Final Blog Entry Friday, Dec 9 2011 

Taking Introduction to Information Technology has been an interesting experience all together. I’ve learned a lot of things about computers in general that I never knew before taking the class. I enjoyed going through the different parts of the computer and learning how they work. Since I plan on working in the future with computers I really think this class was important for me. One of the reasons the class was so helpful is because it started from the basics it worked up to more complex subjects.

I really enjoyed how each subject was divided up into different lessons with the activities also organized the way they were. This helped me keep me organized and focused on one topic at a time. The comic for each topic was specially helpful because it really explained the information in a fun but understandable way. It always helped me to go back and look at the comics to get the main points in a lesson.  The notes were also organized in a helpful way. Whenever I needed to go back and find some information I could easily find the information I needed under the proper title.

Although I had all the help and information I wish I would of took advantage of it more to assist me. At times I found myself to procrastinate and not get all my work done. The assignments were not too difficult at all and all the help one would need was available. If I would take the class again, I would take advantage of all the help and really dive into the assignments so I would have a better understanding. Well, I really enjoyed what I learned in the class and I hope to take similar classes in the future.

Virtual Reality Monday, Nov 28 2011 

I’m not really into virtual world games, although I have played games just to experience them. I’ve played SAMP which is a free massive multi-player modification for the GTA SA series. With SAMP I’ve played on servers that are similar to virtual world games. You could create your own character and obtain any job you wanted. It’s really the only game I’ve really played a lot similar to a virtual world. I think one of the things that I don’t enjoy about large virtual world games is that amount of time it takes to advance. In order to get as good as many of the players you have to spend a lot of time in the game. Though you never really get bored because there is so much to do. I think Virtual Reality is something that will grow much more popular in the future. I’ve used programs like Alice before so using these programs this week shouldn’t be to difficult.


Artificial Intelligence Monday, Nov 28 2011 

So far I’ve enjoyed learning about AI. I’m already familiar with AI because of the types of games I’ve played. Different FPS and free roam games have showed me how AI reacts to certain in-game events or actions. When we learned about Neural Networks, AI started to make more sense on how decisions are made. Though we learned from a few examples how robots may sometimes do things incorrectly if conditions are a certain way. Since I enjoy gaming, AI has been a topic that I’ve really wanted to learn more about. I’ve always thought of how AI in certain games could be improved. It’s something that I’ll probably search more into since I’ve learned how interesting it can be. Working with the robots was pretty cool although understanding the coding was kind of difficult. Overall, an interesting weeks. Gotta catch up on my blogs big time.

Week 11- Robotics Monday, Nov 28 2011 

Learning about robotics for week 11 was very interesting. With technology getting better every year, the things that robots can accomplish grows. Today, robots can already do so much to help with everyday tasks. There are robots that can create cars and other machines without any type of human help. Watching the videos brought out how much robots are advancing and the new things they can assist humans with. I think it’s kind of interesting how many people think robots will eventually gain the same intelligence as humans.  While I think robots will be able to become pretty intelligent, I doubt they will be able to replicate the unique human body completely.

HTML Part 2 Sunday, Oct 16 2011 

My experience with HTML has been pretty good so far. I’ve went over a lot of stuff I learned back in high school and my memory was refreshed when I created my web page. I remember going over style sheets in high school, so going over them in class kind of brought back some memories. I’m still learning a lot about HTML and how to use the code to change different things on your page. Like I stated in my previous blog post, once you get used to HTML it isn’t that difficult at all. I plan to continue to practice with HTML because I want to eventually be able to create a page by just remembering code instead of looking up each code online. If you can sit down and remember all the important codes, you should be able to make a decent page.

I was new to using the program that we’re using to upload our webpages. It was really my first time using something like that so I was confused at the beginning. After going over how to get into the program and how to upload our pages, things became more clearer. I guess this web server can be really useful when it comes to uploading things such as web pages so that Mr. Brown can view them.

Going over databases has been something new and interesting for me also. We’ve went over how important databases are and how they are used. Once we went over how data is organized and retrieved it started becoming real interesting. I can see how companies and businesses would need these databases to keep everything organized and easy to access. Databases has been something that really has interested me and I plan to read up on it more. The comic book was real helpful and helped me to actually see how databases work. Going over how information is gathered in class really helped me to understand databases in general also. Overall, I’ve enjoyed this lesson.

Using HTML Sunday, Oct 9 2011 

Starting off, I’m already familiar with HTML so working with it to make a page didn’t seem to difficult. In high school I took a class where we used HTML coding to create pages with different qualities. Once you get down the basics such as the editing of the font, colors, page layout, working with the code isn’t that difficult. I enjoy working with HTML because since I have a little experience already, it’s easy for me to grasp.

With my web page, I wanted to try working with images, so I’m adding a few images here and there to practice. Instead of just creating a boring title I wanted something more original so I thought of making a title page in a graphics editing program like GIMP and adding the edited  “banner” as my title. One of the things I like about HTML is the amount of freedom you have. If you’re pretty familiar with HTML you can think of some pretty interesting layouts. I’m not quite close to being done, so I’m going to research a little more to sharpen my coding skills. Hopefully the page turns out alright.

Assembly Language Simulator Sunday, Sep 25 2011 

My experience with the ALS:

The Assembly Language Simulator seems pretty interesting. This is really my first time learning about it so I’m very new to the whole concept. I think it’s real interesting how you can get the ALS to do certain actions by using different codes/numbers.

Though I still have a little difficulty understanding how to get the ALS to do certain things. I think I’ll spend a little more time actually reviewing notes/guides to fully understand how to work the ALS. I kind of get tripped up when it comes to realizing what each code does.

My Gaming Computer Sunday, Sep 18 2011 

I’ve always wondered how it would be to build my own computer. Since I like to play online games, I’ve decided to setup a gaming computer. Since Newegg is one of the best sites for purchasing computer parts I decided to select all my parts from there. Hopefully everything comes together correctly.

Week 2 – Binary Sunday, Sep 11 2011 

I’m really not a math person, but so far binary seems alright. Once you get a hold of binary it’s not difficult at all. I remember learning about binary in high school but never really understanding it until now. The way Mr. Brown broke it down made more sense. Hopefully most of the math in this class will be easy to grasp like binary.

I never really knew that computers stored information using only numbers. When we were told that computers don’t use letters, I was kind of confused. But as we learned more about how computers use numbers it made sense. The comics helped me out a lot also. As long as I have the comics and notes to go back to I think I’ll be good.

About Me Wednesday, Aug 31 2011 

Starting off with me, my name is Christian Anthony. Fall 2011 is my first semester at Pellissippi and first year of college. I attended Hardin Valley Academy and was a graduate of the Class of 2011. I’m taking this class because I’m interested in computers. I plan to work with computers in the future for my career. I use the computer quite a lot and I enjoy everything about them. I have a few good games on the computer so I online game every now and then.

Sites I often use: