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February 28, 2011

(exaspirated sigh) Politicians

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     Can someone tell me what the elected officials of Wisconsin think they are doing by avoiding their responsabilities? Is this the message that they want to send to our nations voters, not to mention our children? I have seen some questionable things from politicians down through the years, but this is the poorest example I have ever seen anyone set. All those men and women should go back to grade school–at least there they will fit in with the childish games they play.

     On a lighter note, yet nonetheless disturbing, is the fact that it is tax time. My parents just paid the taxes on their place in Roane County; it is very interesting that since the “fly ash spill” in December of ’09, all anyone heard was how the property values were shot. If one owned land in Roane County, just give it up! Property values were done here! But when they appraised taxes this year, values rose on average of thirty-three percent. I guess the fat cats bought up all they wanted when it was worthless last year, unless anyone can offer a better explanation?

Goodbye, and God Bless

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November 22, 2010

Airport Security?

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George Carlin once said, “[a]irport security is only there to make white people feel safe.” Well, not anymore! Using new technology and gestapo tactics, TSA is insuring our safety. But at what cost, I wonder. Already many of our personal freedoms have been placed on the chopping block in the name of national security. Now, in order to board a plane, we must be subjected to radiation for a full body X-ray or undergo questionable pat-downs. Let’s face it, somebody somewhere is getting their jollies patting another person down. I’m sure that has happened for years, but now the perverts get free license to violate passengers. And explain to me how frisking an 85 year old grandmother is in the interest of national security. I realize that the United States has a lot of airports; my suggestion is to pick two on the eastern seaboard, and allow only those two to receive flights from the middle east. Call it profiling if you want, but I don’t think so. I think it just makes good sense. These are the people who are responsible for the terrorist attacks not only here, but abroad as well. Shouldn’t the focus be on them? We have to stop being afraid to call it like it is for fear of offending someone. I don’t want to trample on any one’s rights, but we have a responsibility to protect our borders from foreign attack, and radiating passengers is not the way to do it.

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November 19, 2010

No more “Sunshine”

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South Korea is dissappointed with the “Sunshine Policy” that has been used for the last ten years concerning involvment with North Korea. Seoul issued it’s annual white paper report, which indicated the policy has been a complete failure. After costing South Korea $4.5 billion dollars over the last decade, the policy has done nothing to alter North Korea’s feelings toward their southern neighbors, nor has it helped to quell the norths nuclear aspirations.

The Sunshine Policy was based on one of Aesops Fables. It tells how a warm sun can force a man to divest his coat when a strong wind fails at the task. The idea was to be warm to North Korea in the hopes the northern state would remove their “hat and coat,” and become more comfortable and relaxed with their southern counterparts. After a decade, it appears thinking warm thoughts was not enough; perhaps it is time for a new stratagy.

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November 8, 2010

Journalistic Ethics

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I just want to say a few words about ethics in journalism. When you read a story or see a piece on the evening news, remember that the reporter telling the story has an obligation. They have an obligation to the people reading or watching the story, to the people the story is about, and to their journalistic peers. A reporter should always go after a story with enthusiasum and courage while never forgetting that these stories are about fellow human beings. And, above all else, the reporter should relate the story only through facts that have been confirmed, without any personal bias involved. This rarely happens, but when it does, the consequences are disastrous. So, the next time you are watching a news show or reading the paper, remember that the person who wrote it, or delivers it, owes you the truth. Stop and think about what you see and hear, and hold the reporter accountable. Make up your own mind, and don’t be swayed by bias.

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November 1, 2010

Saudi National believed linked to mail bombs.

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According to United States officials, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, a Saudi national and one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted men, is thought to be involved in a plot to send packages containing highly explosive materials to two different synagogues in Chicago, Illinois. The packages were discovered on Friday by officials from the United Arab Emerites and Great Britain. United States investigators believe the 28 year old al-Asiri is involved somehow with the packages, which contained an organic explosive similar to nitroglycerin. Investigators also believe al-Asiri was involved in the December 2009 plot involving a Nigerian man who attempted to explode a bomb he had hidden in his underwear.

Shortly after the death of al-Asiri’s brother, Abdullah, in a failed assanation attempt on the Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Naif in 2009, Watan newspapers interveiwed al-Asiri’s mother and sisters. According to their reports, the boys were normal, well-adjusted children. The turning point, perhaps, was the death of their brother, Ali al-Asiri, in an automobile accident in 2000. The boy’s father described them as having a pious family growing up in the Al-Jazira district of Riyadh. In 2008 the family was preparing to return to Riyadh from Makkah, where they had been living, but the boys wanted to visit Medina first. Shortly after that, Abdullah sent word that they were out of the country, but did not specify where. The family had heard nothing more until a few months ago, when the boys were on the news.

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October 25, 2010

Mid-Term Election is getting close……

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November second is almost upon us, and the political races are really getting hot. The Democratic Party, with nothing positive to run on, is too busy throwing mud to address the issues. Likewise, the Republican Party is too busy dodging said mud to focus on their campaign. Regardless how the election turns out, it is sure to be historic. Aside from being one of the most degrading campaigns ever, the Democrats may possibly lose the most seats in one election in the last 75 years.

 The Democrats ran on a change platform in 2008, and that was a good idea; too long have we needed some change in America. However, the change that has occured is not the change most Americans had in mind, as evidenced by the majority of polls in the news today. Our citizens are outraged at the choices made by our leaders, and, as history shows us, outrage leads to change. Let us all be vigilent, and make sure the correct changes happen, by voicing our opinions and casting our vote in the mid-term election. Never forget that true change comes from within, both ourselves and our government. Don’t vote for the Republican, the Democrat, or the Independant; instead, vote for the person who you think would do the best job, for everyone. Until we get those people inside the government, things will remain the same. Peace.

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October 20, 2010

Cyberworld Sorrow

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A disturbing segment on the O’Reilly Factor last night brought a tear to my eye. Names and even locations escape me at the moment, but the story stays on my heart. A seven year old girl, terminally ill, and her grandmother are at the center of the issue, with the antagonist being one of the neighbors in their community. It seems the neighbor, a very childish and spiteful woman, has issues with the grandmother. Because of these issues, she has posted on her Facebook some things the Third Reich would have been proud of. This “lady” not only mocks the imminentdeath of the seven year old granddaughter, but the recent passing of the brave young girls mother. Her reason for this, as given to a reporter who interviewed her, was that it was for personal satisfaction. How sad that we see people behaving in this way in this day and age. Our attitudes toward ourselves and others must change.

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September 30, 2010

Soccer Mom is…….John Dillenger?

Filed under: Thoughts — Dale Clark @ 1:42 pm

Erica Anderson, a 37 year old mother of two from Grants Pass, Oregon, has discovered a way to make a little extra money; she just adds a small bank robbery to the daily list of chores. The mindset of people today is they don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

On the way to pick up her kids from school on September 20, Anderson and her accomplice, 19 year old Joshua K. Deeter Tseu, stopped off at a local bank for an unauthorized withdrawal. She handed the teller a note demanding money and at least 15 minutes before summoning authorities or, “two kids would not make it home from school.” After absconding with about $1,300 in cash, the two drove away, leaving police to fear that perhaps two random children had been targeted. Authorities were unaware that Anderson’s note referred to her own two children. After witnesses provided police with descriptions of Anderson and the car, the two were picked up in Anderson’s driveway and are now being held on 50,000 dollar bail each.

An interesting story that raises eyebrows and, even though it shouldn’t, evokes a few laughs. I cannot possibly imagine what was going on in the minds of these two individuals. They certainly did not consider the end result, and have set a poor example for the two children involved. Whatever Erica Anderson was thinking, it was the wrong idea, and now she will have to answer for those actions. Her young chauffeur will have this follow him for the rest of his life. I would like to think they had a reason that did not involve drugs or a sex scandal, but who knows? In the end, we must all be careful of our actions for this is how people see us. Right now, I see Erica Anderson as pretty dog-gone dumb.

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September 20, 2010

Lindsey Lohan

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Lindsey Lohan has failed a drug test weeks after being released from court ordered rehab. It has been said that she was using drugs as soon as she was finished with rehab, being released a bit early it would seem. A notorious celebrity drug user, she has previously failed to pass random drug tests in the past. After being jailed on similar charges, she was released early to begin treatment in a rehabilitation center, hopefully to cure her addictions. It would seem that rehab was not very effective in dealing with Ms. Lohans addiction in the short amount of time she was there. Perhaps a longer stay with the caring people at the treatment center is warranted.

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September 13, 2010

Good Morning!

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Today is a beautiful new day! It has never been lived before! It can be your masterpiece if you so will it…..good luck, and have a great day!

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