DS106 Design Assignment: Minimalist Movie Poster

While I am really enjoying the Daily Shoot (one week in, one week to go), I decided to give one of the Design assignments a try this week as well. I might do more than one as I am very much a frustrated, unskilled and untrained designer that always wishes she was better!

The one that intrigued me at first was the Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. I enjoyed the two that are posted there  over at  Minimalist TV/Movie Poster | Stacy’s Blog and the king’s speech | D’Arcy Norman dot net. I chose a movie I have not yet seen, True Grit. Since there are two versions, I did two versions of the poster to reflect the difference.

I decided to make these in PowerPoint instead of Photoshop because, with the minimalist approach, I didn’t need the power of PS and you really can do quite a bit with PowerPoint drawing tools these days so it just seemed like something to stretch my design work a bit.

I also took the opportunity to install the plugin, Lightbox Plus, on our WordPress installation here on campus.

Here they are:

Minimalist Poster for the Movie True Grit


Minimalist Poster for True Grit

I also uploaded them to Flickr and was greatly amused at how they look in the photostream preview:

screenshot of Flickr previews

7 thoughts on “DS106 Design Assignment: Minimalist Movie Poster

    1. I did place them on purpose. I knew that two different movies had Rooster’s patch on different eyes so I chose to reverse the layout on the posters.

  1. Thanks, Tim! When I chose this movie, this element was the first thing I envisioned so I just went with it.

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