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We left our big city of Dublin and journeyed to a small town called Thurles. We are staying at St. Patrick’s college, where there are supposed ghosts. We have yet to experience these ghosts but we are waiting. The college is the real Irish experience, in the sense of being completely immersed in Irish culture. I feel like when you go to a country you should stay in a small town so you can see the real culture and learn how people live. Thurles is that city to stay in. Rural Ireland is so much different then Dublin. Dublin has many different cultures and peoples while Thurles is mother Ireland at her finest. The pride of living in Thurles was evident on the first day we arrived. The children at an Irish school sang us traditional Irish music along with dance and poetry. You could see the pride and the knowledge of their country that they possessed at such a young age.


After seeing the rolling hills of green grass and shimmering lakes we arrived at the Dublin airport, we were all exhausted but awake because we were finally here, on the emerald isle. We took a bus to the city center where our hostel was and saw the spectacle of Dublin, awing over the numerous monuments and big city melting pot feeling. We arrived at Abbey Court hostel put our stuff down and explored Dublin for a bit. We couldn’t of asked for a more blue skied, perfect day in Dublin. We then ate dinner and went to a musical pub crawl. This consisted of going to St. Oliver’s pub and drinking my first Guinness (which was wonderful) waiting on the guys to start. We went to 3 pubs and learned about Irish music. We learned what a jig was and how to distinguish between that and a reel. I was super tired but it was worth the wait. The next 2 days went by fast; they included visiting historical sites such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Bog bodies, the Jail where they kept Irish rebels among others, and the Book of Kells. Dublin didn’t feel like a big city though, it felt like an over sized small town. There were no sky scrapers and the air felt cleaner then New York’s, or London’s. It was the home feeling with more stuff to do I should say then your home town. Dublin is green, wet, and full of life every night and I wouldn’t skip it if I were you.

The process of packing for going abroad somehow always falls on a day where you have a million things to get done. You always say to yourself hey I will just wait and do this tomorrow, relax now, work later. And when the big day before rears its head you have nothing done and you have a busy day ahead of you of running to stores to get shampoo, film, snacks for the plane etc. And believe me when I tell you, you always over pack because you always have the; what ifs, but you are usually in such a state that all of the stress melts away and you prioritize because you do have tomorrow to look forward to. The only thing to really worry about is forgetting something. I know for me I always forget something so remembering everything and making last sweeps your house to make sure you have all the necessities. Take it from me wait til the last day, it’s kind of fun actually because you do have lots of stuff to do but you think oh my god I will be in Ireland tomorrow why am I stressing? I always listen to music and think about what’s ahead while I pack, it helps ease my stress.