If you’re wondering what the title up above means, it is a Greek term which means it is finished, i know; It felt appropriate. After looking back onto the first week, it is clear to me that I was very unsure on which path i was wanting to head down. We have covered everything imaginable in this class, and if by now some people still don’t think that anything was interesting, may need to think about another field. This course blew my mind with all of the fields it went into. Thinking back from the first week up until now has been a rewarding experience in helping me choose the path i want to go down. Sure, we started off with the basics of binary, but ended up in virtual worlds!

Going into specifics now, hardware. Before this class and my A+ hardware class (In which i was taking both in the same semester), I had always wanted to build my own computer, to be able to sit down and play my favorite MMO and say, i built this. Well, this class made that happen. With some help from Dr.Brown, I was able to find some helpful sites to find parts for my modern day Frankenstein creation. Not to mention I am finally able to tell someone the specs if they ask for it haha.

After hardware, i would have to say, although i am not sure when i will be using this, html was awesome. I had always been curious about how web pages are created, but never curious enough to google it i suppose. Programming is my desired field of interest, however, i can honestly say that back in the days of punch cards, i would probably be uninterested. Dr.Brown’s story of dropping his punch cards still makes me cringe at the thought of losing all of that data. The last really big topic for me in this class is virtual reality. As a kid i have always dreamed about putting on a headset and going into my game and just kicking ass. Alas, we are not there yet, but i can feel it just around the corner, and I am very excited. Virtual worlds for me have always been a great way to escape the real world for a bit and just relax, Hurling around large axes just feels right when you’re pissed off irl.

So, thus far i have just talked about the fields that interested me. Out of the above, my interested has been swayed to coding for video games. All in all i would have to say that this class probably helped me more than i can even realize right now. It has definitely been the most fun out of all my classes, and i hope i use that knowledge for the forces of good.

I wish anyone reading this the best of luck and fortune in your future, or as in my favorite MMO, “May your kills be swift and satisfying.”


Virtual Worlds.

Pretty much anyone that is interested in computers have played video games before. That being said i am a HUGE fan of MMORPG’s, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. I have played a vast amount of virutal reality games and still look for new and exciting experiences in-game. Ever since 2009, I have been a huge fam of the well-known WoW, or World of Warcraft. Howver, there has been a new monster that has been unleashed that is setting the bar for future MMO’s. This new game is called Tera-online. I have tested Beta for it, and it’s oficial launch date is 05-01-2012. I believe that virtual worlds create amazing experieces for anyone thinking about wanting to start playing. For me, it is a great stress and anger relief. I mean what’s better than when your mad at the word than to go into a virtual world and bashing the hell out of everything in sight with an axe the size of a smal child? It is also great for the educational purposes. The economy in an MMO teaches you how an econmy works, and sometimes how it doesn’t work. It teaches you about supply and demand, and even gives the user the idea that anything is ossible with enough perseverance. I will try to post an image of my Zerker in a few.


This week has been a fun, yet confusing week. Probably one of the more interesting fields in techonology, but it’s challenging. I guess if one thinks about it one could say that they work similar to programs, but i guess it’s different working with a physical thing rather than a thought. It’s been really fun though. I have actually thought about purchasing my own programmable robot for just something else to do lol.


Hacking is a very known thing in my generation, and even moreso now than ever. From keyloggers, to phishing for info, security is becoming extremely important for anyone working with computers. hacking and modding has become a well known ability among this day and age, and that knowledge is accelerating at even greater speeds every day. I think security is somewhat important, however, i’m no exception to hacking and modding.


Programming has to be another one of the big interests I have in computer technology. I have programmed in java and c++ and i find it fun in both languages. It’s pretty cool the stuff that you can spill out of your brain and create from a few (or many) different commands. I haven’t ever programmed in scratch before, and it is proving to be an interesting challenge. Maybe i need to make something more simple eh? Either way, the things that one can do with programming are almost endless, if one can find an algorith for it, then it is possible.


Html was incredibly interesting. I was actually surprised at how easy it was. Even though we have learned the “long” way it was still amazing at the things you can create with simple commands. Seeing as how i have programmed in java and an amateur in c++, html was an incredible relief to learn that html commands were much simpler and easier to manage. Looking forward to using this more in the future with more advanced commands.

Week 4 Software.

Hardware and software are just completely dependent on one another, operating systems are definitely a marvel. The true soul of the computer. I have to admit I didn’t find this section as interesting only because of its complexity. Its fascinating how the operating system works; the complexity is almost annoying lol well thats what I thought about software, until next time

Week 3 Hardware!

So…hardware, all of that mess inside that shiny box that makes everything go…yup. Anyways, I have learned a lot over the course of this semester, a lot more than i did. It may be unfair that i am taking a hardware class as well, but i look at it as more of an extra practice kind of thing. Anyways, I though that the whole hardware concept would be fairly simple but i guess i was wrong to some degree. It has been fascinating to learn so much but after a few weeks i think i have finally grasped the whole “hardware” concept. So first off, the computer cannot function without hardware, but it also needs software to function. The motherboard, power supply, and the case must all accommodate the same format and from there it’s all just making sure they are all compatible with each other as far as hook-ups and support. Everything sort of works together to bring everything all in one big compatible, and hopefully functional machine. Looking forward to building my own soon =p

Week 2, Binary.

I caught on rather well to the whole binary concept, but not without some self-research. For some reason, I didn’t understand the concept and the relation to base ten. However, it all changed when the light bulb finally came on. Suddenly it all made sense, thank god it made sense, lol. I found the experience with binary something that wasn’t going to be a one time thing. If only i knew how right i was about to be proved. Not even the next day, but the next class that i attended started talking about binary code and saying that we need to understand this if we are going to talk to the machines. Well thankfully i had already endured the pains of confusion with these tricky numbers so this class was easy. Binary is so much like math and it isn’t. I could decipher these for hours without getting bored, mainly because each individual section of binary is like a puzzle, and i like puzzles. I guess the fact that i had always wanted to know about binary is why i took such a short-longed interest in them. However, binary is still everywhere.

Blogging numero uno.

So…..this is the first blog that i have created. For purposes unknown i have decided to start this today. I have great expectations for this class and feel that this class will be a great step towards my degree. I have familiarized myself with a wide variety of both hardware and software and looking forward to this semester. I hope to gain much knowledge from this course and possibly get an idea on exactly what field i want to specialize in. As of now i am double-majoring into both hardware and software, but have no idea exactly what i want to do with them. For anyone that decides to read this post, I am not really sure what I am doing and only trying to familiarize myself with the art of blogging. This being said, if you are expecting an ending so epic that it makes your head explode, then i regret to inform you that this is the end. 🙁 Until next time.