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Foursquare Offers A Novelty!

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Foursquare is a location-based service social network. One of the benefits are points that you can receive. You receive points by checking in; the more you check-in at a particular location you have the opportunity to become the “Mayor” but it is very competitive. If you are lucky to maintain being the “Mayor” of a business, you benefit with special discounts or creative promotions. Another benefit is the “Explore” feature which offers recommendations based on where you are and your friends have already been. Many of those recommendations lead you to more places to eat. Foursquare lets users share tips on certain venues, which can be great but they might be too far to travel to. Depending where you are, the tips you receive can be bogus such as a joke that isn’t even funny.

Foursquare is basically a novelty, game and a good way to pass the time! Apparently, there are other social networks such as Yelp, and Facebook which offers a check-in feature. Both of these networks operate better than Foursquare.

Five Of The Top Ten Companies That Use Facebook!

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Listed below are five of the top ten companies making the best of Facebook according to Slate’s The Big Money.com

Coca Cola is on top of the game when it comes to using social media for marketing. The company introduced, in Israel, back in August 2011, Facebook Face recognition. Users were able to log in to an app in the real world using nothing but their face. This campaign is called Face Look. Using Face Look you can log in to any of the machines that Coke placed throughout their theme parks using nothing but your face and then use your profile to engage in the real world.

Coca Cola

Starbucks back in 2009, was the top brand with more than 3.6 million fans on Facebook surpassing Coca Cola. Starbucks has moved from “experimenting” to incorporating and utilizing Facebook into their marketing plans. One example is the launch of My Starbucks Idea in March 2008, an online community where their customers and partners—Starbucks employees—can go online and submit their ideas, vote for other people’s ideas or add to ideas in the community. By going on their “Ideas in Action” blog, customers and partners can see what ideas are being thought about by Starbucks.

Starbucks Article

Disney uses Facebook to promote their film projects. One example, back in December 2010, was the release of their film Tron, Legacy. To reach out to their one hundred million users, Disney promoted the movie with an app named – The Get On The Grid Facebook. Users were to dive into the world of Tron by uploading their own picture. Once the picture was uploaded, the user would find themselves inside Tron and riding a light cycle.

Disney Article

Rather than using Facebook traditionally to inform friends about sales, promotions, and products, Red Bull has taken a different approach using less corporate content. By using Facebook Timeline, Red Bull highlights events that the company sponsors, mostly competitions for extreme sports and occasionally specific athletes. This approach is to give the consumer a visual outlook of a certain lifestyle that they might like to have.

Vitaminwater’s newest product that came out in March 2010 was created because of a contest that took place on Facebook. Vitaminwater water invited fans to design their own flavors and the outcome was black cherry-lime flavored Vitaminwater named “Connect.”

Vitaminwater Article

Coca Cola, Disney, and Red Bull’s techniques I feel are very ingenious. Both Coca Cola and Disney not only get the consumer physically involved but visually! They are very entertaining, and the more I am being entertained the more I might want to purchase a product or go see a movie. Red Bull’s technique is different but still clever. Its philosophy is to motivate the consumer with pictures of what they might want to be or feel. If you drink Red Bull, you will have more energy, a more stimulated metabolism, better performance, increased concentration and reaction speed, and improved vigilance. I definitely would “Like” all these companies and would use their products as needed. Regarding Vitaminwater and Starbucks, both their techniques get the consumer involved but unlike the other companies they use Facebook in a more traditional way. Not sure if I would “Like” these companies and I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase their products. With regards to Red Bull, I don’t use this product but if I wanted to have the benefits it offers, I would definitely go out of my way to purchase a can of it!

Doodle, Your On Line Scheduling Tool!

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Doodle is an online scheduling tool that is easy to use. It simplifies the process of coming up with a date and time for an event for multiple participants. First you suggest dates and times for your participants to choose from. Doodle then creates a polling calendar that is sent to participants for their input. As each participant selects the dates and times from the polling calendar that they are available, Doodle totals the responses and tells you what date and time works best for everyone.

Getting everyone agreeable to the same date and time is difficult with a couple of your peers, could you imagine what it would be like with fifty or more that you might never have met. Doodle can be a helpful tool for arranging a large event like a family reunion or an appreciation gathering for volunteers that participated in a fundraiser, as well as a small meeting with your co-workers.


This tool is very easy to use, as simple as abc, 123! The site walks you through 4 steps to creating a calendar poll. If I had an event that I was planning, I definitely would use Doodle. What a quick and an easy way of coming up with a date that is suitable for most everyone. And, it is free, too!

You Better Be Care What you Post or Tweet

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I found this information on Twitter; a fellow classmate tweeted it and I found it interesting. It discusses how people statuses, tweets, etc. can be taken as funny or offensive. It talks about how the authorities have dealt with updates, statuses, tweets as concern to security. It talks how they, security, take this information very serious which I feel they have to. Even if they are jokes, when it comes to our safety, precaution needs to be taken!

How to use Twitter Effectively!

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1. Have a good Bio – If people don’t know who you are, they should be able to tell who you are by your bio.  

Good Bio

2. Be social – tweet things that are interesting and engaging, be social with your followers. You don’t want to be “that guy” at the party that everyone starts to avoid.  

Be Social

3. Leave room for retweets – Shorter updates are easier to retweet, as they don’t require extensive reformatting. Don’t cram your update into 140 characters, you are not making it easy for others to retweet you.  

Leave room

4. Make a “go-to” source list – Identifying Twitter users who are great sources of relevant and credible information is helpful in aggregating content.  


How To Make a Village Greek Salad, Horiatiki Salata!

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Podcasting, I Find It An Interesting Social Media!

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I am really not into social media but there are a couple of social media that does interest me, which are podcasting and GoogleReader.

The Negatives Of Social Media

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Most kids are on Facebook and Twitter including my kids.  With my youngest daughter, as soon has she would come  home from school she would get on her Iphone, checking out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  She wouldn’t focus on her homework, she would go right to her bedroom and she would be there for the rest of the night.  These social media can become addictive if you are not careful.  Most of the kids are this way, sitting in front of Facebook, etc.  It seems the more technology we have, the more we have to monitor our kids.    And, we monitor only because we have given this technology to our kids.  It might be good thing to think twice before you buy your kids an Iphone, which wasn’t purchased by me.   We made an arrangement for her to give me the phone every night at 9 which one night she didn’t cooperate.  Because of this situation, being defiant, and not doing all the homework she was to do, her father and I took away the Iphone.

Positives About Facebook

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I just read an article regarding a man finding his family on Facebook.  He was put up for adoption over 30 years ago, and by sending a message to his sister he was reunited with his biological family.  This article was dated in 2009.

Another article I read in a magazine, I forgot the name, it could of been People and it was dated May, 2012.  A man was acquitted for a rape charge, he never committed but pleaded guilty so he wouldn’t be charged with life imprisonment.  He served five years in jail.  After he was released, which I believe was 5 years ago.  The women, then the girl, befriended him on Facebook.  And, she eventually in time admitted that she made the whole story up.  Even though he committed his five years in jail, and was not guilty the whole time he can now feel relieved from the baggage he once bore.  Also, he is no longer under parole!  But, it is terrible that he served a 5 year sentence for no reason, and wasted a good portion of his life.  He probably would be playing professional football at this time!  http://jonathanturley.org/2012/05/25/woman-admits-that-she-falsely-accused-convicted-high-school-student-of-rape-after-he-serves-his-time-in-jail-woman-keeps-1-5-million-award-as-rape-victim/

Invest In Investments

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The first blog is a video regarding, “How to Screen for Stocks”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-TVFnBJ7-w&feature=player_embedded.   For the person that wants to invest in stocks, the person in the video guides you in how easy it is to screen stocks on line.  He takes you to one of his favorite sites, Scotttrade.com.  The video is the website itself and the various screens he takes you to, with him talking in the background.  Depending what you are looking for, he guides you to quotes and research page, this page provides so much detailed information in the market at this moment.   He continues to guide you throughout the website, and expresses his knowledge and opinion.  There weren’t any comments on this post.

Another post takes you to a blog on their website – The Depression Cycle of Budgeting, Budgeting Can be Depressing, Where Does a Budget Get You and How to Avoid Depression While Budgeting.   Everything I read under this blog is true, which I have gone through.  Starting with avoiding a budget which bites you in the end, next by trimming the fat too much on a budget, which I had no choice because of my overuse of credit cards, I feel sad because I can’t spend, haven’t gotten to following a budget to the T, almost though which has helped pay off 50% of my debt, and last, I agree, you should treat your budget as living document that can be adapted to your current circumstances.  That way you don’t feel trapped.  Most comments agreed with this blog, some had different opinions, and some questioned it.

I feel this company’s blogs are used successfully especially if the person is interested in investing, and getting input on budgeting.  I appreciated reading the blog regarding budgeting because it fit me to the T which made me feel that I am not alone.

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