January 2008

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Information Visualizing

SearchCrystal is a new kind of search engine. Using visualization, it shows you the overlap between your search terms and their results. Searching was probably never quite so beautiful. UPDATE November 2010: It appears that SearchCrystal no longer is active. Here’s an image search using the term “pstcc”. Go explore more! searchCrystal – Home searchCrystal […]

End of Netscape Browser

The Netscape development team made it official while we were away on break. They stop support of the Netscape branded browser on February 1, 2008. They are encouraging Netscape users to migrate to Firefox, which we have been advocating for a while ourselves. Ah, Netscape..I remember you well. End of Support for Netscape web browsers […]

The Google Privacy Channel

Yes, I admit it. I am a Google fangirl. We have advocated many things Google: GMail iGoogle Picasa Google Maps oh yeah, and Google Search. But, you can do so much more! But, before you dive off the deep end, you might want to visit the Google Privacy Channel on YouTube and watch their videos […]