Who was Mrs. Ada Wright?

Ada SmmithIn 1933, Mrs. Ada Wright, an African-American resident of the state of Alabama, went on a six-month, 16-country speaking tour of Europe. The trip was sponsored by the International Labor Defense, an arm of the Communist Party. Mrs. Wright was touring the world to speak out about the case against nine black youths, now famously known as the Scottsboro Boys, accused of raping two white women on a train going from Chattanooga to Memphis. Mrs. Wright had a particular interest in this case because two of the boys were her sons.
Women have sometimes been called on in the history of the United States to step forward in protest of injustice. The story of Mrs. Wright, and of many other women who played a role in the history of the United States, can be found in Women and Social Movements, 1600-2000, Scholar’s Edition, a database available to members of the Pellissippi State community for their research needs. Here is a link to the article: Mrs. Ada Wright — Mother of Two of the Scottsboro Boys — Just Returned from Europe — Will Make her First Public Appearance in Harlem.
To learn more about the database and research women and U.S. History, please follow this link: Women and Social Movements (in the U.S. 1600-2000) .