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          Fifteen years ago, I earned an Associate Degree that has improved my life in many ways. I had assumed that the classroom would be the usual book, pencil, paper, and projects. With nervousness and anticipation I entered again in Spring of 2010. Both of my classes have been challenging and crammed with information, and I had under estimated the time it takes to prepare and learn. That is when I realized again how college had enlightened me to learn all I can to reach my goal. Throughout my life, that education guided many decisions and this decision to attend college again is beneficial to me. My interest is in Computer Technology. I absolutely love this technology. The CSIT-1110 class is where the introduction is at. What an introduction to information technology I had! The use of (and for) computers has drastically changed from 1995.  Don’t you laugh! I worked hard with all that I can do in one day, and each day I accomplished something.

               With each accomplishment I learned my way out of the box. You know, the box we build around our own habits and life-styles. My box is very comfortable and it would be easy to live without any changes, but my education tells me that there is more opportunity for me. So, I am stepping out to upgrade my comfort level and to do what I need to do. The other class is highly needed and was pretty “cut and dry”; yet challenging. The CSIT-1110 class was were I wanted to be. This class had me sweating. It is more than loaded with information and this class took me from the history (to where I left off in 1993), into the present day, and then projected into the future of computer technology. The class assignments challenged my skills and allowed me to put together the diversified areas of modern day networking and Internet technology. There is so much to learn! The comic textbook was a surprise. Now that I am near the end of this class I can see the effects of the text with images. This teaching style worked for me. Even though I was behind in technology, I was able to maintain and understand a large amount of information.

            The grade that I make in this CSIT-1110 class will not reflect my desire to learn. I wouldn’t mind taking it over. The class projects were actually fun. I had difficulty in the beginning with manipulating the software. Also, one of my Blog Posts’ is out of order because I don’t know how to insert it into the right place. Oh well! There is more to learn and it won’t take me long. I will be better prepared for my next classes. So far I have Blogged, built a computer, experienced the generations of computer languages, built a Webb page, written a program for animation, experienced a program for robots, and lost a lot of sleep. The temptation to stay in my box has been strong! Fortunately, my future awaits for me to open a door and the information of computer technology is where I need to be. I look forward to learning and I thank you Dr. Brown for cramming so much in that Comic Textbook.

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         Going from one puzzle to the next with real puzzle pieces is like getting on a water slide at Carolwinds Park near Charlotte,  North Carolina. Those water slides are fun and I have enjoyed sliding down many times. The thrill of sliding fast is very similar to the feeling of writting a program with the Scratch software. I will slide into this new assignment with hope of creating something good. Scratch looks like a friendly and colorful tool to learn how to move animation. I will be spending a lot of time with puzzle sequences to see what works with my conditions. My idea has been conceived and the task is to be creative. I will be communicating with the software to tell it what I would like to see happen. This is challenging!

       I appreciate Dr. Brown including lectures from the pioneers of computer technology. The video on Randy Pausch confirmed my interpretation of Web social freedom. It is good to share knowledge when the knowledge is positive and good for all who seek to learn. Randy stayed focused to convey his message and ended with humor. He told a great story of achievement. I can only guess at the amount of hours he spent building a family of sequences, conditions,repetitions, and functions. We will never know how many he can just type out like it is nothing. To make my Scratch project work will take me hours. It is true that we control all information programmed into computers and that we can read a computers output. It is also true that we cannot read each others mind, we can only guess at what others have knowledge of. That is the very reason for communication and sharing information. I hope Randy Pausch”s legacy will be told in stories of useful information.

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          I have had an interesting time this week looking at the video game and virtual game sites. The knowledge I have gained from exposure has opened up a world of fun. Unfortunately, the time it takes to fill out the forms and search for “FREE” Avatars is not what I need to be doing. I need my hours of study to complete my degree. Sure, I could spend on this money pit, but when would I have time to play while in school? As I surfed around I realized that the “FREE” sponsors (who advertise “Free” stuff) are not being straight-up. It is easy to spend hours in the traps that they have planned for you. OH! Obviously, they have changed the meaning of the word Survey. In these surveys, I had to pay for trials so they could get my information. How disappointing, aren’t there better business ethics in the Internet community? There is obviously a lack of respect for the consumer who is actually paying the bills.

            I finally made an Avatar in a public “free” virtual world. It is a social chat site and it looks like a fun place. I found www IMVU.com to be the least hassle and actually fun to set up. My avatars’ name is cousincozmy. That looks and feels friendly. There will be time spent on cancelling everything that I have had to accept and agree to this week.  There were moments of total discouragement when distracting advertisements and survey opportunities kept invading my space. These companies are using a popular game industry to reach a broader audience and they are forced to appear as the site dictates. Personally, this area of the Internet is not regulated for my taste in entertainment. Otherwise, I would spend some money in virtual games. Overall, the experience has been rewarding and opened my mind to new ideas.

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          Artificial Intelligence has been an eye opening thought process this past week. My thoughts have toiled with the logic and reasoning for replicating the human intelligence in creating helpful tools for our existence. I can understand the need to have more efficient and reliable robots, and more efficient and challenging video entertainment, but not intelligent machines created by humans. What can that be used for? Only the wealthier citizens could afford to own such a creation. That cannot benefit the majority of people in our society. It would take centuries to weave artificial intelligence into a normal existence with,” the most perfect creation”; the planet Earth. My goodness ! Humanity is struggling and not doing a great job of taking care of this beautiful planet. Our intelligent level is not good enough to live in peace with one another. We are intelligent and motivated to move by “a manifestation of spirit in matter”. (quoted from French Philosopher: Rene Descartes) Do the scientist have a plan to describe spiritual motivation? Who knows the next step to artificially creating an intelligent machine. That is a broad area to think about.

           I can’t overlook the facts of scientific study and research when they have created so many helpful tools and interesting discoveries to explain the vast complexity of life on Earth. The most intriguing invention that lingers in my mind is the Graphene replacement for Silicon as a semiconductor material. This will (or has already) reduced the size of electronic devices used in technology. No longer can we say that bigger is better. As the world populates and grows, our science is expanding and information is taking up large amounts of limited space. The research data needs protection and money to continue. Artificial Intelligence can create sources of income to further the progress without the government, but not without our purchases of AI games and other helpful interactive products on the market. My hope is that the spirit that dwells in each and every scientist and engineer will seek a better way for the majority of humanity, and in doing so, they will have a more comfortable life here on Earth.

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           Working with the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot kit is impressive. Our group has one that was able to put in a sequence that started the Tribot and rolled it to the wall. The next action was using the light sensor to allow the Tribot to follow a black line. When I looked at the monitor to see the sequence, it looked simple. With a few simple sequences, that Tribot can appear to have a thought process playing out in that 32-bit microprocessor (brain). My sequence only went straight  but I was happy Tribot did move. I am looking forward to working with this programming kit in the next few weeks. This is exposure I need to learn a complicated system of movable parts and logic actions.

          Exposure is a necessity to understanding anything unknown. In this CSIT1110 class I have been exposed to a lot of different types and forms of Robots. The way robots have helped society by doing the dangerous and dirty jobs is worth the cost of creating them. Now, they are into entertaining us and educating us. But to have feelings for a robot outside of a mechanical/virtual tool, is a bit much. Inventors may be switching up to be inventing emotions instead of helpful working tools, but in the end, that Robot will have a purpose and will be of help for someone. I imagine Robots cleaning our areas and entertaining us as they rise to the consumer market. They will sneak in and consume our existence to raise society to another comfort zone. Change is inevitable and mankind continues to create change in society that steers us in directions that make life easier, and with Robots, safer.

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           Really, I would rather borrow than steal. That makes a great argument for hackers. Realistically, borrowing has limits and responsibilities that ensure the borrowed (something) gets back safely and in tack. Unlike stealing, a lazy way to acquire what is needed. So I ask,”Who cares?”

             People like myself and millions of others who work and save and control spending to acquire our needs of survival. Sure, we could survive if we were stripped down to the bare necessities. We see people all over the world surviving with barely the basics. Ironically, hackers are people who would not be very happy if they had to replace a crashed unit, or file charges on the ghost that charged their credit card to the limit. Their repentance may be to reveal virus language (technics) and keep the Internet free for the public, but is that all going to change?

              Maybe; until then, the Internet is connecting the world for a broader view of information and intelligence. Viruses show a vulnerability that needs to be fixed to ensure that our information is not “borrowed”.  New technology is discovered at speeds of light and with each discovery the hackers will find our vulnerability.  They indirectly improve the quality of privacy with their snoopy ways. Give them  a job! Just keep eyes in the back of your head.

               Someday the Laws to enforce unlawful entry concerning secured information will be enforced and that will have an impact on how we use the Internet. For example, Toktumi.com has made it possible for “free” WI FI phone access around the world with very clear quality  for $15 a month. This “free” issue will be challenged if it interferes with Corporate proffits. Only the Law and the enforcement of the Law can protect them. The same applies to us. No one wants to have their assets tampered with or stolen. My last thought is this, if anyone borrows my stuff and makes money from my stuff, I get 60% and they get 40%. I will even throw in a bonus package on a sliding scale.

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           What a great week I have had. This Internet project has been a lot of fun. It would be nice to do nothing but build a Web page all day. I still am a bit mesmerized that the computer industry has taken us to outer-space. That was the daily show, Lost In Space, in my day. That is when the movie Star Wars seemed like impossible “dude”, and the movie Back To The Future was closer to the dream. Wow!

             I am totally impressed that the functions are so friendly in HTML. There is such an intricate thought process that must be followed to achieve the final result. That is the challenge I face every day that I work. Shaping movable matter takes some thought. I now see the Web as a great resource that can be used to serve our needs for building a business, entertainment, and communicating through relationships by using the Web software.

       Let me be frank and tell you,” We trained to be able to know what that data base file contained through written information.” Other than that, no one in business ever stored information that they couldn’t find. But, updating was a problem. (Oh spreadsheet, how I love you, because you organize my data so well.)
The need to be able to update certain information on all records is obvious. The updates always depend on the type of business function. SQL is a great system and model for future programs that will continuously handle massive amounts of information. I am so fortunate to live in this paradigm of life.    
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                Oh me , Oh my, another extension! How many extensions to URL’s are there? Why do I ask myself this question? First of all, I need to make my blog interesting. Asking a contraversial and almost stupid question can be an attention getter. Secondly, it is a great question for me. When I was studing the operations of computers back in 1991, 1992, & 1993, there were only software extensions that told the control unit what data it was processing or command extension that told the CPU what to do and when to do it (so bossy). Finally, I ask myself this question because the answer is going to tell me more about the inside workings of the network of the internet system of communication. Oh My! It all seems so tremendous. As tremendous as it is for me to be actually working on my first Web Page that I am creating with the HTML programing language for the CSIT 1110 class. My imagination is bigger than one page, so I must think in condensed form.

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           This section is great! I will not be able to turn my work in on time. I have been trying to get to my files to drop them off, but this        program is lacking in user-friendliness.  I am skilled, but it looks like I need an operations instruction manual. I don’t mind getting it  wrong when I am learning, but I do want to turn in projects on time. Who Knows!? I could have gotten it right!

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