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Sunshine Policy Is Not all Sunshine.

South Korea has denied the peaceful agreement with  North Korea called, the Sunshine Policy. The Sunshine Policy is based on Aesop’s fable of a warm sun forcing a man to divest his coat after a cold wind had failed to do so. North Korea is determined to turn the whole Korean peninsula to communism  and this is known because the ministry newspaper confirmed this report with the sinking of the South Korean warship, the Cheonan, which killed 46 sailors earlier this year. The government decided to base the change on  a principle based exchange. Today, the last tangible relic of “sunshine” is the Kaesong Industrial Zone, a factory park just inside North Korean where 110 Southern firms employ more than 40,000 North Korean workers.

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The Apple Gala

Every year, the fist Saturday of the month is the Estabrooks family’s fall party, it is called the Apple Gala. There are many activities that occur at the party. First, there are games such as football, ultimate frisbee, and any other game we can come up with. Then later when it is really dark, we play hide-and-go-seek or capture the flag. When we play capture the flag, we have to make sure John Mark Estabrooks doesn’t know where the flags are because he will steal them and the game is ruined. Timothy Estabrooks is the most athletic of the Estabrooks, he plays football and frisbee better than most people I’ve seen. He has a certain way he runs that makes him very easy to spot when playing.

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Saudi Arabia’s Most Wanted.

According to Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, an explosives and posion expert, has been suspected to be the main man of the plot to send bombs from Yemen to the United States. It is believed he has been living in Yemen for the past three years. When U.S. investigators received packages that were destined for synagogues in Chicago, Illinois, they believe that al-Asiri is linked to them because the same explosive material found in the bombs from December 2009, the underwear bomb attack. Al-Asiri’s brother, Abdullah, is also on the Saudi Arabia’s most wanted list; however, he died last year in the attempt to murder Saudi Prince Muhammed Bin Naif, but failed to eliminate his target. A couple days later, the Watan newspaper in Saudi Arabia interviewed his mother and sister, who described them as regular teenagers growing up. The sister explained that the brothers started to become “distant” when they began sending tapes to Mujahedeen in Chechnya and Afghanistan.

The Saudi Gazette newspaper interviewed the boys’ father shortly after the attempt on the Saudi prince’s life, and he shared a few more things with the paper about boys’ lives. He said that the family was planning to move to Makkah two years ago and were planning to move back to Riyadh, but Abdullah and Ibrahim said they wanted to go to Medina before coming back with them. He said he got a phone call from Abdullah saying that he was out of the country, but did not receive any more news of his whereabouts until he saw Ibrahim and Abdullah’s pictures on the country’s most wanted list.

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The war in Afghanistan is bad. The comments talk about putting in another Republican in office, will be the death of America. Disagree with that. Afraid to write opinion, don’t want to offend anyone. I do not particularly have an opinion on the war, not very happy about it happening. I however think we should stay there until the job is done so we will not cause another war to happen here. People who work in the military should not bring his or her work home with them. Really sad and life changing things happen over there which is scary.

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What’s with the Peacock Feathers and Poppies?

Little things such as peacock feathers and poppies have a lot of meaning to me. I wanted to title my blog something that was meaningful and not boring. Over the past year, these things have become symbols of who I am. For instance, I know that I am God’s Princess, and I am royalty. Peacock feathers stand for royalty. I learned about the meaning of peacock feathers from another girl named Emily also. She and I both battle with the feeling of guilt, and we feel as if we have to put on a mask for the world so it thinks that we are good. We learned that we don’t have to please the world, and that the only one we serve is The Most High King. So we removed our masks and put on our crowns of royalty.

Poppies are such an amazing part of creation and they are the perfect example of what we as Christians are. When a poppy flower dies, a whorl of seeds are left at the center waiting to fall to cause more poppies to grow. As a Christian, I’m called to plant seeds, and then up to God to water them, fertilize them, and

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Knoxville is the Place to Be

Knoxville is the most beautiful, interesting, and safest city to live in. The weather in Knoxville is what makes this city so beautiful and alive. Southern Hospitality is what the people are known for, and there’s always something fun going on downtown for families or students. Knoxville is also home to the University of Tennessee of Knoxville where lively students accomplish their dreams. The seasons are so gorgeous that it makes one want to stay outside forever. In other words, living in Knoxville you will find the most beautiful scenery, meet the most interesting people, and feel safest in this wonderful city.

In every season, there is beauty with a twist. Knoxville is located at the bottom of a valley, so the weather is always interestingly gorgeous. The season of spring, when the trees bud new green leaves, and the time for planting beautiful flowers arrive is the second most beautiful time of the year. During this season, the Dogwood Tree begins to bloom, thus beginning The Dogwood Arts Festival in downtown Knoxville. Families and couples and students come and enjoy themselves for music, food, and fun. The most beautiful season in Knoxville though, is the autumn. The trees turn to bright oranges, vibrant yellows, and deep reds that cause one to stand in awe of the colors.

The city of Knoxville always has the most the most interesting and kind people. Southern Hospitality is not only what makes the city so interesting, but also the talented people that live here. There are many kinds of craftsmen who have been taught to make special glass artwork, handcrafted wagons, and many other timeless masterpieces. In downtown Knoxville, there is a popular place called the Square Room. Every weekend, and sometimes weekdays, there are local bands that entertain. So many different genres come there; from jazz, to folk, to pop to grunge, and alternative, there’s something for everyone. Another thing that makes the city of Knoxville the most interesting, is the food. With so many different kinds of resturants to choose from, and all the yummy smells, it might make one go crazy.

Lastly, the city of Knoxville is the safest from weather and from crime, that many families choose to move here for those reasons. It is safest from weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, because it is located in a valley with surrounding mountains. The mountains and hills keep tornadoes away from homes and buildings, and since Knoxville is located in Tennessee, there is no fear of one’s house being washed away because of a hurricane. The city of Knoxville is safe from crime because the Knoxville Police Department will fight for justice to keep everyone safe. There is a low crime rate, and the people are well informed of what’s going on so they can be safe too.

As one can see, Knoxville is the place to be, because it is the most beautiful city, is home to the most interesting people, and is the safest from crime and damaging weather storms. You will find that the seasons of spring and autumn are full of life and brilliant color. In Knoxville you will meet the kindest and most interesting people. Lastly, in Knoxville you will feel safe from crime and weather. Living here will give you the greatest experience of a lifetime.

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Ladybugs are the most colorful insect in the beetle family. They are social bugs and live in colonies where aphids are plentiful, because aphids is what their diet consists of. The females are usually bigger than the males. The ladybug beetle goes through complete metamorphsis; egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Eggs are usually placed under the leaf and are a bright yellow color. When they hatch, they are skinny little black bugs with six legs.

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Lady GaGa’ Style

Lady GaGa’s style is one of the most controversial in music business.

At the 2010 Video Music Awards, she was seen in a dress made of meat. In one of her music videos she wore a dress of plastic bubbles. Her style might even be considered as famous because a popular TV show deticated one episode to GaGa. They dressed like her, and sang her songs around the school.

More often than not Lady GaGa can be found without pants. She is seen mostly in dresses and leotards. At the Grammy Awards she sang with Elton John on the piano and was wearing a leotard with a cape. She had also painted on one of her eyes some sort of star. Her style is mainly known for the outragious and darkness. She can make herself look very unusual and yet seductive to the culture. Some say its ugly, some say she’s just being true to herself. And maybe she is, that is her motto that she lives by.

Lady GaGa not only is known for her strange dresses and lack thereof pants, but she is also known for her outragous headgear. Once, when going to a resturant, she was seen in a lobster headpiece that covered her face. For an appearance on a talk show she wore a type of orb thingy around her head.

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“Bad” Intro paragraph

My name is Emily. I am a freshman. I go to Pellissippi. I hope to get my associates Degree so I can go to a Christian college. Probably Johnson or Lee. I love fall, it comes on September 23. I am really excited about going to a Christian university because I want to serve the Lord in whatever I decide to do with my life. If things don’t work out to where I will get to go to a Christian college, I will attend UT with my boyfriend.

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Reggie Bush Article

Reggie Bush Scandal

The Heisman trophy is a very prestigious award. However, those who are awarded the award may be far from prestigious, such as Reggie Bush. He was awarded the Heisman in 2006 but was forced to forfeit after the N.C.A.A found violations. He had accepted $290,000 in gifts from sports marketers, and signed a contract with Adidas worth $2 million dollars. Reggie Bush’s scandal has caused the University of South Carolina to have been hit hard because of the violations to the N.C.A.A.

The University of South Carolina alone has been stripped of many things form scholarships to the last two wins in the 2004 season. USC lost 30 scholarships over the next three years which also banned them from bowl games in 2010 and 2011. It has been put on prohibition for four years. But is $20 million and other monies really worth being stripped of the Heisman? What about an Olympic medal?Even in the Olympics, medals have even been stripped going back to Jim Thorpe in 1912. He won the Pentathlon and the decathlon, but he was not an amateur, for he had played in the minor league for Baseball. Twenty nine years later after his death, the 2 gold medals he won were restored to him.

But now the question may be, who will be awarded the Heisman since Reggie has been stripped of it? The runner up of the 2005 Heisman trophy is Vince Young, the quarterback of the University of Texas. Vince Young was only 933 points behind Bush.

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