Daily Shoot: Shooting to Share

I thought I would capture how I am bringing together the images of the Daily Shoot that I am sharing. Jim Groom has described how he is pulling together the images. I am using something similar in the sidebar here (a plugin called FlickrRSS – which works for one tag but hasn’t been updated in a long while so I want to play with FlickrTag as well) to capture all of the Flickr images tagged with “ds106” AND “section0” so it is just the images from the open course showing up there.

However, in a spasm of narcissism, I decided that I also wanted to capture just my images. I am doing that on a page here (called -creatively – My Daily Shoot). To do that, I am using a plugin enabled on all blogs here at Pellissippi State called EmbedIt. This plugin was really really helpful back when WPMU would strip out all embed codes so I used this to get around that issue so we could embed videos from YouTube and so on. Now that WordPress makes embedding from a bunch of sites much, much easier (thanks developers!), the use of EmbedIt is much less but it does still come in handly on occasion.

Using it is pretty simply. I have a handout prepared on our Help/Support page. But, in a nutshell, in the Editor, you will put in the brackets and HTML1 for where you want the embed code to go. Then, create a Custom Field called HTML1 and paste in the embed code there. Need a second embed? Go with and do the same thing.

Here is what the code looks like in the editor:

screenshot of WYSIWYG editor

The Custom Field looks something like this:

Custom Fields for EmbedIt