My Final Blog entry for the Spring semister of 2012…

I am very glad that I was able to take the course that Dr. Brown is teaching .  It has been very informative and fun to do with the different lab projects that we were able to play with. I believe I had the most fun with the lego robots with building it and then making up a program to make them do things with a set criteria.   I know this is just an introduction class to computer science but with all the information that Dr. Brown made available to us , it kept us very informed on a number of different subjects.  I learned a lot in the particular course.

Virtual Reality … aka VR…

I have always been intrigued by virtual reality and the possibilities that it has to enhance our lives in day to day living , medicine, or even just gaming in general .  VR is a subject that many people are scared about but also many people are coming to realize that it can be a very useful tool in the business world as well.  With people having their own avatars it can be a place of meeting for people all over the world and that would save business a whole lot of expenses just dedicated to travel for meetings and such.  With VR just getting started the world of possibilities for virtual reality is limitless and who knows what the future would bring once it is fully developed and immersed  into our daily lives .

Artificial Intelligence…aka Data from Star Trek

I have always wondered when something like Data would be real .  It never ceases to amaze me how close we actually are to having a real Data being built.  In time I hope they use the technology to help with different human issues that can only be fixed or even attempted by such a powerful computer brain as one would need to be able to make such a being.  It is also scary if that kind of technology would get into the wrong hands but that is just the inherit nature of the way the human emotion gambit runs.

Security and all those pesky anti malaware viruses …

When we covered the security subject in class, it is very interesting to see just who and what is out there just trying to do malicious things to your everyday users just because either said user is bored or just because they can.  With security you can never know to much about the subject.  It brings a piece of mind to know that you are doing the best you can to protect yourself and what files you have and hold dear to said being.

I have always been interested in security and plan on broadening my horizons on the subject more in the future.  You can never stop learning about new threats or ways to combat said threats to keep your own person pc safe.

Learning how to program a Lego Robot…

This week in class we had to build and learn how to program a NXT Lego robot.  The program itself was very similar to the Scratch program that we had used the week before when making up programs for it.

There was a tutorial on how to do a shooter robot and also one on how to program it to make it sense the different color balls that was in the launcher mechanism that it had.  It was very interesting to see how all the different parts came together and how they all worked with each other once the program itself was constructed.

My Scratch Program Experience…

Scratch is a very interesting program to make different types of projects with.  I choose to modify someone else’s project into what I thought would be a good remix of said project that he created.  Overall the experience was enjoyable and I would probably create more programs when I have the spare time just to mess around with the program.


Here is a link to my submitted project :

HTML part deux …

Writing in HTML was a very good learning experience for me.  I knew some of the basic stuff from the tags like what embedded pictures looked like from having to edit web pages and links from when I did a stint as a moderator on a car board website.  Overall the project was very fun to do and didn’t seem to difficult to pick up and complete in a timely fashion.  I know you could do endless revisions on the page and keep changing it but in reality it is an extension of your personality.  I am glad I got the opportunity to make a webpage, it shows how much technology has progressed over the years , even though it is just a simple third generation programming language.

The beginnings of learning how to code a web page in HTML…

This week we are learning on how to code a web page that we have to design and input it into HTML code.  Once we figure out the layout of how it looks then next week is when I get to upload it to the pellissippi server and actually have my very own webpage that i created. I am messed around some with HTML before and know some of the different hash marks and tag lines but I have never actually written a page completely before from scratch.  This is going to be a learning experience for sure.

Assembly Language Machine Simulator …

Found a site that explains more in depth of what the assembly machine does and lots of the lines of the code and expalins the different aspects of each of the line of code means.

Here :

In class he had us do a total of four programs , the first was just a plain output program , second one was just like a addition program like a basic type calculator , third was another calculator device type program and the fourth one counted down from 5 4 3 2 1 in descending order .

Its shows how the basic language of coding once was before the different generations of languages were developed .  Also shows how the basic binary is addressed to the individual ram slots of the cpu.

Over all a very interesting look into how the basic structure of coding is and how the newer languages were developed from the basics that were provided for the foundation of coding .

My dream computer / affordable computer gaming build…

I am going to choose to use mostly corsair parts for this build just because of the reliability that they have and also most of them have 3 year life time warranties on them or even some of them have 5 years or longer for a warranty.


The Case :

Carbide Series 500R – in White , color is preference , i just like it because of the clean looks.  Also it has top of case usb ports and mic outputs on it, 2 usb 3.0 ports and 2 usb 2.0 outputs on the top part of the case for easy of access.  For a price of : 139.00

The Power Supply : many over look this essential part of the computer and dont realize how important it is to have a good power supply that can handle the demands of today’s graphics cards and motherboards.  To me for a gaming machine you really need a 1000 watt supply , especially if you are going to over clock the ram to really bring out the performance capabilities of the motherboard and ram . For a cost of 239.00

Professional Series™ HX1050 — 80 PLUS® Silver Certified Modular Power Supply

The Ram : essentially the brains of the computer and how fast it can access programs and applications and also process the amount of information that is needing to be displayed .  Typically you want to max out the ram if your budget allows for it but it is a very good investment so that you would not have to worry about upgrading with in the next few years. Price is 149.00 per stick of ram .  Two of these should be fine for any of your gaming needs for the next few years.  In my opinion 16 gbs is plenty

Vengence 8 GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM 1866 MHz, latency is 9-10-9-27 , and power consumption is only 1.5 v ‘s


The Mother board :  The heart and soul of a computer.  To me the motherboard is all about how it is able to access the ram and also use the ram to its most beneficial performance.  Having lots of cache on the board allows for the chips to be more efficient in the day to day operations of the desktop .  For the price of 499.99 , you really can not beat the value for money that you are getting with this particular board, yes it may seem like a lot on the front side but the warranty is there and you know that you will not have to worry about upgrading  in the near future.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard

The Processor :  the brains of the out fit.  In today’s world the i7 is really where it is at with the computing power and speed of what it can do , not much else to be said about it, it speaks for itself for what amazing things that it can achieve .  You just have to remember which socket your motherboard is and choose accordingly on the processor itself :

Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Sandy Bridge-E 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 2011 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor BX80619i73960X

The price , well for a grand total of 1049 , this is by far the most expense you will be incuring on the build but for what it can do and the functionality of the support that it has , it is definitively worth the investment.

Graphics cards :

Graphics card are so subjective that it really is personal choice as to what you want to run in a computer.  Also it depends on what kind of display set up that you are wanting to use, wether its just a normal 27″ monitor on a desktop piece of furniture or three 70″ LED tv’s hooked up in SLI function from the cards themselves.  For the money I would choose :

EVGA 02G-P3-1568-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

Price for them is 249.00 per card and yes this is the part where you might cringe because of the intial cost to get into an SLI setup like this but in the grand scheme of things it is well worth the expense of it.

Cable Management : cable management is important , especially the quality of the cables that you decide to use for the build.  For durability and appearance , braided cables last the longest and are the most durable choice for your build .

Here is a good site for purchasing different cable management needs for your particular build :