final blog

Once again, the semester has come to and end. It seems each semester goes by faster and faster. however, when your having fun time flies and if I could ever say school is fun it would because of this class. its something nice to look forward too during your school week.

I have thoroghly enjoyed the class from day 1 all the way until the end. this was an exciting and very beneficial class and recommend Dr. Brown to anyone who has to take 1110 he provides knowledgeable present information that is actually beneficial and interesting and fun to learn.

we covered many topics this semester that include every aspect of computers such as the history, binary, hardware, software, as well as networking, security, databases, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and several others. thus allows for a brief general knowledge of previously mentioned fields.

this class overall is something I have really enjoyed, I hope to have Dr. Brown for future classes as I find i greatly benefit from his teaching style. he provides a hands on approach and example is the Lego mind storm robots we played with during the robotics week of the class, which provided for a much more fun way of learning basic programming concepts. also we used a couple different virtual environments to learn programming which was much more pleasant than some of my first experiences of programming.

In conclusion, this class was a great experience and I cant believe its over already. Dr. Brown did a great job in every aspect oh and one thing I almost left out his comic style textbook is by far the best textbook there could be


Virtual Reality

This week in class we learned about virtual reality and outside of class we had the option of programming in either greenfoot or Alice. I chose Alice a 3D programming environment that allows you to easily create an animation for a story, playing a game or making a video. Alice is great way to get introduced to java programming its a great learning tool and its free to anyone I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in using java in the future. when first going into java I chose a real basic layout and just threw in some animals and played around with the different functions of the animations and did the basic tutorials. however, I am now working with the more advanced tutorials, little by little that is but steadily to make a much more advanced animation which I plan to do in my free time over Christmas break.



this week in class we are learning about atrificial intelligence, first of all i think AI is something everyone is going to have to adapt too in the future but i think we find it very conveinient and beneficial with practical use. now when this era will emerge im not sure but i feel as the future has a lot in store for us as AI continues to grow each day. -I think in the 15-20 years AI will have a daily influence on our lives and we will never be without it from that point on, as of today to me it will be interesting to see what the future holds its exciting but could be concerning at the same time.


this week in csit 1110 we played with the lego mindstorm robots and I must say this assignment was the most fun out all of my classes so far. the robots are really fun to build and program to perform specific tasks. this definately brings on a fun way to learn especially for those like I who are kinesthetic learners, this does the trick. however, I have heard the 1530 class is using the robots as there textbooks in the upcoming semesters, which to me is a great idea! however, i must say i do enjoy the comic dr brown provides, its much more appealing to the eye and is much more fun to read than that just plain text from a book. but at the end of the day the robots are a great learning tool and provide useful feedback for trial and error type of learning. I would like to say thanks to dr brown for allowing us to thave this oppurtunity.


I had a lot of fun working with with scratch during this week, this was not my first time being introduced with the program so I had somewhat of a foundation to build on going into this week, I feel like scratch is a great learning tool, also it makes learning programmng much more fun. even though it is more of an elementary programming experience its very fun to play with and fun to be creative with as well. however, I did have some programming classes for before i had taken csit 1110 and had never heard of scratch until this class, had I known about scratch while taking the programming classes it would have made the concepts much easier to grasp. but overall i enjoyed using scratch and plan to pass it along as study tool for those interested in programming or computer science as whole.

HTML cont.

I have really enjoyed working with HTML in class. its a great tool ,and a fun skill to have. This week we uploaded our web pages to the server. the link to my site is: For me this is just beginning for me in HTML I plan to stick with it and hope to learn much more advanced techniques and add it to my list of successes .


This week in CSIT 1110 we learned about HTML this being my 2nd time actually creating an HTML page I was able to have a lot more fun with it. for the most part its pretty simple to understand and use but having more knowledge only made it more fun for me and at this point I’ve begun a few projects of my own, just for fun to see how far I can go with HTML. Dr. Brown does a great job making concepts clear on this topic and is useful and always providing help whether its an advanced or novice topic. However, their are several websites to help assist you with HTML and which a few Dr. Brown provided for us, I found a great bit of help from these websites and they cleared up any confusion right away. so far this has been one of the more enjoyable assignments this semester has to bring and when you have an assignment you actually enjoy, in my opinion it makes more a much better work ethic and allows for your best effort to come forward much easier. overall HTML is great tool to know how to use and I can for see myself using it quite a bit in the future even if its for my own personal use.


Assembly Language Simulator

the ALS was a good learning experience, it really helps break down a computers functions. I really enjoyed working with it and would really like to share it with others overall its a great learning tool,other than that not to sure what to say here. I guess the biggest beneficiary for me is that ASL breaks down every function in a step by step process so you are able to view all aspects and you don’t find much instructional material that clarifies that well you could basically sit down and learn how to use it with a hands on hour or so. other than that great tool!!

Building my own PC

building my own pc is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time now, I have built a computer before but it wasnt for my own personal use. with that being said, maybe writing this blog will get me a head start on building my pc. this time last year I was only interested in builidng a gaming pc however, now I’m more focused a machine that is practical for my use and can manage any task I throw at it with ease. so starting with my build I will begin with Intels core I7 processor, thus allows for fantastic all around performance, if your into gaming only their could be better options but for my purpose this is ideal it has much improved graphics from intels i3, and i5 models.Frys#6676254

secondly, the hard drive, I think at this point a hard drive is somewhere you never go cheap and in this case I like to stick wiht the brands im most familiar with such as HP, Quantum, Asus and plenty more I think for the price the hp hard drive seems the most reasonable. I specifcally like the hp midline 500Gb hdd provides overall good functionality as well as plenty of storage which allows for the machine to run an optimalspeed when performing larger tasksHP Midline 507750-B21 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Hard Drive

while memory is one of the most important factors in a pc RAM is your short term memory and also plays a huge factor in your PC’s performance, especially if your doing any sort of graphics not having enough ram will slow you down I have chosen the patriot 512mb which should provide for plenty of speed and efficiancy and not to mention it has a lifetime warranty.

DDR Memory, PC2100, 64x64

power supply is a part of the build you should never tread lightly on, a good solid power supply is a must for someone is who serious about their build. I personally like the corsair line up.the corsair professioncal gold ax850 provides 90% efficiancy at 50% load cutting down electricity use and heat! this ideal for enthusiasts where consistent power is essential.

AX Professional Series PSU                            

next on my list of importance, the case. some don’t realize how important the case on machine really is. heat is one of your pc’s biggest enemies just like us humans if its overheating and can’t breath is much harder to perform certain tasks and once corsair takes the lead here for me also they provide quality cases at a reasonable price that get the job done for my specific purpose.  they provide a clean looking, well cooled streamline case that is easier and faster than ever to use with their integratd cable routing design.


like anyone in the computer science field we all spend numerous amounts of time with out machines and with quality parts going into the build i would like to get the proper amount of output when I sit to watch a dvd or any video, game etc. and for that I have chosen the ASUS 24″ hdmi widescreen lcd monitor

ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor


Binary(machine code) is sequences of 1’s and 0’s combined to equal any numerical amount I find this very interesting, I’m pretty familiar with it at this point in my studies. its actually quite genius in my understanding. its a full proof system and its simple to understand with just a small amount of knowledge. the binary system is by far one of the greatest inventions in the computer era. unlike almost every other aspect of computers binary doesn’t change as technology evolves. binary is a structured language that computers understand and allows for us humans to communicate with the PC with direct instructions encoded in binary form. Binary emerged decades ago but as technology evolves high level computer languages erupted allowing for users to communicate in the with the PC but to this day computers only understand binary so when humans are in these programming environments the coding is still converted to binary for the PC to understand and perform whatever task it may be.