Minutes – February 22, 2017 (draft)

Faculty Senate Minutes

February 22, 2017

Division Street Campus


  1. Call to Order: Toni McDaniel

Meeting was called to order by McDaniel at 3:47

Senators in attendance:

Alex Fitzner, President

Jake Hamric, President Elect

Jeff Lockett, Secretary

Sally Lighter, Communications Officer absent

Dave Vinson, TBR Representative

Toni McDaniel, Business Officer,

Trent Eades, Parliamentarian

Business and Computer Tech:   Holly Knowling, Elizabeth McCowan

Engineering and Media Technology: Ron Goodrich

English:   Nick Morgan, Chester Needham. Inez Gibson

Liberal Arts: Gretchen Wingerter, Jennifer Brickey

Mathematics: Emily Casey, Ellen Matheny

Natural/Behavioral Science: Rebecca Glatt, Judy Sichler, Deb McElroy

Nursing: Melinda Wang, Patricia Crotty

Library Services:  Janine Pino, Naomi Williams

Division Street Representative: Mike Murphy

Blount County Representative: Marilyn McClanahan

Magnolia Representative: Bob Boyd, absent

Strawberry Plains Representative: Tracy Rees

Adjunct Faculty Representative: Gabe Crowell, absent

Promotion and Tenure:  Mark Fuentes

Faculty Development Kellie Toon, absent

Guest(s) Bob Stern, B. L. Mosby


  1. Approval of Minute: Toni McDaniel

The meeting was called to order and the Minutes of the January 25, 2017 meeting were approved.

Officer Reports:

Secretary: Jeff Lockett- No report

Communications:  Sally Lighter-No report

TBR Representative: Dave Vinson brought up an email that he had sent to the faculty listserv.  In this he discussed the TBR subcouncil meeting but condensed the 36 agenda items down to two primary ones.  The first concerned the shared governance initiative and the second was about the upcoming student concealed carry legislation.  He reiterated that there seems to be no TBR political agenda concerning student carry.

President: Alex Fitzner discussed the TN legislative move in sympathy of student concealed carry and expressed his personal condemnation of the idea.  He said that he was going to attend the upcoming TBR legislative day in Nashville and is looking forward to meeting and speaking to legislators.

Concerning the possible reorganization of the college in order to add administrative positions such as assistant deans, Fitzner said that none is underway.  He did mention that the senate might potentially address this need in the future.

Fitzner expressed the hope that the Reconnect plan will help the number of enrolled students to rise and that our current enrollment is under 9,000.

The upcoming budget from the Governor’s office does not include additional funding for safety and security on the campus but that the office of safety and security recently underwent an audit.

Fitzner reported that Good Friday will remain a holiday despite some protestations to Dr. Lewis’s office from professors concerning the number of classes offered on Fridays.

Dr. Lewis’s office is in support of an official statement from the college to local banks requesting that adjunct instructors not be penalized by fees in the months in which they do not teach and do not have a direct deposit.

It was mentioned that summer enrollment is down substantially and Dr. Lewis said that it will be up to the deans to decide which classes will run and who will teach them.

Fitzner announced that there will be a college-wide meeting on shared services on Monday, March 6 and encouraged everyone to be there.

Committee Reports:

Adjunct representative: No report

Student Scholarships:  The Faculty Senate book sale is now accepting donations in drop-off locations around campus.

Rules Committee:  No report

Nominating Committee:  No report

Promotion/Tenure Committee: Mark Fuentes announced that there have been few issues viewing the online promotion and tenure portfolios.

Faculty Development: Kelli Toon submitted a handout of report on the development of the Center for Teaching and Learning which is funded by a $1.9 million, five-year grant.

  • Unfinished Business:

Policy 03:11:01, section X

Fitzner presented a change to this policy submitted by ad hoc committee in which attendance policies will be determined by consensus of faculty, program coordinators and department deans before being submitted to the chief academic officer.  The motion to approve passed.

 New Business:

Policy 06:02:00

Mark Fuentes presented a motion for three revisions to this policy on faculty promotion.

Section V needed an editorial change for clarification concerning the school’s change in D2L usage.

Section V, subsection N concerns an added paragraph that reads as follows:

“Prior to making his or her recommendation to the Chief Academic Officer (to   recommend for promotion or do not recommend for promotion), the dean must inform the candidate of his or her recommendation and its justification. Since candidates for promotion are eligible to apply again in future promotion cycles, it is extremely critical for the dean to provide the candidate useful feedback for improvement.”

Section VI. Subsection U also needed an editorial change which reads: “portfolios in notebook form are returned to the candidates and ‘course access’ to electronic portfolios is ended so only the candidates have access to their individual portfolios.”  The proposed revisions would change ‘course access’ to ‘access and ‘ended’ to ‘removed.’

All three motions on the revisions were approved on the vote.

Policy 06:02:00 “Faculty Tenure” The revisions to the policy on faculty tenure were mostly identical to the revisions to faculty promotion and included the added paragraph to Section V, Subsection N:

“Prior to making his or her recommendation to the Chief Academic Officer, the dean must inform the candidate of his or her recommendation and its justification.”

All three motions on the revisions were approved on the vote.

Fuentes also presented a proposal to change the promotion and tenure ballots to include reasons for non-recommendation beyond just “recommend” and “do not recommend.”

After the move to approve, the motion carried.


Janine Pino asked the senate members to discourage students from printing so many pages on the ERC printers. She announced that the libraries and computer labs now use Paper Cut software that will restrict student printer use to 300 pages per semester.

Pino also mentioned that the ERC is now providing workshops, which she leads, to help students and faculty get Microsoft Office certification..

Senate meeting adjourned at 5:12.





februar 28, 2007 – Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting – February 28, 2007

3:30 p.m.


  1. Meeting was called to order by Bob Stern at 3:30 p.m. Senators in attendance: Ashley Boone, Rick Bower, Carol Brenner, Lawana Day, Judy Fethe, Mark Fuentes, David Gilbert, Sydney Gingrow, Maggie Jenkins, Anne Kinggard, Jonathan Lamb, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Jonathan Morrell, Rick Patton, Garry Pennycuff, Paul Ramp, Trish Roller, Wanda Scarbro, Bob Stern, Anne Swartzlander, Donnie Thomas, Dave Vinson, Pat Zingg.
  2. Minutes were approved.
  • Officer Reports:
    1. Secretary: no report
    2. Communications Officer: no report
    3. TBR Representative:

– Condensed emails with sub council updates will be sent.

  1. President:

– Report from Learning Council: FTE is way above the state average. State funding for a new Blount Campus was not approved for this year, but should be at the top of the list for next year. There is a budget increase of around one million dollars. F building should be finished by July 15. The Goins renovations will include extending the 2nd floor. The student lounge will not be lost. Twenty faculty offices will be relocated to a new double wide portable.

  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Adjunct Faculty: no report
    2. Student Scholarships: $1300 has already been raised. Signs will be put up on Hardin Valley Road, Solway Road and Division Street to bring in street traffic. We still need books. Some instructors are offering extra credit to students who bring in books. An advertisement has been emailed to faculty. Please print out a copy and post it somewhere to drum up business. Match the baby pictures to the names of faculty to win prizes (gift certificates). Everyone should have received the pictures on the bag that you received through campus mail.
    3. Rules: Any senator wishing to serve on the rules committee should come to the next meeting. March 21, 2:30-3:30, Blount County.
    4. Evaluation: no report
    5. Nominating Committee: no report
    6. Promotion/Tenure: Packets are available to read through March 2.
    7. Calendar Committee: no report
  2. Unfinished Business:

Constitution Changes:

If anyone has suggestions for the rules committee, email Donnie Thomas.

  1. New Business:

VP Selection Interviews:

The schedule for the meeting with the VP candidates has been distributed.

Each candidate will meet with members of faculty senate from 11-12 on

Mar. 12, 21, and 26. The general sessions will be in Goins Auditorium on the

same dates from 1:15 – 2:15 pm. Each candidate will give a presentation in the general session. Each candidate will visit the sites in the late afternoon for a tour and time for questions from site faculty.

  • The next meeting will be at the Blount Campus, BL132, at 3:30 pm.

The April meeting has been changed to April 25. Dr. Paula Short, TBR Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will be at this meeting to answer questions and discuss issues important to faculty. She has requested a list of questions ahead of time, so that she will be prepared to answer them. These questions should be sent to Mary Monroe-Ellis. Dr. Short will also accept questions from the floor.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.