Cross-Posting: Brightspace Ignite Tennessee event – February 13, 2015

Brandon and I will be presenting on using GitHub and PenFlip for version control for documents inside Brightspace (from D2L).

More information over on the TeachTech blog.

Changes with D2L

Before you get toooooo panicky – D2L is NOT changing. Not in the near future, anyway. ūüôā

But, during this past summer’s FUSION, the D2L User Conference, they did announce one change: their name.

Or rather, two names.

The company formerly known as Desire2Learn is now simply D2L (which is what we pretty much called them anyway, right)

The company D2L now makes a suite of products that is called Brightspace.

Within that suite are different products like the Learning Environment (what we mostly called D2L here), their mobile apps, and so on.

a venn diagram showing how microsoft makes a product called Office that contains a product called Word. newD2L.002

It is much like how that small company called Microsoft makes a suite of products called Office. One of those products is Powerpoint.

So, you will probably see things change like some branding on their corporate site and within their email address to reflect and and so forth.

But, the underlying point is that our Learning Environment is not changing. I know you are probably glad about that.

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Visual Resumés

With graduation looming at the end of this week, there will be a slew of new graduates ready to hit the job market and start a new chapter of their lives. It is a very exciting time for everyone at the college!

Because of the job searches that are undoubtably going to commence in the very near future, we thought it would be interesting to share a few new tools to create a dynamic, visual resum√© to augment (or perhaps even replace) the traditional paper based one. We could call it Resume 2.0 but that is¬†already¬†done and there is even a class on building your “Resum√© 2.0” .

On all of these sites, be sure to find the setting for creating a custom URL for the page/site so you can keep your username/profile name consistent across the services.

screenshot of setting for creating a custom profile link in LInked In

Custom Profile URL for LinkedIn


Looking at the granddaddy of online resumés, one should start with a LinkedIn profile. It may not be the most lovely of the online options but it certainly has lots of people looking at it and for job seekers, that is not a bad thing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at  May 08 2013 | 1.22.14

You can use to create a personal homepage without knowing any code. It can be a central location to bring together all of your other social presence identities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more. Once your page has been created, you can embed it in a blog, share it via multiple social networking sites and add a link to your email signature to help centralize your social identity site. allows you to customize your background image by either selecting one of their options or uploading your own image. You can then add as many or as few connections to other social sites as well as add information such as work experience, education and a biographical statement. They even offer a set of free business cards via Moo that point to your profile page! Another nice aspect is the statistics page which shows how popular your page is with views and how many click-throughs you get to your other social sites.

screenshot of an profile

Example of page



A newer option is Vizify which gives you a very spiffy, higher graphical central location to bring together your social media/networking presence from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t use those services or do not want to share those with potential employers, then Vizify is not the service for you. But, if you want to share in a very interactive and graphical way, check it out. You can share your Vizify with services liked Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even Pinterest once you have your profile complete.

Screenshot of Vizify service

Example of Vizify site


So, congratulations to our graduates! We hope everyone enjoys their time off after a busy spring semester and go create a visual resumé to share your accomplishments!!


7/30/12 ADDENDUM: Brandon posted the notes and information from our presentation on the TeachTech Blog.


Brandon and I will be heading off to FUSION next week to present on responsive web design within D2L. WIsh us luck!!

Class Presentation: BUSN 2520 Emerging Trends

I am presenting to the BUSN 2520 classroom being taught in the NEXT Classroom this semester on the topic of Web Curation. WIth the continuing and seeming never-slowing rise of content being created and shared on the web, it makes sense to me that our students will need to enter both the workforce and their own regular day-to-day lives with a sense of how to curate this flow into something useful for themselves and for co-workers, supervisors or supervisees in a workplace.

I will be sharing several tools that can be used to curate and collect resources online. To help with it, I decided to curate my resources to share here for the class. I chose for this since it is a rather new tool for me and I wanted to learn it more.