Audio Assignment: DS106 Radio

I have been coming and going with the DS106 radio station that has emerged in this MOOC. I am very amazed with Grant Potter and how he put this together and I need to study it a bit more.

Today, Alan Levine (AKA CogDog) proposed a format “Long Songs” which are songs longer than 7 minutes. I had to jump on it. So the three I chose (limited by what I had on hand):

  1. Rapper’s Delight (12 inch version) – Sugarhill Gang which was a foundational rap song for me
  2. Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner which has always been a favorite and one that I won a lip sync contest WAY back in my college days
  3. Norwegian Wood – a cover by Patrica Barber who is a favorite piano jazz artist of mine and I love this cover.

Here is my intro: my intro