Organize Your Subscriptions With Google+!

I believe that Social Networks are important for your company. Even if you’re a small company just starting out. Social Networks should be one of the top items on your to do list when opening a business. Another great social network is Google+. Google+ is a social network that lets you group your contacts or subscriptions by category. Say that I subscribed to a local business here in Knoxville, TN; I would place them in my local business group, so I would be able to go to that group and see their feeds, vs. seeing everyone’s feeds at the same time. However, Google+ is a smaller social network, and I believe in order for business to be successful a larger network is a must.

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Marketing Your Business With Facebook Is Smart!

Facebook is a way companies can advertise their products, or upcoming events, or stay in touch with their users. I have researched five companies that use Facebook as their marketing needs.
A huge online company that markets their business through Facebook is Pinterest. Pinterest allows Facebook users organize and share all of the unique things you find on the web. People use this website to organize their wedding, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. You can also view out pinboards created by other people.
I also have several friends that market their photography business through Facebook. They would keep in touch with their customers, and also allow their customers to have their proof pictures. They would also do promotions, for example: Share and like my page, and you will receive a free photo session! I have had several free photo sessions with my friends because of their little promotions.
Another business that markets on Facebook is Wilderness at the Smokies. Wilderness at the Smokies is a waterpark resort. They do all kinds of promotions through Facebook for upcoming guests. It is also a good way to post you opinion of the place for other views to see and comment on. is a clothing business in Nevada that does a lot of marketing on Facebook. They understand that Facebook is a great marketing tool for people around the world. Zappos posts all kinds of promotions on their newsfeed. They also have on going advertisement on Facebook for users to view even if they do not “like” or subscribe to them
Then of course there is always Wal-Mart. Marketing through Facebook, allows users to view what Wal-Mart has to offer, for example: For black Friday, Wal-Mart is stating that if items sell out, you would still have a chance to get them at the same price by going to They also talk about their layaway promotion as well.
As a frequently Facebook user, I have liked or subscribed to every business that is listed. I always tend to find really good deals on merchandise, or even a night stay at Wilderness. I also tend to be very lucky when they promote free sessions, or win a new crockpot. It is also a great way to voice your opinion about a product, if you were really happy or upset with something.

References (You will need an Facebook account to view):!/appcenter/pinterestapp?fb_source=search&!/pages/Mobley-Photography/124303140944127?fref=ts!/Wildernessatthesmokies?fref=ts!/appcenter/walmartlocal?fb_source=search&

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Get Linked With My Yahoo!

My Yahoo is a personalized feed that allows users to combine their favorite web accounts to one feed. For instances, if you have an Netflix account you can add it to My Yahoo and you can view your account the same way as going through their website. You will be able to see your queue list, recently watched, and recommendations; you can also update your queue list. With the Entertainment feeds, the way it is laid out is like Twitter, or Facebook, it’s an ongoing tread of postings of headlines.

When you personalize your page, My Yahoo allows you to add your favorite entertainment media feeds to your account. Another unique tool that My Yahoo has is that you can add different e-mail accounts to My Yahoo, so you can have all of your e-mails combined.

The only downside that I have found with My Yahoo, is that everything seems to be in mobile view. When I use the internet on my phone, I always change the settings to desktop view, this way I can view the entire website and not be limited to what I can do. Another issue I found with My Yahoo is that they have limited selection of feeds to add, if the website you are trying to add isn’t available then they do not support the use of send and receiving feeds


I feel like My Yahoo is a unique tool for on to go users. If I were on the go all the time and wanted to see all my accounts with one click, then this would be a great tool. I would be able to see my Netflix, Google, Facebook Feeds, Entertainment Feeds, G-mail, and other media on one page. However, there is limited access to what is available. For example: I have a Hotmail e-mail, but it isn’t listed to add, so I wouldn’t be able to view that e-mail. I would have to go to their website to view my e-mail. As for right now, I feel like this tool wouldn’t be useful to me, because I am not on the go and I like having full access; instead of mobile view.

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Nothing like being held by your own words!

Kerry Jett, has an excellent point of view of how your own words can be held in court. A lot of people do not understand, that their own wording about a specific occurrence can be held in the court. Now days, people can sue you for pretty much anything, if you win that’s a different story.
Also always limit the people that you follow or friend, such as co-workers or your boss. What you say about your company that you work for can impact your job. Like people always say keep your personal business away from work, same as keeping your work business away from your personal life. Life will be a lot easier.

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How to use Twitter like a PRO!

Brianne posted a great website, how to use Twitter like a PRO. This website helped me in so many ways, on how use different tools on making your twitter account more efficient.

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How to use Twitter Effectively

I have found three social media articles, which help you, learn to navigate Twitter effectively. has a wonderful website that is formatted in a bullet style list; 50 ways to use Twitter more effectively. They mention one tool that I absolutely love, which is shortcut keys! The shortcut key list is located in the tool drop down list on the ribbon, then click keyboard shortcuts. This nifty little tool allows you to simply type a letter or symbol and it takes you right where you need to be. Of course, this will take some memorizing and practice, but eventually will be success. really emphasizes people to be social. If you’re a business owner, or just using it for personal, Twitter allows you to express yourself in many different ways. For business owners you can advertise your company with upcoming events, or just simple information about your company. If you’re using Twitter for personal, you can express your feelings, and use hash tags for other viewers with the same interest. gives great information on how many characters can be used in a tweet, messages, or hash tag. They also explained what a hash tag is, better than any other website that I have visited. Hash tags are used for people to get their tweet noticed. They are sort of like a hyperlink. People can search a topic and since you have hash tagged your tweet, then they are able to see your tweet. For example: I type a tweet saying, “I can’t wait to go home and make a pumpkin spiced pie! #PumpkinSpicedPie.” Since I have put the # symbol I have created a hash tag, which will allow members with the same interest to view my post.

Work Cited:

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How to do Basic ASL

I have been learning ASL for a couple of months now. I have a friend, Chester that is deaf. He comes into my work every saturday and teaches me ASL. I have taken a great interest in this because I have found that deaf people love for you to learn their language. It is hard enough to try to communicate with the deaf, but if you know basic signs, then they will love you! I hope you all enjoy this video, as much as I loved recording it. Remember always be patient with those you don’t understand.


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Social Media and Businesses

Podcasting is a great way to do verbal blogs, I have did an recording of how I feel about social media and how it helps businesses grow. I recorded an example of my friend Rachel, and her Photography business. I have learned, how her business has developed before Facebook, and how it became a great tool to connect with her customers. Also, how newspaper ads will eventually disappear, and be online view only.

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Why should I buy cable?

This is why I do not buy cable. I can go to and watch all my favorite shows. Since, I am a full-time college student and working full time I do not have time to watch my shows. So, I log into and watch them. A lot of times they have whole seasons on there if you missed a couple of episodes. This is a very convenient way for me to watch Switched at Birth, since it comes on Mondays at 8pm I’m not able to watch it until Tuesday on my day off. It allows me to be excited and pumped in the morning to watch. I believe if ABC didn’t have this great access for their viewers, then I would be very disappointed and would have to wait until it came on Netflix. I only wished HBO had something this awesome for their viewers!

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Do you love Celebrity Gossip?

If you clicked this posting, then I am sure that you and I have something in common. I am usually not a type of person that watches the news, or watch TV. Well, I don’t even subscribe to any kind of cable; I believe it’s a waste of money. However, I usually buy people’s magazine every time I go to the grocery store. I love reading about my favorite Celebrities and their new additions to their families, and there to upcoming roles. However, I am very disappointed in bad gossip such as: spreading a three page of drunken photos, mishap wardrobe, and who is sneaking out of whose apartment. I do not get this, and why people enjoy reading this. If your friends took a picture of you drunk out of your mind, you wouldn’t want it on Facebook for all of your family to see. I believe it’s the same situation; what if their kids saw what mommy was doing last night, or what if grandma saw her precious angel’s dress falling down? It is also ridiculous, how they have to apologize to the world for having fun (,,20631040,00.html) instead of directly apologizing to the people involved, they have to take the extra mile and apologize to their fans too. I understand how Shaun White is a role model, but he didn’t hurt me and he didn’t hurt anyone else. But all in all I enjoy reading people’s because they usually don’t overdo it with the embarrassing mishaps.

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