Fake News: We Have a Guide for That!

How to Spot Fake News: Consider the source, read beyone, check the author, supporting sources, check the date, is it a joke, check your biases, ask the expert.Have you read some news that left you wondering, “Is this for real?” Beyond “Bat Boy” from Weekly World News, fake news is out there and can be hard to spot. How do you recognize the tell-tale signs of fake news?

Check out our new guide: Fake News & Credibility. It goes over what fake news is, identifying reputable news sources, evaluating unknown sites and authors, and fact-checking content.

For in-depth coverage of a topic and historical facts written by experts, look it up on CQ Researcher. It has credible reports on political and social-policy issues over time.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers controversial topics from many perspectives and includes scholarly journals, primary sources, websites, and more.