Assignment 3: Telling a Story from 25 years ago

This day is auspicious for me. Twenty-five years ago today I was student teaching at White County (TN) High School preparing for my future career as a high school chemistry, physics and math teacher. This day was a snow day. All of the student teachers gathered at the college to watch the first teacher in space go up in the shuttle, Challenger. I had SO wanted to apply for the program but since I was not yet an active teacher, I could not. I would love to go to space someday. Anyway, that story was on my mind this morning as I prepared this assignment so I used it to lead into the rest of my thinking about the articles and the nature of Web 2.0 Storytelling.

My tool: Voicethread. I uploaded images from Flickr using the FlickrCC search as well as images from NASA, which are also public domain and my own PowerPoint files and Word files for the images.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 3: Telling a Story from 25 years ago

  1. I like your presentation. Has a lot of potential.
    I facilitate some Team Resource Management sessions for technicians in the Air Navigation Service Provider in Portugal. We use Challenger Space Shuttle event as a case study for human factors in decision making and for the lack in collaborative valid tools at that time in the enterprises. NASA earned a lot from it.
    The way you present your side of the story is very interesting because contextualizes the event in people perception and consequences in participating citizens. Thank for sharing your feelings

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