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This week, we find ourselves learning of software and the varying methods for the creation of such. I always have found programming rather fun, but I still prefer tinkering with hardware.

Software has come a long, long way. It has gone from a switchboard type deal all the way to easily readable phrases. We haven’t quite gotten up to HAL yet, but that may not be as far off as some think. As a side note, I’m starting to think I really need to hunt down a copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey with all of the references to it in the class…I kind of haven’t seen it >_<. As a secondary side note, I find it quite amusing that Xerox PARC sued Apple after Apple sued Microsoft. I knew of Apple suing Microsoft, but not about Xerox. As a tertiary side note, I am so glad we don't have the switchboards from hell as our "programming" anymore. Okay…maybe I just wanted to use the word tertiary, heh.

We also got to play with the Assembly Language Simulator. Assembly language is the next step up from binary programming and is much easier to read and write. However, it is still easy to get lost in a sea of READ's, WRITE's, and whatnot. What's that? It went into the wrong register? *beats head against the desk*

Anywho, I like how the class, thus far, is building from the ground up. It is easier to get an understanding of what's going on when lessons build upon one another from the beginning to the end. Much better than having seemingly random stuff thrown at you, having to pick up the pieces, and piece them back together. That's like giving someone one of those puzzles where all the inside pieces are cut exactly the same and telling them to do the puzzle backside up. No wonder my math classes make me want to throw something out of the window…

I shall part with a quote by Larry Flon:

"There is no programming language – no matter how structured – that will prevent programmers from making bad programs."

(source: 101 Great Computer Programming Quotes)


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