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Now that you’re blogging, you will want to back it up

Any computer person knows that backups are essential. It is not a matter of “IF”something will happen (hard drive failure, disk errors, etc) but a more of a matter of “WHEN”. Pellissippi State Blogs runs on a shared blogging platform called WordPress Multi-User (or WPMU). While we take care of upgrading the core files that run the blogging software, it is up to each individual blogger to export his/her own blog entries for safekeeping.

Unfortunately, the export is not a full backup in the strict sense of the word. It is an export XML file that will contain:

  • posts
  • pages
  • comments
  • custom fields
  • categories
  • tags

It will NOT include:

  • your links
  • uploaded media (photos, etc)
  • plugin settings (like for Twitter, Kaltura, etc)

However, if you want to take your writing with you and upload it into your own WordPress installation (or at, then this is the best path for you. To get to the Export tool, log into your blog and go to Tools –> Export. Click the image below for more details.


Because of this limitation, we recommend you host your images, videos and other media on services like Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo and Dropbox.  We provide plugins to make it easier to tie into that media on your blog as well.

This keeps your media with YOU and makes it easier to keep your blog portable for the future!

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