Jul 05 2009

Tales from the digital frontier

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I also attended an industry conference about bringing film into the digital age. It mainly discussed the problems that the film industry is facing with piracy and how they get funded for independent films. The film industry is now facing what the music industry went through when peer-to-peer sharing sites were first introduced. Their films are being pirated onto the internet where anyone can download them for free.They are facing the problem of coming up with solutions that will stop viewers from downloading and keep them buying packaged films.Another problem they are facing is where to get money to fund their films. If nobody believes they can make money off of a movie they will not be interested in investing money into a film. I found this conference to be interesting as well and I believe that it is time for people to realize that if they keep taking and never give anything back that it will inevitably lead to the demise of entertainment industries.

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Jul 05 2009


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I attended a industry conference about digital remastering and the problems that can arise while doing so. The conference discussed all of the different things that people have encountered in the past while dealing with remastering. They discussed how when you take an image and try to make it larger most of the time it will end up looking grainy and kind of out of focus but if you make an image smaller it seems to become more clear. They also discussed how, when working with sound, soundbytes can distort and become unclear. Sometimes when you remove a sound you will be able to hear imperfections in other sound more clearly, and when you amplify sounds they can cover up other sounds that you want to hear. It was a very interesting conference and a lot of the things that were discussed can not only help you when digitally remastering but working with digital images and sounds in any format.

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Jul 05 2009

Industry Event; Documentaries

Last month, we attended one a industry event about documentaries.  It was hosted by James Mullighan, Beadie Finzi, Paul Struthers and Georgia Lo Savib.  All of them are documentary film makers or distributers and have worked on (or distributed) films like: Only When I Dance, Sounds Like Teen Spirit and End of the Line.

They gave us statistics on the United Kingdom’s cinema viewing.  34% of adults would rather go see fictional dramas/films when they go out for a movie.  Only 4% go to see documentaries in the theatre.  The other 62% are undecided or indifferent.  But if a documentary were to come on television, then at least half the UK’s adult population would tune in to watch it.  That goes to show that documentaries do better when they’re straight to television and skip the theaters all together.   

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Jul 05 2009

Industry Event; Cinematography Master Class

Last month, we attended one of the many industry events (special work shops for aspiring film makers) available to us.  It was a cinematography master class, hosted by professional cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos.  Mr Zambarloukos has worked on such films as Mama Mia! and The Other Man.  

He showed us clips of both movies as examples of how different lighting can influence the mood of a scene.  Mr Zambarloukos told us that, no matter how realistic they look, the set for certain scenes are usually computer generated because that could be the only way to get the right ‘feel’.  He also talked a bit about different camera lenses, but that was a bit difficult to follow. Being a master class, some of the subjects were over our heads but we still managed to learn a thing or two. 

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Jul 05 2009

Sreening Report for “The Calling”

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In the movie The Calling by director Jan Dunn, the audience is offered an obscure view into the very private life of nuns. Emily Beecham plays a wonderful role as Joanna, a young girl with a brain ailment which requires surgery for removal. As Joanna grows into a young woman she finds herself facing problems to which she has no answers. At the age of twenty-three, as she desperately seeks the answers to her questions, she decides to pursue her religious calling and goes to visit a convent to see if she may be interested in joining.

While staying at the convent exploring her curiosity, Joanna comes to find that many of the nuns there have problems of their own. Even though her problems continue to haunt her, she comes to realize that everyone else has to endure hardships in their lives, some of which are even very similar to the ones that she has been trying to deal with.

The film shines a light on a world that many tend to overlook, a cloistered world that some could even view as controversial. The soundtrack in this movie really sets the mood for being at a convent. There are several scenes in which you hear the nuns singing in Gregorian chant and playing music on the organ. Even though the film has its fair share of comical moments, it is a very touching story with many emotional parts that will really make one think twice before judging someone by their mistakes in life.

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