Assignment 4: Daily Shoot

I am looking forward to the Daily Shoot assignment. For the next two weeks, we are to follow the guidelines provided by Daily Shoot and upload our photo to Flickr, tagged appropriately and then through the majicks of RSS, they will appear on the course site.

I am using a plugin called flickrRSS to pull in photos from the open course section here and it works but I also see that it is not listed as compatible with the newer versions of WordPress soI am going to check out the plugin Jim is using on the course site as well.

I did the Project 365 back in 2007-2007 and really enjoyed it so this feeds into the same idea but with a bit more direction. I am wondering how I will work within the project to give me even more of a creative challenge since I have already done the “photo a day” gig. Perhaps only using my phone and then edit in Picnik. Perhaps.

Today’s shot: 2011/01/31: Make a photograph that features repetition. #ds442