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The social media network I chose was Twitter. I have to admit twitter is my second choice when it comes to social media so; I was interested to see what others were saying.

I also decided to do my post on the app seeing how I was sure there would be lots of posts on twitter in general.

To my surprise there were more negative reviews on I-tunes then I expected, and much more negative than positive comments total. It seemed as though the major problem with the app was that since a recent update, it crashes all the time, and several people were upset that there was no follower request button. Two other things that I saw negative feedback on were that there is no log out button, and you can’t undo a re-tweet.
Even though the negatives definitely outweighed the positives several people were very fond of the app. One even expressing it may be their new obsession.

Companies that use Facebook

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Social media is a great way for businesses to advertise their products. Most businesses seem to choose Facebook probably because there aren’t many people who are not familiar with it. When asked to choose 5 companies that use Facebook it wasn’t hard to find that many, it was hard to narrow it down to only 5 to discuss. Five companies that use Facebook, and are familiar to me are: Twirli Tu’s, La La’s photography, The Color Bar, Old Navy, and Center Stage Dance Studio. All of the businesses use Facebook to advertise specials, and all post pictures and/or videos to show their products. Old Navy even has specials that you would only know about via Facebook. I currently like all 5 of these businesses, and use three of them. In the future I would possibly use the other two, and would definitely refer clients to all of them. I feel Facebook is a great advertising tool for any company to utilize.

Toodledo Review

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When I first decided on Toodledo it seemed like it would not be that great but, it’s actually really neat! I like Toodledo because it goes everywhere you do, and is very user friendly. I really like that you can share your to-do list and collaborate them with others. I like that you can add notes to each of your tasks, and there is also somewhere to store notes that may have no importance to your tasks. To me, the coolest thing I found about Toodledo is that you can print a foldable booklet of your to-do list. I definately reccomend Toodledo to anyone who would like to become more organized.


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Hey all. Check out this site! It’s a really cool website I found.

Toodledo is an awesome,organizable to-do list. It has alarms, with customizable sounds that you can set so that all your tasks will be completed on time. Toodledo also goes anywhere you go, you may use their mobile app, use Toodledo thru your e-mail, your calendar, or your web browser. Want to sync your schedule with your friends? No problem, Toodledo allows you to do just that. The best part of all is if you have already invested your time and maybe your money into another to do list that isn’t working for you, you can import your current tasks from several sources. Basic Toodledoo is absolutely free but if you see that you want more, just refer some friends, and a Pro Subscription is free!

My Twitter address is…

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Informative social media tweet

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500 million twitter users? informative post by Regina Buckley

You Tube link

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You Tube Video

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My You Tube video is called Pre-K shirt. I made a shirt for my daughters class pictures next week. It is currently processing. I will try my best to have a link before class this afternoon.

Birthday podcasting

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Here is a quick birthday candle podcast. Bare with me as I am in the beginning stages.

Trial post

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I am a student at Pellissippi State This is my daughter Skylynne at the Wilderness. She loved it!

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