Foursquare: More Than Just “Checking In”

November 26th, 2012

The social network I decided to research was Foursquare. With Foursquare, you can “Check in” to a place to let everyone know where you’re going or what you are doing. It also gives you deals and recommendations based on places you go. There is also a section where you can search or rate restaurants. Forbes posted a favorable review about Foursquare which stated they have a bit of an edge against the company Yelp. CNET did a full review on the Foursquare app. CNET is one of the most popular websites to visit if you want to compare phones or get a review on a product you are wanting to buy. CNET agreed that Foursquare made the “Check in” craze popular. They also noted that the app is easy to use, and has made a lot of improvements since it was first released. They mentioned the design is much cleaner and easier to use.

Companies That Use Facebook

November 26th, 2012

The first company I researched was They use Facebook as their main social media marketing tool. They have been posting about the deals they are had for Black Friday and the deals they are going to have for Cyber Monday. They also post about items they have for sale and trying to entice people to get it as a Christmas present for someone. I clicked on some of their links, and I’m honestly not impressed. Most of their deals are “waitlisted” or are items that no one would want anyway.

The second company I researched was Cricket Wireless. Cricket mainly uses Facebook to market their company. I really liked their Facebook page. They post the deals they are having for the big sales, and they are actually good deals. They also hold contests that give away free phones.

The third company I researched was H.H. Gregg. Their Facebook page shows all their deals and promotions. It is set up real nice. It has links and coupon codes to make everything easier.

The fourth company I researched was Books-A-Million. Their Facebook page also shows the deals and promotions they are having. I really liked the pictures of the books they had for sale. You can see what you want to buy, instead of just reading that a book is for sale. It’s almost like you are at the store instead of just browsing their Facebook page.

The fifth company I researched was Royal Caribbean International. I really liked their Facebook page because it showed pictures of locations you can sail to with the company. It really makes you want to go to these places. The social media websites also list all the sales and promotions that are going on. This is important because cruises can be kind of expensive if you don’t get them on sale or buy early.

Out of all these companies, I would be a customer at all of them except I really wasn’t impressed with their marketing. I was the most impressed with Books-A-Million and Royal Caribbean International. Their Facebook pages really made you want to shop with them.

All About Google Tasks

November 6th, 2012

Mike Moore and I did some research on a cool new tool that Google came out with. It’s called Google Tasks and this blog post describes the tool and what we think of it.

I want to share with all of you, the Google Tasks tool. This is a great tool for staying on top of your tasks for the day, week, month, and even the year. This is a tool offered through Gmail, which allows you to create as many tasks as needed. As you complete the tasks you have loaded, you can check them off as done, and they are removed from the task list. You can also share tasks, create tasks from emails sent to you, and more.

If you have way too many things to keep up with like me, this tool is a must. If someone sends you an email about a concert coming up, you can turn this email into a task set for the date of the concert. This way there is a reminder for when the concert is, so do not miss out. You may attach notes to these tasks as well. Check out Google tasks for yourselves, the instructions are easy to follow.

Everything Google comes out with is amazing! I like the fact that it syncs perfectly with e-mails that are already in your inbox. It also works with Google Calendar. The only downside of Google Tasks is that I had to switch to “Standard View” in my e-mail to get it to work properly. Overall, it is an extremely useful tool. I would recommend this tool to anyone who has a busy schedule.

A tweet that caught my attention

October 25th, 2012  Tagged

While I was reading my Twitter feed I found this very interesting tweet:

The tweet itself caught my attention because it was very catchy and creative so I clicked the link to discover more. The link was discussing how social media influences people and it listed a timeline of other media influences throughout the years. The article discussed mostly advertisements but made the claim that the most sales do not come from advertisements, but from peer recommendations. Most of the recommendations came from Facebook, but some did come from Twitter.

My video: How to pack for a cruise!

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Tips on how to get the most out of your Twitter

October 4th, 2012  Tagged

There are many websites that give advice on how to Twitter. Shea Bennett, a writer for, suggests being very mindful of how we use words on Twitter. Bennett says to take time to write a tweet before it is posted to be sure that grammar and spelling are correct. One of the main points she makes is to avoid typing like you’re texting. Another helpful tip she suggested was to use to shorten your links. This website is great because character space is limited and it is trusted by the Twitter community.

Kelsey Jones, a writer for, also had some advice on how to use Twitter. She wrote about a recent study that showed which tweets got the most retweets. Kelsey suggests to tweet during the hours of 8am to 7pm and to keep tweets short. The tweets with 100 characters or less got the most attention on Twitter because there is room for people to respond to them. Kelsey also pushes people to post images, or links to images, in their tweets to get the most engagement from their followers.

Mike Barbre, a writer for, gives his advice on how to tweet effectively for a business. He suggests to tweet often and to interact with other users. People will be more interested in your twitter if you will have a conversation with them. Another great piece of advice is to keep your professional twitter account separate from your personal one. Someone shouldn’t be talking about their life when tweeting for a business. They should also avoid controversial topics, such as politics and religion, in order to not alienate their followers.

Twitter is a great website to use for both personal and business reasons. It is great for networking and getting your product information out in the world.


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Knoxville Restaurant News Podcast

September 27th, 2012  Tagged

This is my podcast! I talk about restaurants that have opened recently. Mike discusses the restaurants that are coming soon.

My podcast

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My podcast is going to be on Knoxville area restaurant news. I am going to mention some restaurants that have just opened and ones that are coming soon. I love being up to date on all the new businesses coming to Knoxville so I figured this would be the perfect topic to talk about.

Podcast mania

September 20th, 2012  Tagged

I looked into some companies that produce podcasts. I found that the company Lego posts podcasts about how creative play is important for growing children. Another company that uses podcasts is NPR (National Public Radio.) NPR posts podcasts about anything you can think of: news on the economy, the world, and even pop culture.

The company that has my favorite podcasts is AMC.  AMC used to stand for “American Movie Classics” but now it does not stand for anything. AMC is a television channel that now mostly runs top rated television shows. This channel has held the record for most Emmy awards won for a basic cable channel five years in a row. I know all this because it is one of my favorite channels! My favorite podcast has to be “The Talking Dead” podcast that follows the show “The Walking Dead.” The show isn’t set to return until next month but they still are keeping up with the podcasts. They host all their podcasts on a website where they can be listened to without having to download them.

Companies that post videos online

September 20th, 2012  Tagged

I researched companies that post videos online. I chose companies that used Youtube to post these videos. The three companies I found that posted videos were Best Buy, Coca Cola, and Delta Airlines.

My favorite videos were produced by Delta Airlines. The “In Flight Saftey Video” is a classic. It is humorous (though I’m sure it’s not meant to be) and informative. It shows what to expect when it is someone’s first time flying on an airplane. My favorite video however was a video that displayed the new features of “Business Class” seating. Formerly called “First Class,” this area of the plane is luxurious and would make anyone feel comfortable flying. I have flown on many planes, including Delta, but I have never had a chance to do business class seating as it’s about $2,000 more than economy class (also known as “coach.” I enjoyed watching the video because I am always curious of the new features that Delta adds every year.