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A little about FourSquare

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I personally did not know what FourSquare was. Basically, you can check in somewhere, like on Facebook, and you can earn points against your friends.
I read mostly good reviews about FourSquare. The places that you check in it sometimes offers deals. Many people say it is addicting to use, just like any other social media website.

The only real negative response about FourSquare is that it really has no purpose.

How Five Companies Use Facebook

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Chicks-fil-A – They use their Facebook page daily. The company posts pictures of items that they sell in hopes of making the customer hungry for chick-fil-a .Now that it is the holidays, they have been posting more and more about giving gift cards as gifts. They also use their Facebook to post about new products coming out.

Bath and Body Works– Bath and Body Works uses their Facebook page to let their followers know about upcoming deals. They also post when a new fragrance is coming out. They also will post about give a ways. The company will also post coupons from time to time. Usually their ads on Facebook look very exciting and appealing to the customers.

Toys “R” Us – Toys “R” Us uses their page frequently; especially since it is approaching the holiday season. They have some coupons to use in store on their page. They let customers know new news about them; such as their lay a way for Christmas. In hopes of customers coming to shop there, they have a photo album of the “hot toys” for the year; along with the Toys “R” Us link to the website.

Disney Cruise Line– This Facebook pages shows pictures from their voyages. The cruise line posts dates for their cruises. Their Facebook page is very appealing to kids. They have pictures of the characters. They also let other people post their own videos from the cruise.

PetSmart– Their Facebook is obviously appealing to animal lovers. In just about every post, there is a picture of an animal. Along with the picture, they put in some sort of information about what they are selling.

Personally, I have already “liked” one of these pages. I like to keep up with Bath and Body’s new fragrance coming out. I will like PetSmart after going to their page. I want to know more about any tips that they might post about animals.


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Netvibes keeps all social media websites linked into one website. On the home dashboard you can add just about any website you want. You have Facebook, your email, weather, news, etc. all on one page. Everything is customizable. There is a free basic use and also one you can buy for $499 per month.


I would recommmend Netvibes if you don’t like to go from website to website. It keeps your Internet websites organized and it is user friendly.

Too many friends?

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This tweet from a classmate stuck out to me because I was curious if the average Facebook user actually knows all of the “130” friends. To me I do not understand the point of adding people on Facebook if you do not know them. In my opinion that is just too much to keep up with!

How to make homemade icing

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Its that time of year! All the baking is starting. What do you do if you do not want to buy the store bought icing? In my YouTube video, I will show you how to make homemade icing that is simple and you probably already have the ingredients in your home.

Twitter Do’s and Dont’s

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In researching how to use Twitter effectively, I found some great tips on do’s and don’t of Twitter.

According to Peter on Twitter for dummies, you should not Tweet continuously. It will end up losing followers. Peter said that  most people check Twitter between 8 and 10 a.m. This is when people arrive at work. If you have something important to Tweet, that would be a good time frame to Tweet in.

Daivd Tinney has a good website about the ABC’s of Twitter. According to him, you should not always Tweet “chit chat” all the time. Tweet something meaningful. Another “don’t” from him is not to use foul language on Twitter.

On Squidoo, it tells a user to make their profile attractive. It can draw people to follow you. On the website it says if you use social media, it would be a good idea if you linked Twitter and Facebook together. There is an option for that on Twitter.

My first podcast

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This is my first podcast. I give a few tips on how to save some money wedding planning.


Here comes the bride… And the bill!

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Everyone wants their wedding to be nice, but sometimes those nice things can really add up. In my podcast I am going to share some tips that I have learned through out planning my wedding on how to save some money, but still have the wedding of your dreams.

yummy recipes from.. chips?

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On the Frito-Lay website they have their own You Tube channel. They have everything from their commercials, to recipes, to regular people uploading their own videos. I looked for some recipes. Although chips are not the healthiest, the Frito- Lay  “Flavor Kitchen” made it where it is a mix of healthy food and fun snack food so kids will eat it.

This is the one that I liked the best.

Go get the job!

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The podcast I watched was by Lorne Epstein. He is a recruiting professional. The podcast talked about his book, “You’re Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job.” He gave a lot of good information about the interview process. He has different podcast about before, during, and after the interview. I did not watch all of them because some were long, but the one’s I watched he went over the information in detail.

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