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When I say mobile what comes to your mind? Well what I think of is: the ability to take with you, always being connected, battery life, and size.  Brandon is our Instructional Technologist Specialist, and he  gave us some pretty neat information on Thursday. According to Brandon there is no real definition for mobile. Think of mobile as more of a personal computer. Did you know that smartphone sales are now more than desktop, laptop, and netbook sale combined? I didn’t know that.

Brandon talked about a lot of neat trends that I didn’t know about like leap motion, and Myo. Siri, Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy S4 are also a few topics he discussed.

Trends are always emerging, so we are always learning about new things in this class.

Who else Thought Brandon’s Presentation was entertaining and informing?windows 8

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Windows 8 touch it, touch it real good!

Windows 8 has many mixed reviews, some people love it and some hate it. For instance I love it, my husband Todd hates it. It is completely different from any of the other windows operating systems. It is designed to work both on tablets, PCs and Windows phones. Windows 8 has apps, they are live panel tiles. A user can drag and organize them how ever they want. Users can still pin programs to their task bar for fast access. The verdict from TechRadar is they liked it!



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Effective social media what is it good for??

You have heard the song War by Edwin Starr right? The lyrics go War, huh yeah what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, oh. Well the same can be said about social media if not used effectively.

With the use of effective social media you can:

  • Generate new customers
  • Maintain constant contact with your existing customer base
  • Build a quality reputation that complements your company’s mission and goals


But what is social media? According to Merriam-Webster it is defined as forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos).

Some effective social media sites are:






Four Square

Each business can utilize these social media sites in numerous ways. For example with Four Square a person can download the app on their smartphone and if they go to the movie theater, they can “check-in” and so many “check-ins” can add up and get you rewards for being a loyal customer. Another example is Facebook where many businesses will do trivia questions or prize giveaways on their pages.

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The internet does it hurt us or help us?

Nicholas Carr wrote The Shallows what the internet is doing to our brains. Mr. Carr talks about this book is from his own personal experiences. Mr. Carr realized a couple of years ago he was having trouble concentrating and he blamed it his age. When in fact, it was the focus of his brain wanting to multitask instead of zeroing in one thing like reading a book. It is natural for our brains to multitask like checking your email, Facebook, and whatever else all at the same time. Today’s world is fast paced and to stay on top of everything, you must multitask. Mr. Carr says the internet is a distraction, it closes the brains ability to focus. The internet prevents deep thoughts because the information is being thrown at you so fast it doesn’t make it your long term memory. That same streaming of information can overload your short term memory to the point that trivial task are forgotten.

    Mr. Carr isn’t against the internet, he just thinks there should be more balance. There are cognitive benefits that can be acquired. Video gamers are a great example; They are able to adapt quickly between multiple focal points, thus giving the expanded short term memory, focus and hand eye coordination.

well I can see how he would say that from his experiences, i am sure if you asked other people they would probably tell you the same thing. I do not have the same problem, I can sit there and read a novel start to finish if I have time. I can multitask, or i can focus on one task. I do not agree, each person is different. The internet is distracting it is hard to sit here and try to watch this video and you tell us not to go on any other websites. I usually like to multitask since I am such a busy person it keeps me on track.

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businesses that use facebook

Researching business that use Facebook for marketing was a pretty easy task. All I had to do was go to the pages I already like and I found:

  •  Olive Garden
  •  Old Navy
  •   Applebee’s
  •   Chili’s
  •   Bath Junkie

Okay all of the above businesses put their specials on Facebook. Old Navy advertises their sales that they have going on and their coupons. Olive Garden, Applebee’s and Chili’s usually have menu specials and coupons for free appetizers or dessert with purchase of an entrée.


As I mentioned earlier I like all of these businesses already.

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foursquare what does it do?

With Foursquare you check-in places and let your Facebook friends and twitter followers know where you are and what you are up to. according to the social media bible there are 15 million members checking in over 3 million check-ins per day. Foursquare is easy to use and you have a 140 character limit. Foursquare lets users have daily deals to places that they are near.

I looked at a few reviews and most of them are positive. I got the app on my phone so I could check it out and see why everyone was in check-in craze.


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SlideRocket 3..2..1 Blast Off!!

The website I decided to try using was SlideRocket. SlideRocket is a very neat website designed to allow users to make their own slide shows without needing any software downloaded to their computer. You may use this site for uploading already started slide shows from a computer program or make their own using the themes available. It was very straightforward and had plenty of themes to choose from as far as creating a presentation quickly and easily. I uploaded a presentation that I created in Microsoft Office’s Power Point just to play around and see which one i liked better.

In using this tool I found it about the same as  Microsoft Office’s Power. It’s easy to create a new account and navigation was user-friendly, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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How many tweets could a peep tweet, if a peep could tweet??

16,000 tweets per second?? that is crazy. how can so many people tweet that much in a day? yea i know that there are a lot of people using twitter but wow.

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I am a student at Pellissippi State. Pellissippi is located in Knoxville. My favorite web site is Facebook.


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Okay so the how to video i made is a nail design video. my step mom was the hands. Okay it is really hard to hold a camera and try to paint nails and keep it in focus.. and my dad and grandma and daughter are in the background just talking away. so this was an experience.

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