Robotics and A.I

So this lego thing has been pretty darn cool., Commanding it and telling it what to do is legit.. Tonight we watched a video “transcendent man” it was eye opening. The guy made alot of sense out of the things most would think impossible. It makes so much sense though if you think about how we have evolved so quickly over the past 100 years.. just to think about what we can achieve next.. its kind of scray at the same time exciting

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Week 7

Still have been messing with my webpage haha. Since I have learned that every single webpage is so unique with coding its pretty fun to view page source with my browser and see what it really looks like. Its pretty sweet but if you think about it, what if they had to write and entire website with just HTML. It would take a decade.

I still have yet to upload my page to the filezilla (FTP) i downloaded. I need to so I can get my webpage up and share with some friends.

Databases is a very cool topic in my opinion. I would be interested in having a job where I worked with a company’s database. I like number and it would be something of looking more into. I would be more interested in doing numbers for a company.. watching their money grow lol.. and mine too!

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First off let me say, me and HTML don’t get along so well. You can make the smallest little mistake and completely change your page… Alot of trial and error. You have to put time in learning the tags because if not it could take you all week to do this assignment. It’s time consuming but once you can get the hang of it you can let loose. One thing you have to know is that there is so much detail when writing it out.. so don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t yet. Chances are it could change your page for the best! Keep a HTML tag list handy when working on a page design.

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Assembly Language

It has been a long week for me.. To get the hang of this topic you just have to think simple. literally I mean it. First you have to understand that there is a set of codes and that is all the program can do. For instance the Simulator we used had a simple instruction set that allowed us to read, write, add, subtract, store etc. Now it is just learning you have memory slots and two registers, and how they function with instructions and commands. I know there has to be a more about this than what we are learning but this is only the basics and you just have to think simple and remember to assemble and reset!

And yes the fundamentals have clicked and roles of the computer are a more understandable for myself. One thing though I really want to actually put a computer together now, I have never had the chance but it’s on my list.

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So our assignment is to choose the parts we want to use to build our very own computer. I have never even thought about how I would even begin to start the process. So given the tutorial video and websites to choose products from I will see what i can find.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3( This seemed like the best deal possible. A powerful board at a low price.  205 Ratings average 4 out of 5

Processor- AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE (  The highest rated and number one selling. Why would you argue?

Computer Case- Antec Lanboy ( Sick design! A little pricey but I am about looks.

Hard Drive- Seagate Barracuda 7200 ST31000528AS ( 1 TB of storage. 32 MB of Cache

RAM- G SKILL PI Series 6 GB ( Read over the reviews and this product really stands out with speed and low “latency”

Video Card- GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA Series GV-R685OC-1GD ( I already had a Gigabyte product for my motherboard so i chose to get another part from the same manufacturer. Also considering the price of most other video cards on the market.

Power Supply- Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W ( Saves money two ways the ticket price and the power saving abilities on the unit.

CD/DVD Drive- ASUS DRW-24B1ST ( I thought about getting a blu ray burner.. but I don’t think it would be really necessary.

Monitor- Samsung 27″ P2770HD ( I have a Samsung t.v and a Samsung droid phone. I love Samsung. HD 🙂 Built in speakers.

Mouse- Kensington K72356 ( Cheap mouse, I honestly think you shouldn’t spend alot of money on mice unless you are playing alot of first person shooter games.

Keyboard- Logitech K120 ( Basic Keyboard.

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Binary Numbers

So this week we took time to look at information. I had no clue that there was this much detail in different types of information. Once I understood that all types of information could be represented by numbers it made things alot more easier. Binary come a little easy for me because I took a class that introduced us to anciet number systems, so understanding other bases helped me big time! New things I had not heard of included rastor and vector.. and hexadecimal. I would just tell anyone who is having trouble with binary to practice pratice and it will come in time lol.. And the concept of hexadecimal becomes easy when you understand bases!

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My very first blog for Intro to Info!

So i have just been reading over about the class and I am pretty excited to see what I will learn from the course! I just switched majors and trying something new. I am pretty good with computers, well I think so at least. I like to DJ and I do it often. I use software to use turntables to play music and I need fresh music pretty much all the time. So I am on alot of blogs regulary.. is one of my most visited. Though this music is dubstep music and it is a little electronic.. and is still underground to say the least!

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