Be Cybersecure when Traveling

It’s almost here!! No, not another Star Wars movie (although that would be great!) But, rather, SPRING BREAK!!!

Planning a spring break vacation? Even though we want just simply relax on vacation, the truth is that people are frequently more vulnerable when traveling because of the break from regular routines or encounters with unfamiliar situations. If you are traveling for Spring Break or at any time, these tips could  help you protect yourself and guard your privacy.

Track that device! Install a device finder or manager on your mobile device in case it’s lost or stolen. Make sure it has remote wipe capabilities and also protects against malware.Android has the Android Device Finder and iPhone users have the Find my iPhone app through iCloud.

Avoid social media announcements about your travel plans. It’s tempting to share your upcoming vacation plans with family and friends, but consider how this might make you an easy target for local or online thieves. While traveling, avoid using social media to “check in” to airports and consider posting those beautiful photos after you return home. Find out how burglars are using your vacation posts to target you in this infographic.

Traveling soon? If you’re traveling with a laptop or mobile device, remove or encrypt confidential information. Consider using a laptop or device designated for travel with no personal information, especially when traveling out of the country. Encryption can be a bit tricky but here is a beginner’s guide that can help you get started.

Limit personal information stored on devices.

Physically protect yourself and your devices. Use a laptop lock, avoid carrying identification cards, shred sensitive paperwork before you recycle it, and watch out for “shoulder surfers” at the ATM.

Padlock image from Educause

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