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“Is Myspace about to return victorious?” this is what Andrew Martin titled his short article in http://socialmediatoday.com. Immediately after reading the article and viewing the linked video of Myspace new look, I decide to open an account. Myspace made it very simple, with only my basic information and e-mail I was able to create the account in less than 60 seconds. It also took me through a set of steps like you typically see in Facebook, and it also let me synchronize with Facebook. As for the profile, it seems to have some of the same stuff it used to have before, like choosing your mood and its status section. It put a smile in my face when I saw the smiley face, it made me remember old times. What put me down though is that it only has options to add your contacts by Gmail, and Yahoo. I really do not appreciate this because all my contacts are Hotmail. Though, there is the option to look up people that are already connected to Myspace, but this might not be enough to keep people connected. A plus is that it differs in its format, and it does not have all the junk as before. It made it very easy to edit every section of the profile; this is something necessary if it wants to compete with Facebook. However Myspace seem to be targeting mostly the entertainment industry, it even has an App that can be used in Facebook to listen to music for free. I can state that Myspace used to be a sanctuary for fans to get connected with their idols, and for a fact, we already have all of this with other social networks, yet then again Myspace might want to bring it all together.


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Hello World.! Yes this is my fist post and I am having fun with this awsome tool.

I want to learn more about social media, and I know it will benefit me very much.

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http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ is a website that guides small businesses in using social media. It supplies users with podcast and blogs. The website also has links to other social networks and provides helpful information to users, as well as events regarding social media. This website is visited by 500,000 monthly readers and is ranked one of the world top 10 business blogs.

The Website is a good tool for learning how to use social media. Most of its blogs are about tips and helpful insight on how to successfully use twitter, Facebook and other social networks, for the benefit of small business. However the website con also be used by nonprofit organizations as well as other social media users.

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