Computer System Use

All faculty, students and staff are responsible for the use of Pellissippi State’s computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. For more information on our guidelines please refer to the following website:

What is an H Drive?

The “H: drive” because that is the letter it is mapped to on campus PC computers but don’t worry, you can get to it on a campus Macintosh as well! This area is storage on a server similar to your computer’s hard drive (C:) but it doesn’t go away if your PC is changed out […]

Transcript Request

Are you not a current student and having problems accessing Pellissippi to get your transcripts? We have another option you can go to our home page at and click on the Admissions tab, then click Transcript Request, and choose option 2. The direct link is You will have an option for a written […]

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