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Create Engaging and Interactive Videos with Quiz Integration

Interactive Video Quizzing seamlessly embeds questions at any point in a video.   As viewers watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points. The video continues after each question is answered. Flexible settings allow creators to choose whether viewers can repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, get hints, and discover the correct answers, allowing Interactive Video Quizzing to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention, gather data, and more.

Benefits of Online Video Learning

  • Increase engagement: By making video interactive, capture the viewer’s attention and reduce drop-off.
  • Evaluate knowledge: Discover exactly how much each individual viewer retains.
  • Provide test results: Tie test results and certification outcomes directly to the material.
  • Evaluate material: Use as a poll to discover not only viewers’ knowledge but also their opinions and reactions.
  • Improve learning outcomes: Provide a more engaging, sticky way to transfer information.

What Solutions are Available to Pellissippi State?

Many instructors are familiar with Zaption.  Back in the fall of 2016 Zaption was acquired by another company and is no longer available for public use.  There are other options out there and some are free while others will have a fee. We’ll focus strictly on free solutions.


EDpuzzle is a video platform that allows instructors to select a video and customize it by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions to make an engaging presentation or lesson.  What makes EDpuzzle so great is the ability to work with any video.  This includes YouTube, Kan Academy, Learn Zillion, TED, National Geographic, or even Vimeo.  When instructors utilize the quiz tool, student response data can be collected and analyzed to identify if they watched the video, how long they watched the video, and what answers they gave.  If you want to use the video quiz response data for a grade in your D2L grade book, you can easily download the data to a CSV file and upload into D2L.   Start the EDpuzzle tour to learn more.


Vizia is a free web tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging videos. You can ask questions, multi-choice quizzes, and collect feedback through your videos. Videos created via Vizia are embeddable anywhere online.  Vizia is completely free for anyone to use in any capacity. In Vizia you can import a video from YouTube or from Wistia and then add questions along the timeline of the video. You can ask multiple choice questions as well as short answer/ open-response questions. Adding a poll question into the video is also a possibility in Vizia. All of the responses to your questions are collected in a spreadsheet that you can download and load into D2L.  In the video below you can see a basic demonstration of how to create video quizzes in Vizia, the students’ view of Vizia, and the grading of Vizia quizzes.

Camtasia 9 (Windows) and Camtasia 3 (Mac)

Not only is Camtasia an amazing software for developing training videos, but it also has a built in quiz making tool.  Quizzing with Camtasia is a feature easily utilized for in-line testing in Camtasia. These results can be set up to be a simple understanding check for the user or to be a testing method, sending the results to an email address in a spreadsheet or use SCORM for your LMS.  Camtasia’s interactive videos can be hosted on  Camtasia 3 and Camtasia 9 are available in ETS and can be used by instructors with assistance from ETS.

Quiz Features

  • Unlimited number of fill in the blank, multiple choice, short answer, or true/false questions
  • Provide up to thirty answers options per question
  • Get score reporting via the Camtasia Quiz Service.
  • Require quiz / survey takers to submit a name and email address.
  • Set the quiz to be scored or unscored.




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