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Skype for Business: Add a Contact


Find Your Co-Worker

  1. In the Search bar, located just below the quick icons for Contacts, Conversations, Phone, and Calendar, type your co-workers name. With the first letter that you type, the tabs below change to My Contacts and Skype Directory.
  2. Keep the My Contacts tab selected to find people in your company’s directory.

Add your Co-Worker as a Contact

  1. Hover over their picture in the search results.
  2. Choose Add to Contacts List, then click the group you want to add them to—like Favorites, or a group that you previously created, like Accessibility Committee.Repeat these steps with the people you work with the most.

How Do I get back to my Favorites or another group?

Click the little triangle to the left of a group to expand or collapse it. If you have a lot of groups, you may want to keep the groups you connect with less often collapsed–for easier access to the groups you connect with more often.

Toggle button to switch between favorites and contact groups

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