TRAK- Facebook!

This week we continued to work on Facebook for TRAK. We have made some strides in getting the page up and running the way it needs to be. We are also having some issues with some of the things that should be on the page, but aren’t and things that we want on there but can’t seem to get it on.

I think with all of the problems we have had and the strides that we have made, it will make it a better page for TRAK, because we are having to constantly go back over what we have done. in doing that we are making it better. We notice mistakes that should be changed. All in all a productive week for us.

December 3, 2011

Team Work!!!

For the last couple of weeks in class we have been working on a project for TRAK. The team that I am with is responsible for creating a Facebook account for the nonprofit organization. I have learned alot of new things, things I didn’t know even existed on Facebook. For example, last week everyone in our group became an administrator so we could all work on the project at our own leisure. I thought that was a great way to stay on track.

I also learned that even though I have been using Facebook for a while, it is more complicated then I thought to get a site up and ready to go. I am learning what all is involved in setting up a company website. My teammates have some good ideas I look forward to seeing what the next week brings.

November 28, 2011

The Amazing Program that is TRAK!!!

Today in class we were introduced to the director of TRAK and told about the wonderful and amazing things that she has done to help people with special needs in our area. I wish something like this would have been available 25+ years ago when my cousin was little, she has sever cerebral palsy, and maybe something like TRAK could have given her a chance to do more. I think getting the name out there and explaining to people that haven’t heard about what it is might help. There are people out there who don’t have to worry about this sort of thing, they have healthy kids and often forget about places like this that help the families that have kids who may need alittle or alot of help. I am hoping that through this class we can maybe get the name out there and hopefully get this awesome place some help of it’s own.

November 1, 2011

Extra Credit: Video Editing

For the extra credit video editing I decided to to change a few things. First, I changed the color/tone to black and white. Then I chose to add a song that fits in to the theme of the video, Halloween. I also clicked the button I’m Feeling Lucky. I found it interesting to see what kind of changes you can make to your video.

October 20, 2011

How To Video:Creative Crafts for Kids!!!

I did my how-to video on how to do a fun Halloween craft. It is something you can do with your kids, and pretty much let them do all by their selves and put their own unique style on. I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope that you try out the craft with a kid or kids in your life. Enjoy!!

October 10, 2011

Dodge: Guts and Glory!

I chose to view a video by Dodge. There are a few different ones out there, and they do such a great job at getting my attention. The people at Dodge usually always have an interesting way of describing what is great about their trucks.
The video lasted just 32 seconds. The video was just put out this year in June. In my opinion the video was informative and entertaining, and it did stay on topic with the Ram truck taking center stage. I thought the quality of the video was excellent. I like everything about the video how it is supposedly weeding all the trucks except the Dodge out, kinda like you would do cows or something like that on a farm.


October 6, 2011

If The Internet Shut Down Tomorrow?

Everyday I look at the Internet to view what is going on in the world, and what is new, and to keep up with my family that lives in a different state. So how would my life change if the Internet shut down tomorrow? April and I decided to create a podcast, mapping out the ways this change would effect us. Listen to find out.

October 4, 2011

My First Birthday Cake Experience!!!!!

For today’s class I did a podcast on how I made my first cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. If you would like to know how I did it just click on the link below.

September 29, 2011

graded exercise

My son during the summer of 2011. Playing under a weeping willow tree!
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September 27, 2011

They grow so fast!

This week has been a kinda sad week for me! My youngest Reagen turned 3 Friday. It seems just like yesterday she couldn’t even crawl and now she is 3. Then my son will be turning 5 in Oct. so he will be starting school next year! Where does the time go?

September 26, 2011

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