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Hipster Dots

Playing with Processing and Processing.js with my CSIT1520 Intermediate Java class. This week we looked at simulating the physics of oscillation and discovered some of the magic of polar coordinates in computer graphics. Hipster Dots consists of two spirals being plotted in opposing directions. with a constant angular velocity, but a radius that varies slightly […]

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The Nature of Code

Over the Christmas Break, I came across a fabulous textbook called “The Nature of Code.” The author (Daniel Shiffman) provides an online copy of the text, with source code and interactive examples free of charge. Check out the text here. You can get a paper copy of the text for around $30 or a full […]

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Physical Computing with the Arduino Microcontroller

Physical computing concerns computer systems that interact with the physical world. In a more limited sense, physical computing systems are cybernetic in nature, sensing and responding to the physical environment. It is through the skillful manipulation and translation of sensed inputs that physical computing systems can appear to exhibit intelligence in their physical responses. The […]

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I Built a New Computer

I built the computer that I described in my previous blog post. I now have a six-core AMD processor running at 3.2Ghz with 8GB of RAM, a 120GB solid state drive and a 2TB external hard disk. I hooked the system to a 40″ 1080p LCD display on an a full-motion articulating wall mount. The […]

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I’m Building a Computer

In the third week of my CSIT1110 “Introduction to Information Technology” class, I ask my students to try to make a workable plan for building their own computer. They end up posting blog entries containing detailed plans for cheap computers, incredibly fast gaming computers, quirky computers with case modifications and sometimes even supercomputers. This semester […]

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AL – The Assembly Language Simulator

I created a new version of an Assembly Language Simulator (using MIT’s Scratch visual programming language) for my CSIT1110 Introduction to Information Technology class. The following is an outline of how to use it. Complete details are available in the “Project Notes” at the link above.

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