Trak Presentation

Thursday is the presentation of the TRAK Social Media campaign. I think everyone did a nice job on updating all the Social Media tools available for them. On Tuesday we managed to get Twitter to hook up to our Facebook page.

Thanks to all the emails sent out to everyone the amount of traffic to the Facebook page has increased. Social Media is a good way to get a company noticed and add awareness if used correctly.

Thanks everyone for working hard to help out such a worthy cause.

TRAK blog update Due 12/6

We have made great progress on the TRAK blog. We are very close to being finished. We have all of the pictures and videos up, but are still trying to work out a few last minute kinks. April is working on making the donation button available on the blog so that people can click a link and put in their credit card information and donate money on the spot.

One of the big accomplishments we have made on the blog, is that April set it up to where there are advertisements on the blog and if you click them, it automatically donates $0.50 to TRAK. I think this is a wonderful addition to the blog because by adding that feature, we have already made about $6.00 for TRAK. Also, we have successfully linked the TRAK website and the TRAK facebook to our blog, so they can be easily accessed from the blog.

I am eager for us to share our progress on Thursday, I think Stacie will be pleasantly surprised!

Helping TRAK

I cannot believe that this semester is almost come to an end. We have done a lot of work in Communications Media and for the past month or so our main focus has been on getting TRAK on track. I am very impressed with what everyone in our class has accomplished. There are a few individuals that have really stepped up and showed their concern for helping others in the time of need.

Looking back, I have had a great time in this class. I have learned new technology techniques, and also I found out way more information about social media then I ever thought. Being able to tie in all of our knowledge into this project for TRAK has been really inspiring.

When the class presents each presentation, I think our professors will be impressed. We all have worked really hard on helping TRAK out in any way possible. Some people think you can throw money at a business and act like you helped out. All it takes is a little appreciation for what they offer, time, and consideration. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

TRAK project week 2.

This past week we finished our PowerPoint presentations. We added more photos and text. We also added screen shots from another riding academy web site we found.

We have made up a “script” and went over that as a group. This week we are going to do a dress rehearsal of the presentation.

TRAK website

Today I looked at the TRAK (therapeutic riding academy of Knoxville) website. TRAK is our service learning project for the fall 2011 semester in ADMN 2450. From the website, the organization seems to be somewhere that kids with disabilities come. I have seen t.v. programs about places like this but did not know that Knoxville has one. I look forward to learning more about this organization and seeing what we can do to help them!

The Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe this semester is almost over. I will admit that going into the Communication Media class I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad that this class is part of the curriculum because so much of what I have learned during this semester are things that I will use in my everyday life. I have already found that I check my Twitter account almost daily and that I use my Google Reader to keep up on things.
I am also glad that we have had to opportunity to learn more about service learning. I have enjoyed working with my group to come up with some ideas that could help such a great organization like TRAK. I hope to have the time next semester to be able to volunteer more to TRAK.

TRAK Blog Project Update

I’m proud of the progress the blog team has made. The blog looks awesome. April continues to be a wonderful asset. She has set up the donate link and posted testimonials among other things. I’ve uploaded photos and helped with proofreading. Rianne has helped with proofreading as well. I emailed Stacie and asked her to check out our progress. She has already thanked us for our efforts.

My girlfriend wants to start her own business and she asked me for some advice. I told her how social media plays a major role in how successful her business could be. I told her how our class is helping TRAK with setting up a Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Web page. She was amazed. I suggested she take a communication media course. I wouldn’t have been able to advise her about the importance of social media four months ago. Time has brought about a change in me, our communication media class has enlightened me about the importance social media.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook group has discussed that TRAK’s Facebook page should contain only business related posts and not personal messages about their day. Also, we are working on sending our personal friends a request to like TRAK’s Facebook page. Hoping that this will generate more awareness for this great non-profit organization.

If you are looking for something to do this Friday, December 9th stop by Blue Coast Burito for lunch or dinner and mention TRAK. Blue Coast Burito will donate a percentage of its sells to TRAK for that day. Please come out and support this great cause.

What I learned this week.

In our TRAK Group we are continuing to post at least once daily. We are still adding our tweets to Google Documents as soon as we post them to Twitter. That way the members of TRAK will have a print out with every good thing that we said to get their business noticed by people who use Twitter.

This week we changed the logo that we were using for TRAK’s Twitter page. The original logo just said TRAK, but did not say what a TRAK is. The new logo has Therapeutic Riding Academy of Knoxville around the top of the logo. We also sent it in a email to the Facebook team, so that all the teams are using the same logo.