Final Blog

The most interesting thing to me by far in this class were the robots we worked with. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering just what goes into even the simplest robots. It was really interesting learning what it takes to build and program a robot. I also thought it was really interesting to see all the advancements in robotics that are being used today. Technology advances at such a rapid pace I cant imagine what is to come in the future.

I would have liked to get more into virtual reality mostly because I enjoy video games but I think it is such a broad field. There is so much potential for the future of virtual reality and how it can help people and businesses learn and thrive more. Mr. Walters showed some of these potentials that he is currently working on for hospital training on MRI machines. This to me was perhaps the best example of how doing tasks in the virtual world can allow us to see the mistakes before we make them and I feel can really create a better training environment. People mostly learn by hands on and this is a way to facilitate that without risk to a human being.

As far as my career goes this class has allowed me to see all the different paths I can take if I desire but has certainly solidified my path in technology and computing. I know this is what I want to do with my life it is something I have always been interested in ever since I first used a computer as a child. I enjoy opening a computer and seeing just how all the components work and come together and how I can build something with my own hands that can do so much. I really am also interested in networking which is my primary focus with my major. I want to learn more about networking and learn to troubleshoot and fix them as well as better understand how the internet works and how to improve networks.

This class has been challenging at times with subject matter like programming, not my forte`. However it has always remained engaging and fun. This due to the fact that everyone in this class seems to really know what they are doing and for others who may not they all seem to want to learn more. I have learned a lot and am excited to learn more throughout the rest of my college career.


Virtual Reality

Mr. Walters presentation about second life and its uses in real life was pretty interesting. It is always cool to see virtual reality and video games used for practical and educational purposes. It was very overwhelming just how much you can make and do and how many people can be involved. The most daunting thing about it was when he revealed just how big the space was. The only withdrawal I see is that it is so expensive to rent space and build stuff. However, if you love to do that sort of thing or can incorporate it into business or education in a beneficial way, then I can see how it is worth it. I personally love online gaming, although different from second life, online games that i play are fun because they involve real people. It is so amazing how far video games and virtual reality has come and I am very excited about the future.


My experience working with robots was really interesting. I enjoyed the different types of robots we got to work with and seeing how the code translates to action. It was cool to be able to input instructions and watch the robot act on them and follow them. Seeing the potential of robots and programming made me realize just how much is possible and how it is important to technological advancement. My favorite was the mindstorm robots. The finch bots were neat, but the ability to build from scratch your own lego creation and bring it to life was cool to say the least. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations and demoing our own. It shows every groups different direction and how we can all work together to create interesting things. The kid in me just wanted to dive into those legos and create something really cool, and i think we achieved that. I enjoyed working together and learning as well as troubleshooting to come up with solutions. Overall i think the robot lab allowed people to work together with their hands and brains and come up with their own creations. I may never delve into programming but it definitely helped shine a new light on the subject.

Security Blog

Not too long ago my wife’s laptop was stricken with malware. She was using her laptop one night and suddenly there was a pop-up that said there was malicious software on her computer that needed to be removed. The program looked exactly like a windows security program and it had a progress bar that was showing that it was installing the ‘security’ software. I knew instantly this was not right and sure enough as I was trying to close it everything that was open began closing. This was my first real encounter with serious malware. When I tried to open other programs they would instantly close. My first reaction was to use Malwarebytes, which is my first choice for combating malware. However, I realized I had not yet installed this on her computer. I could not open any executable files or programs at all and I was stumped at what to do. Until I realized I could try to boot in safe mode, since safe mode allows you to use your computer’s most basic drivers. I figured this might work to help me download malwarebytes and this only being possible on windows 7. Because windows 7 allows you to run safe mode with networking you can access the web and get around the malicious software to eliminate a ruthless virus. I downloaded the software from and ran the full scan. Before I knew it all the malware was quarantined and ready to be removed. Once removed her computer was perfectly healthy. Although thanks to our home network connection I soon faced the same problem on my computer, luckily I already had Malwarebytes

Database Blog

The database blog assignment allowed me to further understand the benefits of a good database. The assignment being about criminals helped illustrate to me, a very important application for a database. A database can be used for everything from storing information about your business to info about convicted criminals, as was such in the assignment. I thought it was interesting to be able to record all sorts of useful information about someone who has committed a crime and use this info in the future if this person or persons becomes involved in more criminal activity. It can greatly benefit those in law enforcement for tracking down repeat offenders in a quick and efficient manner. Being able to see past crimes and accomplices as well as the vehicle, state, and features about these people really help to pinpoint those who may be involved in more crimes in a given area. It is very practical to be able to create queries to quickly bring up data on whatever is in your database. To be able to filter things and narrow down items that may be missing or need replenishing as well as people who you need to know certain information about, whatever it may be. A good database can be a very useful and practical tool for any business.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a known to be a very innovative man. He was always trying to think ahead and simplify things for the user. These were the ideas that carried him into success and turned Apple into the mega company it is today. Things like iPod, Mac and iPhone have become household names. Anyone from the last decade or two knows what these words mean. The device that i feel that really kicked it off for Apple was the iPod. Before this there were Macs and there were Apple users, but it wasn’t until the iPod was introduced that Apple really became the staple for electronic devices. Personally i have never been an Apple user, but i can appreciate the simplicity and aesthetics that Apple devices are known for. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone which was the first phone that could display full web pages and utilize the web like no other device had before.  Once again Apple was responsible for the beginning of the smartphone era. Almost over night other companies scrambled to try and come up with there own devices to compete. Apple’s iPhone was untouchable for years until the Android devices were announced and were able to compete with Apple. Later Microsoft re-tooled there phone OS and created Windows Phone 7. Today we have many companies always trying to out do Apple while Apple tries to out do itself. As i said before I am not an Apple user per-se,  but I do respect what Steve Jobs has done and the success Apple is known for.

ASL effectiveness

Although i am not 100% clear on everything about the program, i feel it is a nice tool for learning what a processor goes through. I like to see the cycles visually to understand how it works. I am more of a visual learner to begin with. Also it is interesting to watch your commands put into action and to see how the computer translates everything to binary for its own understanding. It is facinating to see and understand how fast a computer can process everything and just what it takes. Hopefully i will start to get the hang of these commands and computer languages.

Catastrophic Events II

With technology today we have a sort of double edged sword. On one hand it can be used to really keep information safe and on the other hand with technological advances it has become easier for hackers to obtain information. That being said, not all hackers are bad and even some are hired by our government to help protect systems and data. Many corporations invest in advanced technology for security such as fingerprint scanners, voice recognition and so on. It is very interesting to see new developments in technology that is implemented today that would have been considered science fiction yesterday. With the way technology is i would say that soon there will be devices that even the best sci-fi writers couldn’t even come up with.

Catastrophic Events

Benjamin Franklin once said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.I strongly agree with Benjamin Franklin. Anytime in history that government says it will protect you they always take something from you. Since 9/11 this country has allowed our government to trample continuously on our rights. With such legislation as the patriot act, which is a pervasive invasion of civil liberties and privacy, to the TSA pat downs that are once again a serious invasion of privacy and a crime against our people. There is no consent and all of these are under the guise of security and freedom. We must be responsible for ourselves and not be so dependent on government. Despite what anyone believes about how the 9/11 attacks were carried out, I feel it would be hard for anyone not to argue that our government has taken advantage of Americans because of this tragic event.



I hope to further my knowledge of computers during the course of this semester.