From Facebook to the Bank

November 13th, 2013

Facebook is a wildly popular social media outlet but it can also be an important business tool. Businesses can create an account on Facebook and then use it to interact with their customers. They can post pictures of their products or customers, offer promotions, and communicate with customers.  The following two businesses are excellent examples of a large and small company getting the most out of Facebook.

EE ornaments

Embellished Elegance is a small business in Madisonville, TN. Embellished Elegance has a Facebook account that they put to good use. They post pictures of local women modeling any new clothing items they get in stock. They sell clothing accessories, such as, scarves, jewelry, shoes, and socks; most of which can be monogrammed. Embellished Elegance responds quickly to questions or comments on their pictures. They will hold the requested items and you can pick it up or it will be shipped to your home.  Below is a link to their Facebook page, if you want to check out Embellished Elegance!


Regal Cinemas is a large business that utilizes Facebook very well. They promote whatever new movies are coming out that week and show trailers of upcoming movies. They also ask for opinions of the movies visitors to their page have just watched.  Regal sponsors contests for fans of their page and they use their Facebook page to advertise specials on concessions and gift cards. It is a fun page to keep up with what is coming out at the theaters.  Below is a link to their Facebook page.

Facebook is not just for personal use anymore. It is an excellent way to advertise your business and connect with your customers. If used correctly it can even grow your business. Embellished Elegance and Regal Cinemas are both excellent examples of how two completely different businesses are using the same social website to advertise and gain customers.  Did you check out the two companies above? Moreover, what did you think of how they are using Facebook?


Tweriod, a fun Twitter analytical website.

October 21st, 2013  Tagged ,

Twitter has a huge following and with that following comes fun websites that help you manage your Twitter account. Tweriod came in at number 20 on the Top 20 Terrific Twitter Tools list. Tweriod is a free service that analyzes your tweets and up to 1000 of your followers’ tweets. It looks at the last 200 tweets made by you and your followers. The results are then direct messaged to you. This will give you the best time to tweet and interact with your followers.

How to make Boil Cookies

October 10th, 2013  Tagged ,

Hey guys! Today I’m going to share my families favorite cookie recipe. Boil Cookies are a must have in my house. They are inexpensive and easy to make. Follow the link below to watch my YouTube video on how to make these delicious cookies. Enjoy!


Click below for the printable recipe for Boil Cookies!

Things I wish I had know about having a senior in high school!

October 2nd, 2013  Tagged ,

Hey Everyone! Come listen to my podcast about getting ready for your child’s senior year of high school.  We were horribly unprepared for the things that have come with having a senior in high school. I wish someone had given me advice on how stressful and expensive this year would be. In my podcast, I am going to share some things I have learned about having a senior in high school.

PODCAST: Things I wish I had known about having a senior in high school

This is the script for this podcast.

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Pioneer Woman’s Blog

September 18th, 2013  Tagged ,

I was in Borders a few years back and came across Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, her only one at the time. I LOVED it!! I didn’t buy it that day but I did go home and look up her blog and have followed her ever since. She has several categories to choose from; confessions, cooking, homeschooling, home and garden,  and entertainment. Her posts are always interesting and funny and always include beautiful photographs. Confessions and cooking are the posts I enjoy reading.  Her popularity has soared and now she has several cookbooks, children’s books and a Food Network Show under her belt.  Her blog is popular because of her funny outlook on her life and how she describes it, the pictures of her family and animals. She documents their life with her photography and now her cooking show. Ree has included audio and video clips in her blog post as well as the stunning photography.  In the cooking section of her blog she includes the recipe and always incredible photographs of her creations. She has contests for some of her favorite products and she even has given away her own clothing! She hosts weekends at her ranch for her readers, which are also decided by a contest. She is popular because she makes her self accessible to her fans and includes them in her everyday life. She stays connected with her fan base through her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The last four Confessions blog posts all included pictures of the subject she was talking about.




Introduction to Blogging

September 11th, 2013  Tagged ,

Companies can utilize blogs to interact with their customers and potential customers in a more personal manner.  A blog can be used to advertise, market, and sell their products or services. These 3 Companies use their blog effectively and are good examples of how to interact with readers.

My favorite blogger is Ree Drummond, aka,  Pioneer Woman, what are some of your favorite blogs?