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Spring 2014 CSIT1110 Student Blog Links

I am teaching a CSIT1110 “Introduction to Computer Science” this semester. My students (and I) usually have a great time with this class. Here are links to their work (and their thoughts about it): Cummings, James Ferron, Minerva Hatcher, Daniel Huling, Matthew Oglesby, Matthew Proctor, Matthew Prout, Ryan Rawl, Randolph Rifenburg, Justin Ruddick, Alex Sexton, […]

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Spring 2014 CSIT1510 Student Blog Links

I am teaching CSIT1510 “Introduction to Programming” this semester. We are starting off using the Processing environment, so my students should have some interesting/amazing projects that are accessible through the web. Check them out: Collin, Brandy Cummings, James Delgado, Brenda Gbeve, Kokou Guzman, Zachary Oakley, Cindel Owen, Justin Pepper, Dallas Williams, Melissa Williford, Candace

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Spring 2014 CSIT2230 Student Blog Links

Here are my CSIT2230 “Introduction to Internet Programming” students for Spring 2014. Their weekly blog posts have links to their work this semester: Bolce, Andrew Carter, Stephen Jones, Wesley Kendall, Nathan Maples, Rodney Myers, Jakob Paine, George Perkins, Duncan Sims, Adam Slosser, Samuel Starnes, Shaun White, Daniel

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Fall 2013 CSIT2230 Student Blog Links

I am excited to be hosting CSIT2230 – “Introduction to Internet Programming” this Fall. I have a fantastic class of students who are developing websites of their own choosing this semester. I am truly expecting great things from them and based on what I know of them, and what I have already seen, they will […]

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Fall 2013 CSIT1110 Student Blog Links

Once again my CSIT1110 – “Introduction to Information Technology” students will be posting weekly blog entries. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting semester, so check out what my students are saying: Atchley, Clay Bolton, Kelvo Collin, Brandy Delgado, Brenda Duran, Tom Grady, Travis Hickman, Eric Mitchell, Kenneth Moses, Eric Noe, Mary […]

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Summer 2013 CSIT1110 Student Blog Links

I am happy to be hosting a session of CSIT1110 this summer. Here are my student’s blog links: Avent, Robert Bowen, David Breedlove, Krista Gonzalez, Mariza Grace, Thaddeus Hardy, Brad Kubarewicz, Maggie Martin, Terence Mertya, Neelima Plaska, Jennifer Reed, Michael Rhyno, Eric Rood, Brandi Thompson, William Tookes, Milton Watts, Rachel

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The Nature of Code

Over the Christmas Break, I came across a fabulous textbook called “The Nature of Code.” The author (Daniel Shiffman) provides an online copy of the text, with source code and interactive examples free of charge. Check out the text here. You can get a paper copy of the text for around $30 or a full […]

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