baskette to come and speak about retirement.   There was a high interest with 80 people signing up to attend.  “When are we going to have another one?”  was THE question afterwards.

All the monies from the auction are designated for scholarships, but the operational budget money of $400 could be used for another speaker or a return visit of Connie.  Connie is a retired employee of UT who learned the retirement information on her own.

Her retirement session recordings can be found on youtube until 4:30 on Friday, May 30, 2014.

TCRS Session

ORP Session

Election of New Officers

It is that time again to elect new officers for the Administrative Council.  Is anyone interested in being on the committee?

Rachael Cragle volunteered to help with the election committee.

Mary Bledsoe is the President Elect.

Brandon will send out an email to the advisory group.  New officers will begin July 1st.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 AM.

Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

Meeting Minutes – 4/16/2014 (draft)

Administrative Council Minutes April 16, 2014

Attendees: Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Dean Copple, Michele DeFelice, Elizabeth Firestone, Li Gao, Nadia Keyes, Sara McMurray, Nancy Rasnake, Dick Smelser, Fonda Vickery, Alice Wershing, and Lois Williams


Brandon Ballantine called the meeting to order at 9:05 with a review of the March minutes. Mary Bledsoe moved to approve the minutes and Lois Williams seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report

Li Gao reported a balance of $355.19. Ann Satkowiak moved to approve the treasurer’s report and Sarah McMurray seconded. Motion passed.

Auction Report

Fonda Vickery started by dancing a Happy Dance and reported that $2625 was raised by the auction. The goal each year is $2500. Brandon then demonstrated his Happy Dance as well.

The following ideas were discussed for the next auction:

  • Adding a donation button to the auction site
  • Consider moving the spring auction to the fall or even perhaps both semesters
  • Advertise that it is possible to state “anonymous” on the In-Kind-Gift form if a donor desires
  • Include dimensions for art work and more detailed descriptions if possible and enlist the help of someone who is knowledgeable about artwork and auctions
  • Incorporate a “starting bid” or estimated value on the higher-end items

It was decided to include a question on the officer elections form regarding the future date/s of the auction.

Abundant Kudos were lavished on Fonda Vickery, Nancy Rasnake, Lois Williams, Brandon Ballentine and Spencer Joy for their tireless work and dedication to details that contributed greatly to the success of this year’s auction.

Retirement Presentation

Brandon provided feedback from emails received regarding council member’s interest in sponsoring a speaker to address retirement topics. There seemed to be a favorable response and a request for including site campus participants. Brandon will provide a live stream for the presentation. It was decided to open the presentation to all campuses, all employees. Nancy moved to allocate money for the speaker not to exceed $300 and for the event to be held after graduation. Fonda seconded and the motion passed.

20/20 Spotlight: Disability Services

Alice Wershing, Technical Specialist reviewed the new and improved website for Disability Services highlighting the following:

  • addition of accessible online forms for students
  • an “Announcements” page providing timely information
  • a “News” page providing relevant legislation and technology updates
  • a “General Resources” page providing easy access to policies and procedures and specific resources for faculty and students

Door Prizes

Members signed thank you cards for Allison, Bookstore, and Sayona, Cafeteria, for their door prize donations. April door prize winners: Nancy Rasnake, Fonda Vickery, Dick Smelser, and the grand prize winner of two Knoxville Zoo tickets was Sarah McMurray. Lois Williams won a lovely water bottle that could be used for a variety of liquids (you had to be there to understand the double entendre).

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Recorder: Mary Bledsoe

Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2014

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Debi Bolton, Susan Breeding, Mark Cotter, Les Fout, Li Gao, Judy Gosch, Spencer Joy, Nancy Rasnake, Lois Williams

Attendees By Adobe Connect:  J. Dean Copple

Thank you, Brandon, for the donuts.


It was decided that minutes would be mailed to the Administrative Council in addition to being posted on the blog to give everyone a chance to read them.

Treasurer Report

The original budget was $500 and there is a balance of $370.65 which must be spent by June 30th.  There was discussion about spending the money to cover a speaker – perhaps one about retirement or long term long term health care.   A question was raised if a speaker’s approval had to go through the Professional Development Committee.

20/20 TRiO

Mark Cotter, the Director of TRiO Student Support Services, informed the council about the purpose of TRiO here at Pellissippi.

The history of TRIO is progressive. It began with Upward Bound, which emerged out of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in response to the President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty. In 1965, Talent Search, the second outreach program, was created as part of the Higher Education Act. In 1968, Student Support Services, which was originally known as Special Services for Disadvantaged Students, was authorized by the Higher Education Amendments and became the third in a series of educational opportunity programs. By the late 1960′s, the term “TRIO” was coined to describe these federal programs.  Over the years, the TRIO Programs have been expanded and improved to provide a wider range of services and to reach more students who need assistance.

Currently Pellissippi’s TRiO Student Support Services program supports 160 students who are 1st generation, low income, or disability with low income while they are in college.  First generation student are defined as neither parent  graduated from a 4 year college.  A lot of these students are the first to graduate from high school.  To become a TRiO student, there is an application process followed by an interview.  The program is NOT a remedial program but a support program with a 28% graduation rate – a rate which is double that of the college.  The program works so well that it pays for itself.

Services offered are:

Peer tutoring – semester-long, one-on-one tutoring

Academic counseling and assistance in course selection through graduation

Financial Aid via grants to qualifying students and assistance in completing applications for aid

Workshops in Financial Planning, Time Management, Study Skills, Life Skills, Transfer Tips, Stress Reduction, Writing Skills

Cultural Events – trips to plays, dance and musical performances, and international events


Student file a plan to graduate and learn to go see their professors.  They are able to participate in college tours across Tennessee – UT, Maryville College. Tusculum  College, ETSU, MTSU, UTC, etc.

Financial aid is provided for study abroad students.   In 2013 sixteen students studied abroad, and nine will go this year.

Les Fout praised Mark on being a grant management expert.

Thank you, Mark, for a very informative session.

A bit of trivia about the makeup of the meeting – 82% of those present today are 1st generation.


Nancy Rasnake gave an update on the auction.  She and Fonda are organizing the items to sell.  Many more items are needed for the 2 day event scheduled for:

April 7, 2014   Beginning at 3:00 PM

April 9, 2014   Ending at 3:00 PM

The deadline for items is March 26, 2014, so there will be time to photograph and get the items online before the auction.  Past auctions have had much success with quilts and gift cards.  Debi Bolton agreed to contact Gay Bryant for a donation.   There will be competition this year as the Faculty book sale is at the same time.

There was discussion about thanking those who donate items with a phone call, an email, a letter, even a letter from a student who gets a scholarship, or all of the above.   Les Fout emphasized the importance of thanking those who give as many as 7 times and include how much money was raised and how it was used.

Another email will go out to the Administrative Council about the auction.  So far donations this year include an autographed football from UT (Butch Jones), an autographed basketball from UT (Holly Warwick), an 8 inch “tree of life” copper sculpture, quilt, gift cards,  and other items.

Door Prize Winners   $5.00 gift certificates to the cafeteria

Brandon Ballantine

Mary Bledsoe

Mark Cotter

Nancy Rasnake

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.

Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

Meeting Minutes – February 19, 2014

Minutes from Administrative Council Meeting on February 19, 2014

Location: Blount County Campus

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Betsy Boyd, Susan Breeding, Holly Burkett, Spencer Joy, Nancy Rasnake, Lois Williams

Attendees By Adobe Connect:  Carolyn Carson, J. Dean Copple, Michele DeFelice,  Li Gao, Sarah McMurray, Joan Newman, Alice Wershing, and Nancy

Thank you, Holly, for the cake and coffee.

Minutes from last meeting were approved by Nancy Rasnake and seconded by Brandon Ballentine.

Treasurer Report

The original budget was $500, but with the sheet cakes for Valentine’s Day and trips to site campuses, Li Gao confirmed that there is a current balance of $395.09.

Valentine’s Day Reception

A big thanks to Rachael Cragle and all those who helped for the successful execution of the Valentine’s Day Reception.    Hardin Valley did not have a sheet cake for the first time and had to make an emergency run to the store for cake.  The snow days impacted the goodies turnout, but not the participation.  The event occurred in the cafeteria annex due to a scheduling mishap, but all went well with a steady stream of faculty and staff.  Les Fout delivered cake to Blount County Campus.


Nancy Rasnake gave an update on the auction.  Nancy and Fonda Vickery have met and propose that the auction be a 2 day event as follows:

April 8, 2014   Beginning at 8:00 AM                                      April 9, 2014   Ending at 3:00 PM

Each member of the Administrative staff will be asked to donate or make a contact for donations for the auction.   The deadline for the majority of items will be March 26, 2014.

Holly Burkett will collect the items from Blount County.

Hand crafted items are very good and there is hope that this year there will be several.

An email will be sent out to faculty and staff soon announcing the auction.

Book Sale

The Administrative Council is happy for faculty to have taken over the book sale.

20/20 Blount County Activities

Holly Burkett introduced us to Blount County’s “Dream team” – the students who work as Student Success Mentors and Activities Coordinator.  Each student told us what the position has meant to them.

T.J. Whitehead – He wasn’t much of a studier before, but now he studies all the time as an example to the students he mentors.   Not only is he a tutor, but an encourager who is kind, thorough, and understanding.   Students seek him out for help.   He has matured more this year than any year before.  T.J. has come into his own.  He has been accepted at UT where he will continue to study chemistry.

Angela McGee – “This is the moment.”  Angela has taken the moment  and matured and become a leader on the college campus.   In college it is more about who you are and not the brand name labels on your clothing.  She tutors and mentors students.

Mandy Carroll – Mandy has opened up and learned time management.  Mandy is quite creative and has a hand in many of the bulletin boards around campus.

All three are known for going to Holly or Betsy and saying, “What do you need me to do?”   They have grown as a result of their jobs, their attitudes are awesome, so is it any wonder they are named the “Dream Team”?

Holly showed us many pictures of Blount County activities and told us about their many clubs. Below is a partial list.

Bible Club      Book Club      Hiking Club      Green Paws      Hiking      Music      Pellissippi Pride Psychology      PTK      Rotaract      Stars

Betsy Boyd told us about STARS, Students Tackling Adversity & Reaching Success.  This club is for the nontraditional students providing a support group and a way to socialize with activities and outings.

A walking trail will be constructed around the campus beginning in late March and will include a promenade with benches.

Eight to ten rocking chairs are also on the way to give students an alternative to the hard benches that are already on campus.

The tutoring center is a wonderful thing for Blount County and often a selling point for parents when visiting during the open houses.   Open house event are scheduled for the site campuses as follows.

Blount County                     April 3, 2014          4:30 PM – 6:00 PM                                                            Division Street                     March 26, 2014     5:00PM – 7:30 PM                                              Magnolia Avenue                March 27, 2014     4:00 PM – 7:00 PM                                            Strawberry Plains               April 8, 2014           5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Thank you to Holly and Betsy for hosting our meeting and giving us an overview of the activities happening on the Blount County Campus.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.

Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

Meeting Minutes – November 20, 2013

Minutes from Administrative Council Meeting on November 20, 2013

Location: Hardin Valley Campus 

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Susan Breeding, Carolyn Carson, Dean Copple, Rachael Cragle,  Michele DeFelice, Les Fout, Li Gao, Spencer Joy, Becky Milam, Richard Smelser, Fonda Vickery, Lois Williams

Attendees By Adobe Connect:  Debi Bolton

 (Brandon was running wireless using Adobe Connect on his laptop for those who did not attend in person.)

Thank you, Brandon, for the donuts.

 Minutes from last meeting were approved by Carolyn Carson and seconded by Rachael Cragle.

Treasurer’s Report:

No money has been spent so far this year. 

New Business:

  1. After some discussion it was agreed that the December Administrative Council meeting would be a Pot Luck on Wednesday, December 18th at 9:00.  There will be no business just food and company.Brandon will check R25 for the availability of the room.
  2. The auction will be here before we know it.  Fonda Vickery and Nancy Rasnake will be the co-chairs, and the event will take place the week of spring fling spanning a 3 day period.

 3.   The Valentine’s Day Event will be on Valentine’s Day which is a Friday and a full moon.  There will be a Doodle Poll for sign up’s.  Rachael Cragle will be the chair and Michele DeFelice will be her assistant.   There was discussion about sheet cakes at the Hardin Valley Campus and how much more everyone liked the home made goodies.  Sheet cakes may still be the used at the site campuses, but Hardin Valley will downsize on sheet cakes or have none at all.  Les Fout will serve as the delivery man for the site campuses.


Carolyn Carson was our first 20/20 speaker and spoke about the Placement Office.

The Placement Office:

  • Compiles student and graduate credentials to share with employers
  • Maintains Co-op Program
  • Provides Resume Development Assistance
  • Arranges practice interview situations
  • Conducts Career Fairs/Job Fairs
  • Works with area businesses to assure they know about our programs and graduates/students

Pellissippi is in the top of placement compared to other TBR schools. 

“There is no crystal ball”, Carolyn says, but the Placement Office does an excellent job.  Mary Bledsoe, as a neighbor to the Placement Office, complemented all of Carolyn and Doris’ hard work.

Becky Milam shares the statistics from the Placement Office at orientation and parents and others are very impressed.  Even companies, like Denzo, compliment Carolyn and her hard work.

 Brandon Ballantine took us to The New Classroom in GN 232 –the new emerging technology classroom.

Students grade the classroom after using it.  The room is quite adaptable with chairs that come apart into a video rocker and a lap top stand, a floor to ceiling dry erase wall, rotating tables to make different formations, 3 center boards for projectors, 2 HD projectors, 22 IPADS, Dell laptops that rotate and become tablets.  There is an access point in the center of the room.  Instructors can present from IPADS, a Mac, or the instructor podium.  Even smart phones can be connected to the boards.

The room is used for actual classes, special meetings, and demonstrations.   It is constantly changing and some of the successes are rolled into other classrooms across the campus as technology ages and needs replacement.   It is a testing ground for new technology against what students and faculty like and use.

Projecting the classroom to other sites is being explored.

Interestingly some students get upset when things fail. 

 Thank you to Carolyn and Brandon for their excellent and informative presentations!

 Door Prizes

Carolyn Carson won the flashlight key ring door prize, and Li Gao won the $20 gift card to the bookstore.  Congratulations to Carolyn and Li.  Mary Bledsoe solicited for any freebies to be donated for door prizes.

 There will be the social in December, 2013.

There will be no meeting in January, 2014. 

The 20/20 in February  may be just a 20 and Fonda Vickery will check with Mark Cotter about presenting on TRiO, the student support services.

 The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.

 Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

November 2013 Agenda

The November meeting will be held in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room at the Hardin Valley Campus on Wednesday, November 20 at 9:00 AM.


  • Call to Order
  • Welcome
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 20/20 Spotlight Speakers – Carolyn Carson and Brandon Ballentine
  • New Business – Holiday potluck, auction reminder
  • Door Prize!
  • Adjournment

Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2013

Minutes from Administrative Council Meeting on October 23, 2013

Location: Strawberry Plains Campus

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Susan Breeding, Carolyn Carson, Michele DeFelice, Dr. Ted Lewis, Mike North, Nancy Rasnake, Richard Smelser, Heather White

Attendees By Adobe Connect:  Dean Copple, Les Fout, Lois Williams

Brandon was running wireless using Adobe Connect on his laptop for those who did not attend in person.

Minutes from last meeting were approved by Mary Bledsoe and seconded by Carolyn Carson.

Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer’s report was unavailable.  There will be a charge for the van transport to the Strawberry Plains Campus.

New Business:

  1. Mary Bledsoe and Brandon Ballentine have met prior to the council meeting to discuss how to improve attendance at the meetings.  Let’s give people a reason to attend and offer something to draw them in.  The suggestion is to implement a 20/20 Spotlight inviting guest speakers from various departments to share what they are doing, what has changed in their department, etc.  Two speakers would be invited each meeting and given a 20 minute time slot to share their information.   Mary Bledsoe and Brandon Ballentine would organize the speakers from the suggestions made.

The brainstormed ideas are:


Counseling                                                                   Heather White

Disability Services                                                        Michele DeFelice

Dual Enrollment                                                          Spencer Joy

Enrollment Management

Engineering program with Austin Peay                      Pat Riddle

Financial Aid Improvements                                        Dick Smelser

Fund Raising & Grants                                                  Les Fout

International Students

Magnate School at Strawberry Plains Campus          Mike North

Major Campaign                                                              Les Fout

The Next Classroom


Performance Funding

Placement Office                                                         Carolyn Carson

Professional Development

TBR Update                                                                  Dr. Wise


Veteran Center                                                            Rachael Cragle

Is there anything else we want to know about?  If so please email Mary Bledsoe.

2.     Strawberry Plains Campus Tour by Mike North and Heather White

This is the second year at Strawberry Plains and enrollment is 350 students up 55%.  The campus has an excellent location and draws students from Jefferson and Sevier Counties.   A lot of work is being done in the community to connect with the high schools and middle schools.   This is offering some students an opportunity to go to college who might have never thought they had the chance.

Three new clubs have morphed into reality:

Vintage Learners

Creative Writing Club

Gamers & Geeks

Upstairs there is lots of storage filled with plenty of file cabinets, table, partitions, etc.  Nursing will expand in this area.  Wet labs for biology and chemistry will be built upstairs by Fall, 2015.

The building is a quarter of a million square feet.  The State of Tennessee is leasing the East end of the building.  King University is there in the evenings with business classes.

There is adjunct faculty space, meeting rooms, beautiful classrooms, great offices, and lots of room for expansion.

By fall 2014 there will be 125 High School freshmen attending the magnate school downstairs, and that renovation will begin in January, 2014 for the 14-15 new classrooms.  Within four years, there will be 500 high school students in the building.  Once they are juniors they can move up and take classes with the Pellissippi students.

A student could start high school there and end up with a master’s degree – all within the same building.

The cafeteria has the opportunity to feed all within the building with proper logistical planning.

The new federal grant will be used to deck out the mega-lab downstairs.  A bookstore will be built as well.

Opportunities abound in every direction.

Thank you to Heather White and Mike North for hosting us and giving us the tour.

Water bottle door prizes were given to Mike North and Brandon Ballentine.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.

Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2013

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Susan Breeding, Mark Cotter, Rachael Cragle, Philip Ems, Judy Gosch, Nancy Rasnake, Spencer Joy, Heather White

Special Guest: Dr. Carol Luther

Call to Order: By President Brandon Ballentine

Minutes from last meeting were approved by Mary Bledsoe and seconded by Rachael Cragle.

Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer’s report was unavailable.

Special Guest  – Dr. Carol Luther

“A Walk Along the Appalachian Trail From Newfound Gap to Ice Water Spring Shelter & the Jumpoff”

Dr. Luther shared her August 6th six mile round trip on the Appalachian Trail with the council via a PowerPoint presentation filled with wonderful pictures of the hike.  Her trip was planned to increase understanding and appreciation of the common book, A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson.  She talked about the more than 1500 types of wildflowers including a picture of Rugel’s Ragwort unique to the Smokies, bear cables at shelters, slate rock along the trails, majestic views, the balsam wooly adelgid’s destruction of the hemlocks, and bear scat.

She experienced the solitude of the woods which gave evidence to Bill Bryson’s quote from the book, “Even at busy times, however, the woods are great providers of solitude……”

Whether or not you are a serious hiker, you will have an opinion of this book.

Monday, September 23rd, is the convocation of the common book in the CPAC.

The Convocation presentation, “More Than Just a Walk in the Woods,” features speakers from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy: Leanna Joyner, Tip Ray, Ben Royer and Morgan Sommerville. The ATS is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and maintaining the Appalachian Trail.

Spin off activities to the common book include:

  1. Dr Joel Zachry will present, You and Me: Co-existing With Bears, on October 17th in the Goins Auditorium.
  2. Philip Ems is in charge of a project to encourage students to walk 50 miles in October.
  3. TRiO is planning a hike at Ijams Nature Center in October for students.
  4. Mark Cotter will sponsor a “Trail Magic” service project in the spring placing coolers along trails for the hikers.

Thank you, Dr. Luther.

Old Business:  The October meeting will be at the Strawberry Plains Campus on October 16th at 9:00 AM.

 New Business:

  1. A new Information Systems representative will need to be elected as Melbia Jackson will be leaving PSCC at the end of September and moving to Michigan.

2.  Brandon Ballentine gave a demo on ‘Rave Messaging’ and ‘Glassboard’ .

Rave Messaging is licensed by PSCC and allows 1 or 2 people to be administrators and send out messages to all in a specific group.  For example, a professor can text all of his/her students this way.  It is tied to Active Directory.  Brandon will investigate using Rave messaging outside of the PSCC Active Directory.

Glassboard is a privacy focused social network that controls accessibility and duration for a defined group.  Glassboard is not affiliated with PSCC in any way.

Invitation codes are created and used for joining a group.  Glassboard allows one to voluntarily be part of a group and receive emails, texts, or phone messages about events.   It is more interactive and allows all within the group to post messages, upload pictures, share links, etc.  The messages are threaded.

Is the Administrative Council interested in using either as a means of improving communication within the council?

3.  The council received a thank you letter from Jefferson Kendrick Thompson for receiving the Administrative Council Scholarship.  The letter will be posted on the blog pending permission from Mr. Thompson.

4.  Nancy Rasnake discussed scheduling meetings via 25 Live and how well it is now working.    The Strawberry Plains Campus meeting in October should be scheduled with 25 Live.  Be sure to use Mozilla or Chrome as IE does not work as well with 25 Live.

5.  Mary Bledsoe asked about allowing other campuses to view meetings with a connect or join me.  There are some technical issues within the faculty dining room that make it a less than desirable place to which to connect.  The idea will be considered.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 AM and a thank you to Brandon for the donuts.

Recorder:  Susan D. Breeding

Meeting Minutes – July 24, 2013

Minutes from Administrative Council Meeting on July 24, 2013

Attendees:      Brandon Ballentine, Mary Bledsoe, Debi Bolton, Susan Breeding, Holly Burkett, Carolyn Carson, J. Dean Copple, Rachael Cragle, Elizabeth Firestone, Li Gao, Melbia Jackson, Spencer Jo,  Fonda Vickery,  Lois Williams

 Call to Order: By Newly Elected President Brandon Ballentine

The next meeting will be scheduled for September as the council does not meet in August due to student registration.

 Minutes from last meeting were approved by Carolyn Carson and seconded by Dean Copple.

Treasurer’s Report:

As of July, 1, 2013, the FY2014 budget begins with $450.  Any remaining monies from FY2013 are gone.

Li Gao is the new Treasurer and will make the appropriate connections to acquire the necessary budget information by the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report was approved by Mary Bledsoe and seconded by Dean Copple.

Old Business:

Mary Bledsoe was elected the new President Elect (drum roll) with 20 votes and rising.   She graciously accepted the position.

New Business:

  1. The first order of business was to schedule a visit to another campus.
    Last year there were 2 site visits – Blount County Campus and Division Street Campus.

Debi Bolton suggested that the council go to Strawberry Plains for the meeting in October to see the new renovations.

Two site visits a year were suggested – one each semester and the second one will be scheduled later to the Magnolia Avenue Campus.

2.  Lois Williams informed the council that approval was given for the date change of the council meeting times, so Brandon Ballentine will update the blog site with:

The new meeting days and times for the council

New Officers for FY 2014

Last year’s scholarship winner

Changes in the percentages for the fundraising efforts to 60% endowment

and 40% scholarship

3.  Mary Bledsoe suggested that she and Brandon Ballentine take a look at the Administrative Council constitution with Lois Williams as the historian.

4.  Brandon Ballentine stated that monthly meetings are not the best way to share events and other information.   He suggested alternative ways such as ‘Rave Messaging’ and ‘Glassboard’ which allows one to voluntarily be part of a group and receive emails, texts, or phone messages about events.

The council was interested so Brandon will demonstrate both at the September meeting.

5.  Brandon Ballentine stated that there will be no book sale this year and questioned whether the council needed to replace the book sale with another fund raising event or just go with the auction.

Carolyn Carson stated that the auction does really well.

Mary Bledsoe recommended that this topic be put on the September agenda for the discussion of possible ideas for another fund raiser.

6.  Dean Copple asked whether Carol Luther, the head faculty member in the Common Book Committee, was going to speak on the latest Common Book in September.

Brandon Ballentine stated that he would find out.

7.  There will be no professional development this year.   There was special disposition given last year for the professional development, but now there is a committee to handle such.

8.  Debi Bolton informed the council that she is in the process of setting up required customer service classes for Pellissippi staff and possibly faculty – it is sometimes forgotten that students are our customers.

9.  Mary Bledsoe asked for input on behalf of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) concerning the new campaign of “If you see something or if you hear something, then do something.”  This campaign is targeted for those who might harm themselves or others.

The campaign rollout is targeted for in-service training if all the work can be completed in time.

The council gave a plethora of suggestions from changing the colors to make the colorful part the call to action, making the colors more alerting, resizing the print so the emphasis is on the “Do Something”, trinkets such as stress balls shaped like cell phones, logo cards, magnets, coffee cups, whistles, key chains with whistles, putting the logo on the back of the student ID cards.

It was noted that whistles might have a negative connotation if associated with a whistle blower.

Any other ideas can be sent to Mary Bledsoe.

10.  In-Service should be great this year with W. Scott Lewis, J.D. as the featured speaker.   A synopsis of Scott Lewis is below.   Mr. Lewis will host 1 general session, 2 breakout sessions, and round table discussions.  He will tailor his breath of knowledge and experience to Pellissippi College and Student Affairs.

W. Scott Lewis, J.D. is a partner with The NCHERM Group, LLC and the current president of NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association. He is a founder of ATIXA and a member of its advisory board. He formerly served as the Assistant Vice Provost at the University of South Carolina. Scott brings over fifteen years of experience as a student affairs administrator, faculty member, and consultant in higher education. He is a frequent keynote and plenary speaker, nationally recognized for his work on behavioral intervention for students in crisis and distress. He is noted as well for his work in the area of classroom management and dealing with disruptive students. He presents regularly throughout the country, assisting colleges and universities with legal, conduct, and risk management issues, as well as policy development and implementation. He serves as an author and editor in a number of areas including legal issues in higher education, campus safety and student development, campus conduct board training, and other higher education issues. He is a member of NASPA, ACPA, CAI, SCCPA, and serves on the Board of Directors for ASCA as its Past-President. He did his undergraduate work in Psychology and his graduate work in Higher Education Administration at Texas A&M University and received his Law degree and mediation training from the University of Houston.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM with a round of applause for our newly elected President, Brandon Ballentine.

The next meeting will be September 18th at 9:00 AM in the Faculty Staff Dining Room.