Are Apps Taking Over the World?

Posted on April 22nd, 2013 in Thoughts by Casey Young

A guest speaker came to speak to my BUSN 2510  (Trends in Technology) class on 4/18/13. He showed us some new trends in technology. Windows 8 is the new UI Microsoft has out, and it is app based with the option to use the original desktop setup. I personally love it and can’t wait to switch over from Windows 7. I love the ease and convenience of the apps on my Android phone, and think it’s genius to be moving computer UI’s in the same direction. We saw a few new programs that Google has out, like Glass, and Now. I think Google is quickly taking over the world of technology, and seriously has the upper hand on latest and greatest technology today. Some of the technology Google has in place and in the works is a little scary, because it knows so much about you, but at the same time it is time‑saving and really cool.  Google has the concept of devices knowing exactly what you want before you know down to a science, and it is really interesting. The Trends in Technology class that I am in has taught me that as scared as I am with sharing my life with a mobile device, I will have to get over it, because that is our future and none of us can stop it. Our mobile devises are able to make decisions for us and recommend future choices. Are you ready to share your life with the apps?

windows 8

Put the Top Down on a Convertible Notebook

Posted on April 12th, 2013 in Thoughts by Casey Young

Convertible notebooks have been around for years, but have you ever seen anyone with one? They haven’t been as popular in the past as normal laptops, but they are becoming very popular now that Windows 8 is here. The first thing I think about when I see Windows 8 is that I want a tablet computer but don’t want to lose the keyboard. Well this is the answer if you too have a steep wish-list. After doing a bit of online research, I think I like the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist. Which one is your favorite?

Windows 8 – Love It or Loath It?

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Windows 8 certainly has its haters and its fans, but the haters are always louder. People don’t seem to like so much change in one version upgrade. I don’t think Microsoft waited for the App button icons phase to fully be accepted before they tried to cash in on the technology. Most people are just getting accustomed to the smart phone’s use of these icons, and now they are being thrust into using them for their computer usage also. People don’t like when you take their easy familiarities all at once. From most of the articles I have read, the commoners like me hate Windows 8, and the tech savvy crowd that has to have every new gadget as soon as it comes out love it. I think if you find some how-to videos on the new UI it will make the switch easier. I wish I could afford the switch but alas I can’t find the need to upgrade a 10 month old laptop with a new OS. Maybe the next version will be enticing enough for me to spend the money on an upgrade. What is your opinion of Windows 8?

Mary N. Presentation

Posted on April 9th, 2013 in Thoughts by Casey Young  Tagged

Mary N. hosted a Google Hangout video presentation on how social media can be used effectively in business.

Mary showed us how we can use social media sites like: Trip Advisor, Yelp, Foursquare, , Facebook, and Google+, in everyday business. She explained how in customer service applications, we must apologize for mistakes, by taking action early. We need to tell how we are changing in reviews because those reviews are important. More reviews see 26% more engagement. Increasing photos on our Website can increase engagement, and updating our site regularly is important. Facebook can help businesses. They offer promotion deals so more of your ads are being seen. Facebook is offering new features like recommendations and graphs to help businesses connect with customers easier. Yelp provides free business accounts to help drum up new customers. Foursquare helps businesses offer deals to customers that “check-in” at their business. This gamification entices customers to enter your business creating more sales.

Before Mary’s presentation I really didn’t think businesses needed social media, but now I see the huge benefit they serve.

Nicolas Carr

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Nicolas Carr wrote the book, The Shallows- What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. The book was based on his own personal experiences. Carr wrote about how our brains have adapted to the change in the way we focus on tasks since the popularity of the Internet. Before the Internet, people were more able to concentrate on only one task at a time. The example he used was reading a book. Back before almost all of us was consumed by the Internet and all it’s addicting features, we were able to sit and read a book for hours without doing to much else. Now because we have been so consumed by the Internet and all it has to offer, we can’t read long without thinking about something on our computer like our email or social media.
Our brains can only do so many things at one time. Our brains are trainable though. The more we try and juggle many tasks at once, the more our brains adjust and learn the most efficient way to do so. Once you continue on this multitasking way of life, your brain can’t remember how to function any other way. Your brain doesn’t want to function any other way. When you try and ask your brain to be more simple and concentrate on just one thing it craves more information, and in turn makes you uncomfortable, and even irritable. It doesn’t want you to unplug; it wants more input.
As a child I had way more technology in my home than most others. My mother was a Senior Systems Analyst for NYU Medical Center. In other words she was a computer nerd, so I had a computer in my house before the Internet first became available to individuals. I was playing maze puzzle games in black and white and printing on the paper that had holes in the sides. My mother still kicked me outside though. My point is that most kids my age didn’t have personal computers until they were almost adults. We grew up playing outside, and I can most certainly tell the difference between me and kids now. They can’t amuse themselves. They need everything done for them, and have a hard time problem solving. As an adult I have slacked some too. I love the technology and spoiled my daughter. I do however make myself and my family get off the computers and put the phones on silent. We enjoy crafts and gardening. I don’t have a problem staying unplugged or reading, but I do see the problem in today’s youth getting worse with no end in sight

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Posted on November 18th, 2012 in Thoughts by Casey Young

Do you have a Twitter account? If so, do you find it hard to say what you want to say in only 140 characters? Most people who gave Twitter a bad rating do. I do. I only use Twitter to talk to one friend and one sister-in-law, both of which have abandoned Facebook. I don’t otherwise think it has any value to me. When searching for how others feel about Twitter, I found that they too, think Twitter is a fad that will fade away into the sunset in the near future. Young people don’t seem to use it as much as adults, say, over 25 years old. People seem to agree, that if you aren’t interested in the latest gossip in as few legible words as possible, Twitter is a waste of time. I have found that if I want to share a complete thought I tend to shorten words like you to “u”, and before to “B4”, and these shortened versions seem to make my thoughts seem less intelligent.

There is also the problem of adding photos. Facebook and blogs and many other sites allow you to add photos to their servers. This is more convenient. Twitter doesn’t offer this. You must use an outside site to hold and share your pictures, and link them to your Tweets.

I have decided that in my opinion, Twitter is only as useful as the individual user makes it. Twitter helps me stay in contact with two people. For others, they may make tens of thousands of tweets, and find each one as important as the last.

Ponder this… How do you think people would react if all social media was gone tomorrow? Now that’s a good question.

How Have You Benefited From Facebook?

Posted on November 18th, 2012 in Thoughts by Casey Young

I have found lots of ways to benefit from Facebook. There are a many companies that share, advertise, and shower you with deals on Facebook. Here are a few I have found, and the ways in which they utilize Facebook:
Hobby Lobby; shares craft projects, lists weekly ads, shares pages and links to craft sites, holds contests, announces Web only sales, and announces/provides coupons for printing.
Publix; Shares recipes, announces all recalls of the items sold in their stores, announces sale items, and holds contests.
Michael’s; Shares weekly ads, announces classes, announces special sales, holds contests, shares how-to-vidoes,and shares special coupons and specials.
Scentsy; fun quizzes, hints for using aromatherapy, shares sales, presents products.
CVS; Shares weekly ads, shares recipes, presents new products, and announces sales and products.

I have liked each one of these on my Facebook page. If there are companies you frequent often, maybe you should consider looking for them on Facebook. Many companies will reward you, for liking their page and/or sharing their posts, with coupons or freebies.

Feel free to comment and share some of your stories/links of deals you have received.

Most Awesome Mid-Term Project I Have Ever Done !!!

Posted on November 7th, 2012 in Thoughts by Casey Young

For our mid-term project in Communications Media class, Sarah and I chose Microsoft’s Movie Maker. Movie Maker is a super easy and super fun way to make a slide show, or movie. You can make lots of editing changes to personalize your project, or just choose a preset theme. You can add music, sound effects, and graphic effects to make it your very own masterpiece.

Our Review:
Movie Maker is one of those programs where you can spend hours being creative. This movie/slide-show making program, makes it so very easy to create a one of a kind project. We love how many choices there are to edit your project. We are just novices with this program and we made some pretty cool videos. If you are looking for a fun way to share your pictures or videos, this program would be a fun easy way to do it. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We would love to see some of your projects.

This is Interesting, What Do You Think???

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One of my classmates tweeted a link about how the internet is believed to be dangerous for our children. I completely agree that it is. Children have no business being on the internet. That’s what libraries are for. There are too many dangers for children to find on the internet. I don’t care how many settings you change, you can’t keep the internet safe.

Who Likes You Tube?

Posted on October 9th, 2012 in Thoughts by Casey Young  Tagged

I never thought the day would come, but it has. I have a how-to video on You Tube. If you would like to make a Jack-O-Lantern candle holder for under ten dollars, I can show you how. Just watch my video here.
Happy Halloween!

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