Again, with the Top Ten!

I had a great email hit my inbox this week notifiying me that we were not only in the Top Ten for the Large College category (over 10,000 students) in the Digital Community College survey from the Center for Digital Education but that we had moved up a spot in the ranking from where we were last year. How about that!?!

Much like I did in last year’s survey, I was able to centrally report on the great work that we do here to provide digital tools to our students, faculty and staff to do their work and meet their personal goals.

In addition to the continued emphasis on improving bandwidth and online access to information and resources, I was also able to brag on:

  • Our mobile friendly options with the updates to myPellissippi and the changes in the style sheets on our Banner Self-Service modules.
  • Our beginning use of data dashboards (if you haven’t seen them at the Institutional Research site, you should go look)
  • The NEXT Classroom and its exploration of new technologies for teaching and learning
  • Our preparation for disaster recovery and cyber incident response
  • Our service-learning forms using Banner and workflow for efficiency and accuracy of information so it can be included on student transcripts and other reports.
  • And much more!

I am proud of the work that Information Services does on campus in conjunction with the rest of the college. And, I look forward to even more projects to report for 2017-2018 and expect we will remain in the Top Ten again!

If you would like to know more about the project or see the other winners, visit the Center for Digital Education’s site.

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