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Taste Delicatessen video

This is a short business video that I found.

I enjoyed this video because it was simple but informative. It showed the many items that the deli offers; everything from fresh bread to oils. The Tastes Delicatessen is a small deli in England where everything looks delicious.


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Today I will show you how to change a watch battery. You simply use a case opener to pop off the back of the watch; change the battery and pop the back on.

How to change a watch batteryimages

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In the past year the Zika virus has blown up my news feed on social media. It is a scary time to consider carrying a child, but the best way to not get infected is to know all the facts.

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In 1912 getting a Christmas tree for the holiday season was not as convenient as it is now. If you lived in Chicago you would actually wait for it to be delivered by ship. Your tree would probably come from Wisconsin or northern Michigan. In the 19th Century people would sometimes decorate their Christmas trees with apples.

On November 22, 1912 an man by the name Captain Herman Schuenemann, who people also called Captain Santa, left Chicago to retrieve evergreen trees for Christmas. He had done this so many times before that he had invested in a tree farm in Michigan, he had almost 30 years experience. It was late in the season, most shipping companies had shut down operations a month earlier due to intense weather.  Not many people were able or willing to make the trip. Trees had been in short supply this year due to bad weather but the Rouse Simmons had 3,000 – 5,000 trees on board when it left the harbor in Michigan. On its way back to Chicago a huge storm hit the crew that evening on Lake Michigan. It was reported that the Life Saving Service, now known as the Coast Guard, had received a distress call from the Rouse Simmons shortly before dark. The Life Saving Service tried to provide help, but it became to dark and there were 40 feet swells that became life threatening to them as well.

There are many speculations of how the ship sank but no evidence other than the storm. That year Christmas was somber for the people of Chicago. There were even reports of Christmas trees washing ashore days later.

Christmas Tree Ship



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My father has been a jeweler for 26 years and I have pretty much heard about all the ups and downs of the business. It is almost like it is a dying breed. Less people make a career out of cleaning, repairing, and making jewelry. It is no longer personable when you pick it out on a screen and receive it in your mail box.

Much of the youth these days do not show as much of an interest in jewelry as the use too. Not long ago giving jewelry was a way of showing gratitude or affection. You could give someone something that they could cherish for generations. These days it is all about technology.  The new iPhone cost more than my rent and most people will replace it when a newer version comes out. Although, we do live in a time where we use our phones for everything. There are still somethings in life that should remain simple and beautiful.

  • Specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the industry’s total United State sales.
  • The jewelry market is primarily based on how the economy grows or falls.
  • The top three markets for luxury jewelry are Europe, China, and the United States.
  • The total number of jewelry businesses have been on a slow single percent decline each year.
    Specialty jewelers are losing market share to retailers, wholesalers, and man


    Studio shot of diamonds

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Does anyone else have a picky child when it comes to the food they like to eat? I have to come up with inventive ways to get my five year old to eat things that are good for her. With school, work, and just everyday life; it can sometimes be a challenge to cook a dinner that is healthy, filling, and tasty for a picky five year old.

The first five years of life are the most crucial for building the foundation for our eating habits. It has been said that a mothers choice of food, when pregnant, can play a big part in what infants like when it comes to them eating solid food. Many flavors in the maternal diet appears to be existent in a mother’s amniotic fluid during pregnancy. Infants are born as little omnivores and that allows to accept the foods we offer.

Some children love fruits and veggies others would rather have mac n cheese and chicken nuggets. There is nothing wrong with either but there should be a balance. We cannot deprive are children from the fun flavors in this world but we do need to make sure they get all the healthy flavors they can stand.


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I enjoy using social media for a few different reasons. I interact with my friends and family on Facebook. I also like seeing weather and news updates on my news feed. Most days I  scroll through Facebook just to see how everyone is doing. I do not use other social media sites on a daily basis. A downside to social media for me is all the political negativity that seems to consume my news feed most days.

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