What is mobile computing?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

What is mobile computing exactly? Is it something that you can take with you anywhere you go? Is it always on and always connected? Does the screen have to be multi-touch for it to be considered mobile computing? All of these things are ways to describe mobile computing. In class on 4/18/2013, we had a guest speaker named Brandon. Brandon asked us the question what is mobile computing and these were some of the answers we gave him. Brandon went on to say that there really not an answer to that question. We discussed many different things with Brandon dealing with Technology. The discussion always blends with our Emerging Trends in Technology class because Brandon is the Institutional Technology Specialist for Pellissippi and he has to stay up to date on these things.

According to Brandon, 40% of American teenagers own an IPhone and 33% of them own an IPad. This is kind of crazy considering I am 23 and do not own an IPad. By 2015, more Americans will access the Internet through their phones rather than desktops. I can agree with this statement because if I have the choice between my phone and my computer, I would rather grab my phone because it is faster. Do you remember when the first smart phones came out? In 2007, the first group of non-nerdy consumers got excited about smartphones and bought the first IPhone. Since then, smartphones have caught on and everybody wants one. The technology in our phones have also gotten a lot better as well. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has a feature that follows your eyes. If you are not looking at the screen during a video, the video will quit playing. As soon as your eyes meet the screen again, the video will start to play again. Another new technology that is coming out is the Leap Motion. The little $75 box will make any computer touch screen. The box creates a 3X3 invisible box in front of your desktop screen that will allow you to control your desktop as if it were touchscreen. Some new applications that Brandon showed to us include: Daedalus, MyScript Calculator, and Word Lens. All of these applications are state of the art. Daedalus is a writing application for taking notes and keeping up with all of your documents and notes in one place. The MyScript Calculator is a new calculator application that can do complex math problems like algebra. The calculator application also allows you to write the math problem on the screen and it will calculate it for you. Word Lens, which is pretty amazing, is an application that you use while out of the country. This application will read a foreign language and translate it to your language so you will be able to read it. One of the final things we discussed was Responsive Web Design. This is where a website can be written to be viewed on a desktop, tablet, and a phone without writing a seperate website code for each. Do you think you can keep up with all the trends in technology? I for one know that I can not as I just bought an IPhone and I do not own an IPad or a tablet? Do you like the direction that technology is heading? Such as the Galazy S4 and Google Glass? 2925229934_91e4704185_m

Windows 8

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

When it comes to Windows 8, you either love it or you hate it. Myself, having a laptop with Windows 8, do not like the new version. This is most likely because my laptop is the old school kind instead of touchscreen. I do believe that if I had a tablet or touchscreen anything, Windows 8 would be much more appealing to me. I am not alone on the not liking Windows 8 band wagon. According to Jack Clark for register.com, computer sales have dropped since the new operating system has came out. Microsoft had seen a 13.9% decrease in sales in the quarter that computers that have Windows 8 on it. Could it be because touchscreen computers are more expensive than normal laptops or desktops? Could it be because of the functionality of the tile background instead of the customary Start screen? Either way, Microsoft’s sales are down and people are not running out to buy the latest technology. There are certain ways to customize Windows 8 to match other operating systems. For instance, you can download an application that will allow you to have a normal Start Menu like on Windows 7 or other previous operating systems. If you are very technology savvy and can afford the high cost of a touchscreen laptop or desktop, then Windows 8 is definitely for you. If you are like me and like the simple things in life, I suggest take good care of the computer you have now and stick with it, at least until the prices for these touch screen computers go down a bit. What do you think about the new Windows 8?

Google Hangout Discussion

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

During class on Thursday, we had a discussion with Mary N. over Google Hangouts. Mary told us about free marketing tools for your business. Mary says to focus on the free types of business promotional tools. Some of these include Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, and Hotel Finder. Facebook is virtually used by everyone. This is a lot of traffic to promote your business. Trip Advisor is a tool that people will look for reviews about places before going on a trip. Trip Advisor includes free registration and free marketing tools for your business. According to Mary, properties with 11 or more reviews see 26% more engagement than businesses with less than 11 reviews. She also said that having at least one video on your site promotes more engagement. If a business’s page has a bad review from a previous customer and the business replies to the post, it shows that they care how the customer feels. The business should include how they are going to fix this problem or already have fixed this concern when replying to the comment. She says that it is good for businesses to use a recommendation box or page on their website. According to Mary, when searching on an Apple product, Yelp accounts show first. When searching on an Android product, the Google accounts show up first in the search. A good reason a business should use both Yelp and Google is to appear in search engines. Google + Local has replaced Google Places. When a Google + user searches for a restaurant, reviews and ratings automatically appear with their search results.

Nicholas Carr

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Is the internet really worth it? Nicholas Carr says that human beings crave new information. This is based on psychologists findings. The internet allows us to do many different tasks at the same time. The more hyperlinks that a site on the internet has allows you to be more distracted while on the internet. If you are juggling things all the time, it benefits short term memory and even hand eye coordination.

As he reads a passage from his book, he goes on to say that he had moved from Boston where the internet and other things were simply at reach but when he moved to the mountains in Colorado, this was not the case. He said that there was no cell phone service at the new house. The internet was at a very slow pace coming from a DSL line. He went on to say that he even cancelled his Twitter account and slowed his email account to check at every hour rather than to check it every minute. He also went on to say that he would even go on internet binges to get his “internet fix”. This is because he went from a life where all he had to do was pick up his smart phone where he had the internet world at his finger tips to a place of solitude and internet silence. He later goes on to say that as he was getting closer to finishing his book, he eventually turned his email account back to check it at shorter intervals than every hour.

As individuals, we should be in control of our mind. People should try to go into a solitary type of thinking. He says people should try to go back and read a long book or read a long article to make the intellectual part of the brain think. This will help bring solitary ways of thought.

I do not agree with how the author thinks the internet has changed our mind. I simply have the ease of closing my laptop or turning off my phone when I feel the need to. I guess others have a problem with this. I am not attached to my phone constantly unless it is business related. I do not need to check my Facebook every five minutes to see if “Bob” has any new drama on the news feed. This is simply not the case for me. I can get on the computer and check what I need to then I can simply turn it off. I feel that if someone is attached to their computer and simply can not turn it off to have a simple conversation with their loved ones or friends, they need to sit down and rethink some stuff. Technology is not the most important thing to your life. There are other great things in life other than Facebook and Twitter. From a reading stand point, I have never really read much. So from using the internet my reading style has not really changed due to that fact.

LinkedIn.. What is that?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

LinkedIn is more or less a Facebook for professionals. No, not professional bloggers or professional drama queens, but the professionals that run todays business world. They can go onto LinkedIn and put in their business credentials. A normal person such as me, can go on there and search for someone with a certain profession. If I needed a plumber or realtor, I simply search LinkedIn for the profession and I have it all.

There are many reviews on the internet about LinkedIn. Many are great reviews of the professionals that have used the website before. Many small business owners use the site to promote their businesses and to get new customers.

Five Companies That Use Facebook

Monday, November 26th, 2012

There are many companies that use the site Facebook. A lot of companies that use the site use it for marketing their products. Some other companies use the site to allow followers to gifts and coupons for their products.

Target uses Facebook to promote their latest sales. Target also uses Facebook to promote “Give-a-ways”.

Crown Royal also uses Facebook. Crown Royal uses Facebook to allow followers access to recipes that contain the Crown Royal alcohol. Recently, they posted a picture for the upcoming Christmas season. Corwn Royal users can now order personalized Crown Royal bags.

Pilot Travel Centers uses Facebook to promote the opening of new stores along the interstates. They have also used it to promote coupons during the summer for Icee or fountain drinks.

Universal Studios uses Facebook to promote the upcoming releases of their newest movies. They also have contests on their page where you can win a prize pack of the newest movies.

Redbox uses Facebook for followers to see what the latest releases are. They also have contest and games on their Facebook where users can play to win codes for free rentals or even get free movies.

Of all these companies, I have already liked them on Facebook. I try to like the companies that I use most often because a lot of companies on Facebook give free stuff or have the contests to win free stuff. Who does not enjoy free stuff? I enjoy seeing the new products coming out from all the companies I like on Facebook and that is why I “like” them.

Netvibes.. Is it worth it?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Netvibes is a website that keeps all of your social media websites all in one. You can add you Facebook, and Twitter news feeds. You can also add your favorite news channels along with your favorite sports websites to the home page. You can also add your local weather to the home page. The website also offers wdigets. You can add a calculator right there on the screen so you don’t have to pull up the calculator on your desktop. Netvibes can be free but there is also an option to buy it for $499 per month.

I would recomend netvibes to other users because it is completely customizable to how you want it. It is an easy way to keep all of your favorite websites and social media sites all in one.


Hmmm… That is interesting..

Thursday, October 25th, 2012


Wow. That is interesting. So, in the time it has taken me to copy this tweet into this blog post and then write this part of the blog, there have been probably 100 new Twitter users. That is a lot of people signing up for Twitter in a day.

Do you have a troubling Weed Eater or Lawn Mower?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

For my how to video, I demonstrate how to change or replace a spark plug in a weed eater. This process can be used on just about anything with a spark plug in it. Although the gap on the spark plug will differ on different engines and what not, this is still the way to change a spark plug.

What is a tweet?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I did some research on how to use Twitter effectively. I found that there are some do’s and do not’s of using Twitter.

According to Shea Bennett,of Media Bistro, you should always use a picture of yourself. Do not use a picture of your pet or of anyone else but yourself. People that follow you want to see you, the person they are following. Also, she says not to link to any other website even if you are excited to be associated with it. If you do link to a website, Shea says not to link to a short link. Shea says to be polite, and to be yourself on your Tweets.

Mark Fulton expresses on TwiTip that there are some ways to make the most of your 140 character posts. He says that you should use short codes. Some of these codes are BRB and LOL. Twitter also allows for you to use special symbols or characters. He says that you can create a heart or a smiley face that will only be used as one character.

Chris Brogan has created a list of 50 Power Twitter Tips. One of the rules of thumbs on Twitter, follow anyone that follows you. If you are are following a spammer, unfollow them. He says that you should promote other peoples business or service twelve times to every one of your own promotions. He says that your customers may not be on Twitter. You should invite them to Twitter and make it worth there while. If you are tweeting one of your blog posts, you should ask a question to entice them into reading the blog post.