Get LinkedIn

Most reviews and buzz about LinkedIn are positive. It is described as one of (if not the) top social network for building a professional network for careers. It easily allows people to search and connect with other professionals in most any industry.
The only complaints mentioned are if people were to get added to multiple e-mail lists it can be hard to unsubscribe because the unsubscription process is not straightforward.
Otherwise, it is highly recommended for all adult professionals and those who want to build a career network.

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Five Fabulous Businesses Who Use Facebook

Calhoun’s Restaurant uses Facebook to alert people to events and goings-on at the different locations. It also offers special deals to people who follow them on Facebook. It also allows people to express their opinions of Calhoun’s.
Bath & Body Works mainly uses Facebook to get the word out on new and seasonal products. Followers may express their opinions but it is mostly about the products and upcoming sales.
Starbucks mostly uses Facebook to connect people to products and show causes they support and different offerings such as music and gifts. People most definitely express their opinions on Starbucks and some of it is not so nice.
Neutrogena is another company that uses Facebook to advertise the products and announce events and sweepstakes. People can find out information on products and give feedback and look for ways to get involved with Neutrogena fundraisers and causes.
Babies’R’Us uses Facebook to advertise mostly. They offer catalogs to view and videos. They also announce events and sales and services. There are a lot of charities and giveaways they post about. It is a cite truly dedicated to its customers.

The two businesses I would “Like” and look into most often would be Calhoun’s and Babies’R’Us. They both have effective advertising on Facebook. I definitely prefer Calhoun’s because all of their stuff is local. It is great!

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Mozy through peace of mind

Mozy is an internet based file backup system. It has different packages with varying amounts of storage depending on what the user needs. The user can go to and download the package they need and start the setup which takes only a few minutes. The steps for back up are fairly simple. Once the user figures out the system by exploring or calling a service support worker Mozy is a useful and simple tool.

Mozy is definitely simple; possibly too simple. The most basic trial version is only 2 GB and is the bare minimum offered by the company. This company does not provide some of the cloud capabilities as the other online backup systems can. There is very little in the way of instructions on how to use Mozy unless a user feels his way around through trial and error or call or chat with support. The price of different packages can get a little on the costly side compared to the capabilities you get. I would really only buy a package if I had a small business and needed safe, secure, and simple backup. The setup is easy but the amount of time for the first backup is takes as little as a few hours and as much as a few days. Mine has taken over 24-hours and is still going. There is a good possibility that I am not doing something right but I wish I knew how to correct it. I suppose I will have to call the support staff.

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The article from The Times of India “5 unspoken rules that could get you fired” was very interesting. The rules seemed to be common sense and yet the article provided many examples of prominent business people that forgot everything they say or write can end up all over the internet and get back to their company/bosses/coworkers/employees/clients and ruin them.

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The Effects of Effectively Using Twitter

Until yesterday I really never understood the importance of Twitter, especially in the business world. I am not the only one according to Brown Advertising’s (in Winston-Salem, NC) blog. Small businesses to celebrities to big businesses (including nationwide journalism outlets, like The New York Times) are making their presence on the web known through social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Francisco Rosales@socialmouths tweeted a link to’s article “Sensational Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics–6 Infographics” which indicates in the last 12 months a new group of younger users who “didn’t understand it or care before” now immersing themselves in this outlet.


The website SimplyZesty has an article titled “50 Innovative Ways to Use Twitter More Effectively” which details ways for people to understand the different aspects of Twitter for it to be more user friendly and to get out of Twitter exactly what users need. In business, this means connecting with customers/clients and getting feedback or resolving service issues through the fast emerging media outlet.

All of these articles and more have helped me to understand that effectively using Twitter and how are crucial for businesses to get the word out. Instead of word of mouth it is word of bird.

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Gift-wrapping for Goobers

Hello everyone!
As the holidays are approaching and since everyone has a birthday, I thought I might show you all a tutorial on how to wrap a gift. I hope you all find this helpful. Talk at you later!

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My First Podcast

This is my first practice podcast. It is just me saying “Hello, my name is…” but hopefully you all already know to whom this blog belongs. My next podcast will hopefully be more interesting. Talk at you later!




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Conquering my lack of media/tech knowledge

I am currently in the middle of gathering photos and images to upload to a Facebook account. I realized the other day that I would like to have a way to communicate with relatives that I do not get to see often and be able to share pictures of my little family and update people on what is going on. Also, since I am planning my wedding for next summer I need a way to communicate on a bigger scale with my family and friends other than through e-mail. I do not think I will be one of those people who gets addicted to social media because I just do not have the time, but I would like to enjoy the convenience of this first step into social media with Facebook. Wish me luck!

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Social media labyrinth

Does it seem to anyone else that there are so many social media portals and feeds and hubs that a person could easy get confused and lost? I am trying to learn about social media and I am definitely behind the curve in my generation. The importance of Facebook and Twitter and all other forms of social media for my personal life are lost on me.

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PlayStation station for play blog

The blog for the PlayStation brand is full of content. There are messages, postings, and announcements for almost every day. The first page only goes back to September 7, 2012 before offering older entries. Some messages and announcements have as few as 6 and as many as 71 comments. There are posts that preview upcoming releases, reviews of new games, free trial offers, and more for PlayStation devices, games, and more.

The comments for messages and posts on the PlayStation blog are from mostly staunch followers and subscribers who are deeply committed to the brand. PlayStation has created a community for its fans to communicate all their opinions both good and bad. There are definitely more positive or neutral posts than negative posts.  This blog is most definitely successful in getting the word out about its brand, games, offers, etc. and creating a space that allows the community to converse about and view trends.

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